What Are Acne Scars?


You can help but wonder why acne is so hard to cure, it takes a really long time to see the result after using different product like acne fighting solution or medication but sadly after clearing it, you can now see that it leaves an acne scars that is much harder to treat and need another treatment to lessen the obvious evidence of marking or texture deformities. We may feel frustrated seeing it in our face and may think that they all look the same but little did we know that acne scars has a different types and classification.

This article aims to help you understand the acne scar and what can you do about it. The first thing we need to know is.


What are acne scars?

Acne scar is a skin deformity that was left in your face after clearing your acne. It is a permanent and non-irreversible textural change in the face. Acne scar happens once the acne in the face affect far beyond the surface of the skin. It can damage the tissue partially or totally depend on type of your acne. Once it ruptures beneath the tissue it damage its structures leaving it with a hole like evidence in the face. There are 4 types of acne that can cause acne scar.

  • The papule – is usually a type of acne that appears to be tiny. It is form in the face once the pores are blocked. It is usually pink color of acne in the face
  • The pustules – are a type of acne that is more infected than papules. It appears to be more swelling that associated with the presence of pus that can be seen in the acne. This time the acne it can be seen as red in color.
  • The nodule – is a larger size of acne than pustules and papules. It is more inflamed and can be seen as hot red acne in the face. This type of acne affect beneath the skin surface that may end up as acne scar once it was healed.
  • The cystic – is a big type of acne among all types the inflammation is present all over and can be painful in the face. It damages the tissue much deeper than the nodule and can be seen as big bloody red in the face.

Those types of acne are usually inflamed because of the presence of bacteria on it. Once this type of acne is healed in the face it has a higher chance that it will cause acne scar or acne markings. Acne scar is far different from acne marking or commonly known as dark spot.

Dark spot or hyper pigmentation – is not really a type of acne scars although it can be also seen after a series of fighting acne in the face. Dark spot does not damage far beyond the skin layer. It only create a very light or dark spot in the face that can be treated easily within two week after using some whitening or exfoliating product.

Acne scars – damage not only the surface of the skin but goes far beyond the facial tissue. The result of it can affect the tissue and damage its structures that left can cause skin deformities in the face. Acne scar is also divided into 2 types the Depress and Raised.

Depress scar or also known as atrophic – are commonly seen in the face. It can be shallow or deeper type of acne scars. It is the result of damaged tissue and break down of structures in the facial are that leave a textural changes.

While the raised scar or hypertrophic – can be found in the area of the body it can be seen in the chest area or back area. They are also known as keloid scar since they appear to be raised and leave a much obvious scar

Under the depress acne scar there are 5 different type while the raise acne scars have only 1 type which is the hypertrophic itself or keloid type.


The 5 depress acne scar are composed of the following.

Boxcar acne scars – are part of the depress acne scar family that can be seen in the face, It is very common with a U-shaped and sharp edges on it. This type of acne can be sometimes deep or shallow. Once the boxcar acne is deeper and damage the tissue beyond it is not treatable but it can be lessen with the help of invasive treatment that may cost expensive. While shallow type can be treated easily since it does not cause any damage or affect the tissue inside the face.

Rolling acne scar – is also a type of depressed acne scar that is also very common evidence in the face. It is wide and has a round shape. The edges of it are not all the same size but they all look like a rolling shape instead.

Ice pick acne scar – is a type of depressed acne scar that has a V-shaped and deeper type of acne scar in damage the facial tissue totally and make it harder to treat among all types. It is looking like oval shape skin deformities in the face.

Mixed acne scar – is also a part of depressed acne scar that is also common. It is a mixed of acne scar and acne together. This type of acne scar can be shallow or deeper.

Red acne scar- is the last type of depressed acne that is commonly formed in the cheeks area or forehead. It has a presence of red color on it and said to be the earliest stage type of acne formation in the face.


