Top 10 Natural Ways of Acne Scars Removal


There are thousands of tiny pores on our skin that contains sebaceous glands. These sebaceous glands produce skin softening sebum to the skin. When the sebum produced by these glands becomes in excess or it is infected by bacteria than pores on the skin can become clogged.

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These clogs result in to painful red pimples. This disease is termed as acne. When these pimples disappears after some time it leave behind scars on the skin known as acne scars. These pimples can appear anywhere on the body but the most common place is your face.

Especially oily T zone that starts from forehead down to nose and chin area is mostly affected from the acne problem.

The increase in hormone levels, bacteria and clogged pores leads towards acne problem. It is common during teen ages. We must keep our hands away from the pimples and do not squeeze or pick them.

During acne there is intense inflammation and loss of collagen on the skin. When we pick or squeeze skin it leads to further inflammation and pus in pimples results in loss of further collagen.

There are many reasons of getting back acne. One of the main causes of acne is hormonal changes. Especially during teenage acne can occur due to hormonal changes in body during this age. For women during menstruation and pregnancy period their skin is most vulnerable to acne problem.

Hormonal acne is mostly common in women in age of 20s because hormones are most active in this age. Almost 50% of women in 20s suffer from acne issue.

About 26% of women between ages 31 to 40 are having hormonal acne issue and the number reduce to 25% for the women age between 40 to 49. Hormonal fluctuations due to pregnancy, childbirth and lactation make women more prone to the hormonal acne problem.

Some people get acne problem from their genetics. So acne problem can transfer from generation to generation. Another main cause of acne is side effect from some medications. Similarly stress can contribute to the acne problem. Sweat is also a main cause of acne problem especially when we are wearing tight clothes. Some food items like white bread, potato chips and dairy products can also trigger to the acne problem.

We can prevent ourselves from acne by making little changes in our lifestyle. Some of these changes are discussed below.

  1. We must take shower regularly. Especially after work out taking shower is necessary as sweat and dirt can contribute to back acne. By adding Epsom salt we can relax our muscles and smooth inflamed skin. It could also dry out oily patches on the skin.  We must also wash clothes when they are sweaty. We must not allow shampoo or conditioner to run down on our back because they can have ingredients that can contribute to acne problem.
  2. We must avoid tight fitting synthetic material products. The tight clothes can trap dirt and sweat to rub with your skin pores and can cause back acne. Especially during workout tight clothes make our skin more vulnerable to the acne problem. Cloths made up of cotton material are good for skin if we have acne problem.
  3. Different studies suggest that food that can raise our blood sugar quickly can also worsen our acne problem. Food items like white bread, white potatoes, white pasta and rice can contribute to the acne problem. We must take vegetables, fruits, proteins and whole grains in our diet to avoid or get rid of acne problem.
  4. We must put hair in bun or ponytail during sweat session. If long hairs touch our back skin it could add oil and dirt to the skin. This phenomenon can cause back acne. We must use body wash or exfoliate after washing hair so that no thick product remains on our skin.
  5. We must wash our bed sheets weakly to avoid back acne. The dead skin and oil rubs with bed sheets and built bacteria on it.
  6. Similarly we must wash our cloth regularly that comes directly in contact with our skin like towels, bra and pajamas. Different scented products can also contribute to back acne. We must not use fabric softener that can cause back acne breakouts. We must bleach our clothes because it kills any bacteria on our clothes
  7. It is very important to apply sunscreen before exposing our skin to the sunlight directly. Cheap sunscreens have greasy material which can clog the skin pores and contribute to acne problem. We must choose high quality sunscreen which is oil free and light.
  8. We must prevent our skin from dehydration because dry skin can easily lead us to acne problem. For healthy men it is recommended to drink 3 liters of water daily and for healthy women drinking 2.2 liters of water is essential. Drinking more water will also help kidney and liver to perform better.
  9. During shaving use razor that gives us smooth shave. Try different razors so that we find perfect razor for our skin. If razor we use does not suit our skin it gives irritation and result into inflammation. This inflammation in the skin leads to acne.
  10. Touching our dirty cell phone to the chin and neck transfer bacteria and cause acne.


Although it is better to treat these acne scars naturally because chemical creams and oral medications have different side effects. The natural treatment may take some time but it gives skin better tone. We cannot get rid of acne scars overnight. The process is very slow and requires patience. We must not use products which claim to remove acne scar overnight because they seem to worsen the acne scar. Some of the natural methods to get rid of acne scars are discussed below


  • Cucumber:


Cucumber contains vitamin A vitamin C and magnesium all of which are great for skin. Cucumber is very good hydrating vegetable. To get rid of acne scars we pick up an organic cucumber and cut off a few thin slices. Then we put these slices on the scars for thirty minutes and then discard these slices. Then wash our mouth with cool water and repeat this procedure daily.



