Where to Buy Tea Tree Oil?


    We live in a time where there is almost a product for every concern that we have. We use antibiotics in medicine, cosmetics, cleaning products and even in fabric to get rid of microbes that might endanger our lives.

    For skin problems, there are also countless topical solutions that could address issues from allergy to acne.

    Just as these solutions get more effective, their adverse effect tends to increase, as well. Some of the products that we are using aren’t even initially intended for the purpose they have now—their use has been accidentally discovered.

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    With a lot of uncertainty in synthetic products including the undiscovered danger they may pose in our lives, there is but one solution—to go back to natural remedies.

    Tea tree oil, a natural compound, is one of the many products that serve as a popular replacement for synthetic ones in addressing skin problems and infection.

    The active ingredients terpinen-4-ol and alpha-terpineol prevent fungal growth, kill germs and soothe skin conditions.

    Where to buy tea tree oil? You can find tea tree oil in various products like shampoo, facial cleansers, face wipes and soaps but it’s a bit of a challenge to find tea tree oil on its own.

    Having an access to a pure tea tree oil gives one a freedom of application. It can be applied directly to the skin in greater amounts than that you’d get from cosmetics that contain tea tree oil. You can mix it with your ordinary cosmetics, as well, to get its benefits.

    In this article, we’ve listed the top stores (including the link) where you can buy tea tree oil.

    #1 The Body Shop

    One of the best places to buy premium, organic and pure tea tree oil is The Body Shop. They offer tea tree oil in small bottles of 1 ML, 10 ML and 20 ML. By following the link, you’d be redirected to their website where you can find a button for finding The Body Shop store nearby.

    Not only is the tea tree oil organic, The Body Shop also boasts of freshness as oil is extracted from tea tree leaves within 12 hours after they are picked. This ensures the purity and potency of the oil. In addition, they extract their oil from tea trees in Mount Kenya. Tea trees produce the highest quality of oil when they are grown in their natural environment.

    #2 Beauty MNL

    You can order tea tree oil from Beautymnl online. In addition, for the first purchase, they offer free shipping. You might as well want to plan out how much you want to buy to save for the shipping.

    The tea tree oil available in their store is from Human Nature available in 30 ML bottle. For easy application, the bottle includes a cap with a dropper that makes getting and measuring oil easy.

    Payment methods include credit card, PayPal, bank deposit and COD (depending on the location, COD might not apply).

    #3 Amazon

    Amazon, the largest online shop, has a wide selection of high-quality tea tree oil. You can find one that fits for you although the risk of buying a fake or a low-quality oil is not impossible.

    The most popular one currently is the Essential Oil Labs available in 4 fluid ounces. Other popular products include Naturenetics Tea Tree Essential Oil, Artizen, and Maple Holistics.

    Amazon can ship anywhere in the world and, given enough research (as you need to read the reviews well), you will eventually find the best essential oil with the least price giving more value for your money.

    #4 Lazada

    Lazada offers a myriad of tea tree oil choices including the one on the link. For this article, however, we recommend the GIGA Natural Essential Oil that you can buy on Lazada.

    The oil is offered in a set of 2 in a 10 ML bottle for each (thus, a total of 20 ML). Depending on your location, Lazada may offer cash on delivery.

    Other tea tree oil brands available in Lazada include Human Nature, Craftology, Beryl, and The Body Shop.

    #5 Walgreens

    Another good place to buy tea tree oil from is the Walgreens. Because of the quality and the range of selection that they have. Not only do they have pure tea tree oil but a selection of high-quality cosmetics containing tea tree oil, as well.

    The shop has a point system that allows you to accumulate points whenever you buy and convert them to perks later.

    Walgreens has their own tea tree oil in a form of spray and drops (or liquid form).

    How to Buy the Best Tea Tree Oil

    Not all tea tree oils are equal. Abstract labels such as pure or premium do not give you an idea of how effective the oil is.

    You can buy two tea tree oils of different product with the same labels of purity and prime but get different results. That is because there are factors that you need to consider first before buying an oil.

    Here are some tips on how to buy the best tea tree oil.


    It’s dangerous to easily believe that a product is organic or pure just by the label of it. You need to research about how the product is prepared and where exactly they came from.

    Information like this about tea tree oils of reputable brands are often easily accessible. For those with dubious preparation details, this may be hidden or unavailable.

    Purity percentages are usually available in the labels on the bottle. If the oil is pure, the bottle will have a label for it. Another marker of purity is the scent. Pure oils have a distinctive camphor-like smell. If the oil is scented or if the scent is weak, that’s the cue for doubting its purity.

    It is also wise to choose oil taken from trees growing in their natural habitat—like the foot of a mountain—and from countries that the trees are naturally found—like Kenya.

    You can be sure that the oil is taken from trees that grew without fertilizers, insecticides or other synthetic chemicals that might be present in the oil.

