What is Causing My Acne


Have you ever felt so irritated because of your nonstop problem about acne? And all you can do is to wonder why and how it comes back over and over again. This common illness has been the problem of 7 out of 10 people, especially for women. Though, men are not exempted when it comes to acne. They are said to have more male sex hormones that make the risk of having acne increase. It usually occurs when they reach the stage of puberty.

Another cause for them is stress. If you will notice, many of them have acne breakouts during their studies or work. It is the result of being pressured and worried probably because of their duties. We know that most men do not use any cosmetics or products for their face. But they can still take care of their skin through their eating habits. Omega-3 fatty acids have been proved that it can lessen the number of testosterone in their body. They also have to perform proper hygiene to eliminate the bacteria that cause many kinds of illnesses.

But what do we know about acne? It can be seen in a form of pimples, whiteheads or blackheads. This occurrence happens when the root of the hair in our skin or the pore has been clogged up by bacteria or skin oil. A pimple looks like a red bump and is painful when touched while whiteheads and blackheads are like root crops that are embedded in the skin. But unlike pimples, whiteheads and blackheads are not painful. I know a lot of you wonder why and how we get it. Let me enlighten you with this list of possible causes of acne.


Possible Reasons Why We Have Acne

  • Eating habits– when you ask people what was their favorite food, they will probably say fries, burgers, pizza, and fried chicken. These foods are our all-time favorite despite the fact that it is not healthy. But how is this related to acne? Foods like this contain oil that is not good for our skin. Direct contact with it may generate acne and high amount of intake can aggravate it. Avoiding this kind of eating habits is advised.
  • Stress– this factor has been the most popular cause of acne for students and workers. Pressure and anxiety are connected with stress that can aggravate or cause acne itself. How? Stress makes our body produce hormones that has something to do with sebum. It is a kind of oily matter that mingles with bacteria and dead skin cells that clogs pores. But the thing is, we can’t avoid stress sometimes especially at work or even at home.
  • Medications– some people use supplements or other drugs for anti-aging while other people take medicines to cure their illness. Studies reveal that drugs with cortical, lithium, and androgen can be a source of acne. Medication for epileptic, alcoholic and bipolar people usually has a side effect that includes acne.
  • Pregnancy– Acne is a common symptom of pregnancy. It usually occurs during its first and second trimester. It is due to the escalation of the hormone that is responsible for producing a greater amount of sebum. This oily stuff is the reason why pores have been blocked that will result to acne breakout.
  • Air pollution- Air has been our everyday companion in everything that we do and everywhere that we are. Though it helps us breathe, it carries dirt, dust and other substance that can harm us. When bacteria from air touches our skin and gather some more, the possibility of arising spot is heightened. Regular washing of face is advised as well as hand washing. It is because bacteria are everywhere and everything we touch has it.
  • Menstruation– in this period, a woman’s hormone is heightening. And the next thing they know is they are having an acne breakout. Doctors believe that women having this in their puberty stage is more likely to repeat when they are pregnant. Simply because both phases have the same effect on hormone. When it increases, the productivity of sebum also escalates and acne is inevitable.
  • Genetically- genes can also play a big part in having a sensitive skin. If you are from a family that has been sensitive to acne, you are more likely to be like them also. But this doesn’t mean that all of you will get it. Other can be caused by their environment.

Is there a cure for acne? Yes! Just like any other kinds of skin diseases, acne has a lot of treatment you can choose from. But you have to be careful on choosing what to use and what to do. There may be a lot of remedies, but there are also risks if not done properly. Here are some skin solutions for acne that might help.


Home Remedies for Acne

  • Honey– a well known sweet substance collected by bees. It has been confirmed to help ease a cough, wound, throat aggravation and other problems including acne. This substance has an anti-swelling attribute that relieves redness and intense pain. It also has the ability to keep the moisture of your skin to prevent it from drying.
  • Lemon– this fruit has the ability to eradicate bacteria. It helps stop acne from worsening. But in some cases, lemon has the effect that may aggravate the infected area. Mostly for those who have sensitive skin. So careful use is advised.
  • Apple cider vinegar– this liquid has the power to eliminate dead skin cells, oil and dirt. It also kills bacteria that harm our skin. Apple cider vinegar can also ease acne inflammation.
  • Tea tree oil- you may be wondering why an oil is used to cure a skin problem that is caused also by oil. Let me explain to you. Tea tree oil is a substance can infiltrate the skin to unclog and decontaminate the pore. As a result, the sore spot will slowly deflate and completely clear out the skin.
  • Aloe vera gel– this gel helps the infected spot heal faster and restrain bacteria from worsening the wound. It also has the effect of minimizing the redness of acne.
  • Green tea– a well-known beverage that comes from Camellia sinensis leaves, has the power to stop microbe from harming the skin and act as an antioxidant that can eliminate acne. This kind of tea can also enhance brain function, lose weight and prevent cancer.
  • Zinc supplement- studies show that most people with zinc deficiency have a higher chance of getting acne. It is said to have the capability to fix hormone imbalance and cell propagation. This nutrient is responsible for acne reduction.


How to Restrain Acne From Coming?

  • Facial cleansing– people do many things every day. Those things may lead to sweating and oiliness. That is why washing of face is a must. You didn’t know what kind of bacteria touches your face wherever you went. Just by simply washing your face can stop acne from arising.
  • Avoid exposure from the sun– they said sun exposure helps unblemished the skin but too much contact with it is not, especially if acne is already present in your skin. Some people want a tan complexion but there are risks to achieve it. Those people with sensitive skin have to stay away from the sun.
  • Have a healthy diet– what you eat affects your whole body. And your skin is not an exemption. Always pick the right food for a spot-free skin. A lot of foods contain stuff that we don’t know has the ability to harm our skin. And fast food is on top of the list. Avoid or lessen the consumption of greasy food to have a healthy skin.
  • Avoid stress– stress can be at home, work, school and anywhere. Learn to control yourself and relax. Stress can be the lead source of acne. It heightens the development of sebum and obstructs pores. Don’t let it consume you because it will only harm you, not just through acne but in many ways they can.
  • Choose non-oily makeups– cosmetics are quite harmful for delicate skin. It can aggravate the skin and leave a spot there. Choosing carefully for the safe product is very important to avoid acne breakouts.


Final thought

Acne has many causes that you have to be cautious about. The most important thing to consider is proper hygiene and eating habits, compromising both the internal and external parts of the body. Many people don’t think acne is a big deal. Maybe because they thought, it will still disappear even without treatment. But we have to do something to stop it before it gets worse.

Negligence is the only reason why we have it anyway. We ignore the things that we have to be careful of. Seeing many people scratching, touching and sweat their face makes me wonder if they will take a bath later to ensure their safety. But then all I can do is to hope that they will. They are the one who needs to help themselves.

Always remember this, the doctor can advise and prescribe a medicine to you but you yourself are the one who has to take good care of your own body. If you can let acne come, you can also make it disappear. The only solution is your desire for a smooth and healthy skin. If you are dedicated to do so, you can do anything and nothing is hard for you. Now keep safe and be healthy!


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