  • Lemon:


Lemon juice contains alpha hydroxy acid that is used for skin healing and fading scars. For this we must squeeze one organic lemon and dab its juice on scars by using cotton ball. We can mix lemon juice with water if our skin is sensitive. Then we let it to dry and then wash our mouth with cool water. We also must take into consideration that lemon juice makes our skin more sensitive to the ultra violet rays so we must not go to the direct sunlight for some while after applying lemon juice to the skin. We can repeat this procedure once in two or three days to get rid of acne scars.


  • Honey:


Honey is very helpful in recovering from skin disease. Honey is also useful to get rid of redness from acne. For this we must take little amount of honey and dab a cotton ball in it. Then apply it on the acne affected areas and leave it overnight. Then wash it at morning. By doing this process daily we can get rid of redness from acne. Honey obtained from nectar of manuka tree is recommended for it but if it is not available then any naturally acquired honey will do the job.


  • Coconut oil:


Coconut oil is also a powerful natural moisturizer that can heal acne scars. For this we must take a teaspoon of coconut oil on our hand and let it melt as it comes up to body temperature. Then we must massage it with our fingertips on the scars and let it soak in. There is no need to wash our mouth because coconut oil contains vitamins and desired fatty acids that continue to improve our skin as long as we wear it.


  • Aloe Vera:


Aloe Vera contains anti inflammatory and anti bacteria characteristics which help us not only to remove redness but it can also heal the acne. We must extract the juice from fresh aloe Vera leaf and apply it on the acne with the help of cotton ball. Then we let it stay for some time. Then wash it with warm and clean water. By doing this process twice a day we can get rid of redness from acne. If fresh aloe Vera is not available then we can use lotions and creams that contains aloe Vera as an ingredient.


  • Yogurt and honey mixture:


Both honey and yogurt have properties that heal the dark spots from acne. For this mix two teaspoons of yogurt with one teaspoon raw honey. Then apply this mixture on the dark spots with cotton ball or Q tip. Leave it for almost 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse it with warm water. Then apply a moisturizer after this treatment.


  • Warm tea bags:


It is a technique used for unclogging the clogged pores and drawing dead skin cells and bacteria to the skin surface.  By putting tea bags in hot water for some time then placing it on the acne for 30 to 60 seconds we can get rid of redness from the acne. Then wash affected area with face wash or soap to remove oil and bacteria that was drawn out.



  • Tea tree oil:


Tea tree oil contains antibacterial properties which help our skin to fight against bacteria. For this we must mix few drops of tea tree oil with face wash and apply it directly on the scars. We must leave it for at least 20 minutes and then wash it off.


  • Potato juice:


Potatoes are rich in vitamin and minerals that are helpful in fading the scars from acne. We can cut thicker slices of potato and apply the juice by massaging them on the scars. We can also cut thin slices of potato and apply them directly on scarred skin. We must let potato juice on our skin for at least 15 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.  By repeating this procedure daily we can get rid of acne scars.



  • Rosewater and sandalwood:


Rose water contains antibacterial properties and it also nourishes the skin. Sandalwood paste cools the skin. For this we must take one tablespoon of rose water and one teaspoon of sandalwood powder.  Then we make thick paste from them and apply the paste on scars and leave it overnight. Then wash it off with cold water to see the difference. We can apply this paste every day for greater results.

These are top ten natural methods used by human beings nowadays to overcome acne scar problem.

Along with these natural ingredients there are some other ways too to get rid of acne scars. For example some people use baking soda to overcome acne scar. For this we make thick paste of baking soda with the help of water and apply it on the acne scars. By doing this repeatedly we can get rid of acne scars. Rosehip seed oil is also used to get rid of acne scars. Sugar scrub made by the mixture of organic sugar cane with virgin oil with ratio of two to one and apply it on the acne could give us great results. Similarly by applying aspirin paste we can overcome acne scars because aspirin contain salicylic acid that is helpful in removing inflammatory effects.


Some food items are helpful in reducing hormonal acne and also some food items make skin more vulnerable to the acne problem. Plant-based foods saturated in antioxidants may reduce inflammation and promote clearer skin. We can eat a lot of vegetables to avoid acne problem.

Omega-3 fatty acids can also decrease skin inflammation. By increasing the fiber consumption we can avoid the acne problem.  In order to get rid of hormonal acne we must reduce consumption of red meats, sugar, dairy products and refined carbs such as pasta and white bread.


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