Why Do I Have Back Acne


People have a habit of ignoring small things, as long as it does not affect their everyday tasks. But the thing is, small thing is a start of a bigger problem. Acne may be small but it has many different causes. It may be small but it is not that easy to disappear. Acne can also leave a scar that you have to treat separately. But there are treatments that can cure both.

Acne can appear in different places in your body. And the usual problem of people is when it pops up in the face. But did you know that there are instances when acne arises in our back? Many people didn’t notice that they have it until it was way too many. I know someone who has it and the only thing he can do is to wonder how he gets that.

Being a man who doesn’t care less about it since people won’t see it either, did not bother to ask for treatment or easy home remedies. He just ignored it. And that’s a wrong move. Always think of how you get that. Everything that happens has a reason. Just like acne.

Researchers believe that the position of acne has something to do with its cause. Acne has a variety of reasons. It can be because of hormones, food, drugs and many more. Not because it is so little, it cannot be serious.

Your face, as well as your front body and back, can be prone to acne because it is more likely to sweat. Oil produced by some glands together with dead skin cells can be trapped in our skin’s pores that will soon result in pimples or other kinds of acne. You may not be conscious about it unlike acne in your face but leaving it unattended may worsen it.

Let me give you a trivia. Since acne is caused by excess oil that comes from the sebaceous glands, didn’t you wonder if there are parts of your body that don’t have that gland? Well, there is! Your palm and feet don’t have sebaceous glands that make it impossible for acne to appear.


Bad Habits That Cause Back Acne

There are instances that we are the one responsible for what is happening to us. Just like having acne. We have habits that we didn’t notice are giving us bad effects. Here are some examples of it for you to be aware of your actions.

  • Wearing sweat-soaked shirts – people tend to forget to change clothes when they are busy. That leaves them a wet shirt glued in their body for too long. This will make the bacteria arise and cause an acne breakout. If you are aware, there are times when you feel an itch on your back. That is the cause of it.
  • Leaving unreachable spots – many of us have the habit of leaving the unreachable spot unattended when taking a bath. Dirt is one of the enemies of our body and letting it stay in your body for a long time will not do you good. You have you make sure that every inch of you are clean.
  • Leaving the body unscrubbed – unlike your face, body scrub is needed for your body. Dirt from your back is quite tough to erase. That is why using loofah is advisable but not in a rough way.
  • Using the same shirt twice or more – our shirt gets dirty throughout the day. It was a combination of sweat and dirt from air pollution. Using it for the second time is like wearing a bunch of bacteria in your body.
  • Using too much detergent on clothes – it is good to clean your clothes but using too much detergent may irritate your skin and may cause infection. So only put the right amount of detergent when washing your clothes.


External Treatment for Back Acne

Acne located at the back of our body and in the face can be alike in terms of its root cause and its treatment. But there is a dissimilarity in these two also. It is the pores on our back are bigger than the pores in our face. So we have to find an appropriate medication for it.

Of course, the main treatment is to always clean the infected spots first. This way, you can stop it from getting worse. Don’t let the unreachable area unattended. If possible, ask someone for help. Maybe your partner or any relative you are with. If regular cleansing is not enough for you, try buying products that have retinoids, glycine, salicylic acid, and peroxide.

  • Retinoid – is proven to cure acne and has been responsible for decreasing the possible creation of it in the future. This element can pull away the dead skin cells and oil that blocks the pores.
  • Glycine – is a popular substance that reduces wrinkles and lessens the swelling of an infected region. It also enhances our skin by keeping the moisture of it and prevents water loss. Glycine also makes the healing of the wound faster.
  • Salicylic acid – this acid can also help unclog pores. It is said to be an effective substance that eases the inflamed area and pushes the bacteria away from the skin. But this acid is not advisable for pregnant women.
  • Peroxide – benzoyl peroxide is known for its ability to eradicate bacteria that can cause pimples. This chemical can also break the tough whiteheads and blackheads that are buried in our skin.


Internal Treatment for Back Acne

As we already know, back acne has the same cause as face acne. Both have the same remedies internally and that involves everything that we eat and drink. Acne can be the result of imbalances inside our body. So always keep in mind that if acne appears, it means that something is wrong with you and you have to take action immediately. Here are the lists of how you can treat acne internally.

  • Reduce insulin intake – sugar is a great supplier of insulin. People tend to give in to their cravings where sweets are always present. You have to balance your sugar to avoid increasing estrogen that is the culprit why excess oil appears.
  • Eat healthy fats – omega-3 fatty acid is the most popular fat of all because it has the ability to lessen the pain and lower the inflammation level. It is important to balance your intake of fats to avoid other kinds of irregularity.
  • Increase intake of vitamin A – this vitamin can be found in retinoid that can heal acne. People that are found lacking in it usually have acne breakouts. That is why doctors usually prescribe medicines containing vitamin A.
  • Zinc – just like vitamin A, if people don’t have enough of this mineral, they might suffer from acne breakouts. But too much of it can also harm you. Just have the right amount of it.


Scars from Back Acne

After so many struggles from healing those infected regions, you’ll face another part of it. It’s the scar. The thing is, even if acne healed, people can still be ashamed of exposing their back because of scars. How so? Women love wearing backless to show their confidence and their asset such as their skin. But with a scar like this, they might just stick on wearing shirts. While men, as we all know have this habit of taking their shirts off when feeling hot or when they go for a swim. Having back acne scar might make them hide in their home and just endure the heat.

But worry no more folks! There are easy remedies to make your scars disappear. And what makes it better is that you can do it at home. Here is the list of home remedies you might want to try.


Lemon                                            Baking Soda

Aloe vera                                          Olive oil

Ice                                                 Egg White

Peppermint                                       Oatmeal

Apple Cider                                 Vinegar Tomatoes


The content of this list is all helpful for eliminating back acne scar. They have vitamins and minerals that are helpful for your skin. It will not only erase the unwanted marks but also enhances your skin. They can do wonders with just a small amount of it. But of course, you have to be careful on using these remedies. Know first the procedure on how to perform the application and you have to do it regularly to see the result.


Final thought

If you don’t want to experience being ashamed of your body, you have to take good care of yourself. Prevention is better than cure as they always say. Perform good hygiene, so that the bacteria won’t stay long in your body. Wash it away before it gives you illness that might affect your confidence such as back acne. This is not for anyone’s wellness, but for your own. If you already have it, don’t be reckless in trying different kinds of product. Make a research or better yet, ask a doctor for a much safer prescription.

If you know that you have sensitive skin, don’t bother searching and just go straight to your doctor. Your case is not safe from over-the-counter products. You need a serious medical attention. Be more aware of what is happening in your body. Avoid those habits that may cause this skin infection. And most of all eat healthy foods. You might not notice changes in your body when you eat unhealthy food but as time goes by; the effect of it will show itself to you. So be healthy or else, you might be performing what is listed above.


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