The Top 5 Best Types of Foundation For Acne Prone Skin

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Choosing the best foundation for your skin can sometimes be tricky. Specially if your skin is dry, oily, and acne-prone, be reminded that it is not always simple. Makeups has been popular today. Starting from sheer, matte finish up to full coverage foundation, are all minefields of women’s beauty.


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It is important to know the best foundation that will work on your face. It is also best to consider the formula used and the ingredients inside that bottle. You may want to include in your list of choosing foundations its natural content. Or think about the long-lasting effect in your face.

Here’s the thing, if you’re not comfortable enough going out of the house without applying your foundation, then you may want to check the following list to let you feel confident about your face. Never allow acne to mess up your day. These foundations will surely hide all those blemishes and make your skin tone fair.



This foundation is best for oily skin. If your skin texture is tend for 3pm shine then you may want to consider using matte foundations. This foundation is cream to powder liquid formulation. This can treat an oily skin and may look a dry up matte finish.

This may also look simple on your face and not heavy and is best for daily use. It has a long lasting effect without disappearing on your face. Plus you still look fresh after the whole day of wearing it.

Other features that you may enjoy while using this product are the following:

  • It has a 24-hour effect on your face
  • It is proven and tested by the experts
  • It is also steam proof and waterproof
  • There is no cakey effect on your face
  • The application is easy and hustle free


The normal size of the product is 30 ml. Plus, you will get the chance of choosing your own type of shade according to your skin tone. L’OREAL PARIS MATTIFYING INFALLIBLE FOUNDATION has honey, natural rose, porcelain, and sand shades available for pick.

I have gathered some of the best reviews from the customers who bought the product online. The following feedbacks will be useful especially if this is your first time to try it.


  • “It does make the coverage amazing without any cakey mess. The shades are perfect and good. Porcelain works well on my pale skin naturally.”
  • “Generally, I love this foundation. I have a tan skin and it blends on my skin perfectly. It is a matte foundation but won’t have a cakey effect on your skin. It has a unique coverage plus it leaves my skin smooth and soft.”
  • “This foundation is very satisfying. Even when swimming, still it stays on my face. I used porcelain shades for my pale skin.”



Are you tired of wearing foundation that melts before 3pm comes? Bobbi brown is the answer to your problem. It stays up to twelve hours a day. This kind of foundation is a gel based and is long lasting to wear. If you’re a woman who keeps on touching your face then this foundation is for you. You can use this foundation day and night.

Bobbi brown foundation is a natural-looking foundation. It is very comfortable to wear on the face. It is also said to be hydrating on your face. It has shea butter and glycerin that makes your face moisturized and the said gel based content brings ultra lightweight on the face.

It is available in a 30 ml bottle. The following are some of the features that you may enjoy while using this product:

  • It has SPF 15 that helps protect your face from sunlight.
  • It has antioxidants, Vitamins E and C.
  • Easy to apply on your face. You just need a sponge or brush to apply evenly in the skin.

Just like the other foundation available out there, you may want to check the reviews below to help you before buying this product.

  • “This blends well to the skin tone. It also smells good. I am very happy with the product.”
  • “I am so much delighted using this foundation. My skin is tan but still the foundation looks good on me.”
  • “This foundation has a long lasting effect. It is a good coverage and works well especially if your skin is prone to pimples.”


This proven and tested 24 hour long lasting foundation has SPF content that helps you all day long. The SPF content has innovative pigment that can’t be detected and will allow your face to look fine and smooth. This foundation is best in all skin types including those acne prone skin.

This is a weightless and oil-free foundation. It blends perfectly on your skin allowing you to look young and natural. It is also flexible in all skin texture. You may go for light or deep coverage depending on your desired look.

Other features includes the following:

  • Contains SPF 25
  • Best for oily, dry, sensitive and normal types of skin
  • Best for daily use
  • It keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized

You may consider the following reviews of the customers who bought the product:

  • “The texture is great and it is very perfect to my skin tone. It has a lighter coverage and does not melt on my face.”
  • “The product is best for any makeup. And wears long lasting effect. “
  • I like the natural effect plus it protects my skin from the damage cause by sunlight. This foundation is just lighter on the face and so much to that it is very easy to apply.”
  • “The finish is a matte natural look. Perfect for everyday used.”



This is a matte foundation that will let you feel a weightless coverage. It also has  a waterproof and long lasting features.

This product is known as organic made foundation. The formulation of this foundation is to give an invisible shine control to your face. It also provides mattifying and no drying of skin complexion. It is favorable because of its 40 shades that you can choose from according to skin type.

It does not contain harmful chemicals that may damage the sensitive skin which includes phthalates , parabens and sulfates.

Other features:

  • Organic made foundation
  • Free from any fragrance or smell, mineral oil, gluten and talc
  • Different shades for different skin tone
      • Neutral
      • Pink
      • Golden Olive
      • Golden

One of the best customer feedback:

  • “ The quality is great and amazing. It is literally works and blend perfectly on my skin. The finish is fine and smooth that makes it excellent. This is my new favorite foundation from now on.”



Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid foundation will let you look natural and fresh. This is a non-irritating and oil-free foundation that blends perfectly on you face. This will help to reduce skin blemishes and redness of the pimple. It is also known that the formulation content on the bottle is not only to treat the breakouts but to prevent it from coming back.

It does not contain parabens that is harmful to the skin. It is said that those cosmetics contain parabens may likely cause breast cancer if used regularly.

Some features that you need to know before buying this product:

  • 100% tested by dermatologist
  • Free from any allergy effect while using the product
  • A non-acnegenic product
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Free from any fragrance
  • Oil-free product


The following are best customer feedbacks according to their experiences while using the product:

  • “This liquid foundation has a fine finish that allows to cover up anything. It is best to paired with pressed powder resulting to a clean and smooth coverage. The foundation is easy to use and at the same time easy to remove by just using water and soap solution.”
  • “I am using foundation for almost 3 years and by so far this is the best foundation I used on my skin. It works excellent and the coverage is buildable. This covers perfectly plus the color is naturally match to my skin without any worries to breakouts. It’s a must foundation for every woman out there.”
  • “This is so far the best foundation I found compared to that product found in many drugstores. It has a very reasonable price and its quality is great. Best for my skin acne-prone.”
  • “I am loving the quality of this foundation. This was bought in Paris 3 years ago and since I love the effect, I am still using it. It is smooth, lightweight and it won’t clog the pores. It minimizes my acne breakouts plus if you have dry skin, make sure to apply a lot of moisturizer, before your skin becomes flaky.

For acne prone skin, make sure to use the right and only the best foundation on your face to prevent serious effects. It is best to use products that are organic and has natural ingredients only. If you are not sure on what product you are going to use, then you may consult your dermatologist to give you the right prescriptions you needed.



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