    Concentration of Active Ingredients

    When buying tea tree oil, labels such as pure, organic or premium are important because they may reflect the potency and efficacy of the oil. However, these words are useless without regard for the active ingredient.

    The oil, for instance, may be pure, organic and premium but has low amounts of the active ingredients terpinen-4-ol and alpha-terpineol. This oil will be inferior, in terms of efficacy, to one that has a higher concentration of active ingredients.

    Information about the ingredients can often be found on the bottle. Terpinen concentration, for instance, ranges from 10% to 40%. If you want a more potent oil, choose the one with the higher concentration.

    Although they are natural, the active ingredients can sometimes cause allergic reactions.

    In this instance, buying one with a high concentration of these ingredients is a poor decision. If you still want to benefit from the oil but wants to minimize or avoid reaction to it, you can opt for low concentrations of the active ingredient.


    Active ingredients are often easily oxidized and can react to other components in the oil to produce new compounds that could irritate your skin. Oxidation can be caused by two things: exposure to air and light.

    Check the bottle of the oil before you purchase one. Is it sealed? And more importantly, check the color of the bottle. Oils that easily oxidized under UV rays, like tea tree oil, needs to be in a dark or opaque bottle.

    Dark bottles absorb the UV rays before they hit the oil. Opaque ones deflect it.


    The last factor you need to consider is the price. Tea tree oil is relatively expensive. A very small amount can cost more than ordinary oils.

    If you apply them regularly or mix them up with other products such as shampoo or soap, you might want to choose the least expensive with the highest quality.

    Diluted tea tree oils cost less than pure oils. For pure oils, 60 Ml of tea tree oil can have a price range of $10-20. Larger ones are priced at more than a hundred bucks.

    Uses of Tea Tree Oil

    In case the uses of tea tree oil are still not clear, here are some common and uncommon uses of tea tree oil.

    #1 Sanitizer

    Tea tree oil has been proven in numerous research to kill several common disease-causing microbes such as H. influenzae, S. pneumoniae, and E. coli. If you dislike sanitizers with synthetic ingredients, you can create a natural one with tea tree oil as one of the primary ingredients.

    You can also boost the antibacterial properties of hand soaps by adding a small amount of tea tree oil on it.

    #2 Natural Deodorant

    Odor is caused by bacteria that feed on our sweat. The most potent of body odors are those from bacteria that live in areas of the body such as the underarms.

    Tea tree oil can kill those microbes as well and keep the underarms from smelling without the adverse effects of the alum-based ingredients that are gradually being revealed by current research.

    In addition, tea tree oil as a deodorant, won’t’ darken your underarms.

    #3 Antiseptic

    Alcohol and iodine are excellent antiseptics for minor cuts and scrapes. Tea tree oil, however, is as equally effective as (or even better than) these two.

    One added benefit of using tea tree oil is for minor cuts and scrapes is that it locks in moisture and protects it from wind, dust or infection.

    Combined with virgin coconut oil, tea tree oil protects the wound from infection and facilitate a speedy healing with less scarring.

    #4 Promotes Wound Healing

    Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory effects that may help the wound from healing while reducing the likelihood of scarring. In a study, it was found in 9 out of 10 subjects that adding tea tree oil to the usual wound treatment resulted in the decrease in wound healing process duration.

    #5 Helps with Acne

    Acne is a pretty tricky condition. It’s caused primarily by bacteria but, depending on the sensitivity of the skin, a breakout can also be caused by the antibacterial ingredients on face products.

    For acne scarring, virgin coconut oil and olive oil can help but they may contribute to developing more acne.

    Tea tree oil is special because it has both antibacterial properties and scar-healing effects. Your acne doesn’t just get to heal fast, the scar will also be diminished or removed altogether.

    #6 Relieve Psoriasis

    Autoimmune conditions such as psoriasis are difficult to treat because there isn’t a lot of products you can choose from in the market for it. In addition, although there are medications to choose from, there isn’t a cure for it yet and one gets to use a product for their condition for a prolonged duration until an adverse effect shows up.

    Tea tree oil is one of the natural products known to cause relief in psoriasis without adverse effect even after a prolonged duration of use.


    Natural medicines, like tea tree oil, are gradually gaining more attention from people all over the world not just for their efficacy but for their safety, as well. The shift is not just because of efficacy.

    We’ve been into natural medicine for quite a time before synthetic ones arrive. The shift is more on research revealing the adverse effects of synthetic products and medicines.

    Tea tree oil has a lot of potential applications—not just the ones listed here. You can innovate—use the oil to ordinary products to boost their antibacterial effects—without fear of adverse effects because it’s a natural product.

    A word of caution, however: tea tree oil is toxic when ingested. It can cause stomach upset, vomiting and dizziness among others.

    As much as its natural and can be applied without fear of harmful effects, it cannot be ingested. One must avoid situations where it comes near the mouth, for instance, because it can easily be ingested without notice.



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