Treatment is also recommended if you want to lessen the looks of your acne scar but it will never go back to its former look. There are also two types of treatment you can try, the natural or the medical ways.


  • Natural Treatment – is usually composed of a natural product that can be seen within your home or the market near you. They are more affordable to try much safer to use. Here are some of the ingredients you can try.
    • Turmeric powder – turmeric powder is popular use as an antibacterial agent; it helps in reducing the swelling while fighting the bacteria. It is rich in antioxidant that can help in renewing your skin that can lessen the appearance of acne scar.
    • Raw Honey – helps in smoothing the face texture and lessens the acne scars by removing the dead skin cell and leaves your skin smooth, soft and moist.
    • Egg white – is really effective in tightening the pores to reduce the size of the acne scars. It also helps in preventing the breakouts in the face.
    • Aloe Vera – is very useful in healing the acne or other types of wound or burn. It also helps in tightening the skin to reduce the size of acne scar in the face while also works as an antibacterial agent that reducing the inflammation of acne and improved the quality of the skin
    • Lemon – is known as an antibacterial agent that helps in fighting the bacteria that can cause acne. It also helps in the whitening skin and removes the dark spot in the face. It also helps in clearing the skin and smoothing the texture that is good for acne scar.
    • Baking soda – helps removes the dead skin cell by exfoliating it and renew a healthier smooth skin to lessen the look of acne scar.


  • Medical treatment – is treatments which perform by your trusted dermatologist. It requires the use of a laser, machine, and other medical components to give a quality result. Unlike the natural way, this type of treatment is quite expensive and need proper guidance.
    • Laser Treatment – is a treatment for acne scars that perform with the use of the laser itself. There are two types of laser treatment in the non-ablative and ablative.
    • Non-ablative procedure – is a treatment that uses a laser stimulation to improve the collagen production and tighten the skin underneath. It is less invasive and surgical is not needed.
    • The ablative procedure – is more expensive and invasive one it includes the removal of a thin layer of acne scar affected area through wound surgery.
    • Intralesional corticosteroids – are another treatment for acne scars. It does in an injected form that is best for depress type of scar.
    • Radiofrequency – is also a treatment for acne scar it’s a noninvasive procedure of scar remodeling, this treatment is needed for the early type of acne scar. The procedure is performed with the used skin needling that goes underneath the skin.
    • Chemical Peeling – is a treatment that uses a high percentage of TCA chemicals to works. This type of treatment is safer but sharp skin pain may associate, and sun exposure is highly prohibited.  It helps in peeling and exfoliating the dead skin in the face and tighten the skin to lessen the size of acne.

Beside laser, there is another type of invasive treatment. It is called as surgical removal of the scar by your trusted dermatologist. The procedure is required to use the silicone sheets, steroid, and anesthesia. This type of treatment is also divided into three.

    • The skin needling – is an effective treatment for acne scar. It is performed with the use of a pen-like a device that put the needle deeper into the layer of the skin to help build up the collagen in the damaged tissue
    • The vascular laser – is another treatment under surgical it helps in removing spider vein and proven very effective in treating the early type of acne scar. It helps in reducing the size of the acne scar and helps in collagen production.
    • The dermabrasion – is the last type of surgical treatment that also uses a machine to works. It’s an invasive procedure that is effective for the deeper type of acne scar. It helps in exfoliating the skin and removes the thin layer of the affected skin.


Final Thoughts!

Since skin is the largest organ in our body it’s natural for us to look and find ways to protect and keep it healthy. Everyone wishes and dreaming to have a smooth skin especially in the part where everyone can see – our face.

Our face is very sensitive and always prone to having unhealthy skin, like pimples, acne, dark spot, wrinkles, fine lines etc.

Remember that prevention is always better than cure. Step up your game on how you take care of your skin. It is not all about the product but it’s about how you take care of yourself in general.  A healthy lifestyle is one of the best solutions to avoid acne that can become an acne scar.


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