This Crazy Tea Tree Oil Acne Kit Is Taking Over the Skincare World

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Keeva is so in demand, it took us three months to get our hands on one.

Imagine if all the serums, creams, and treatments in your medicine cabinet could be bottled up into a single, all-powerful anti-acne kit—dream scenario, right?

Well, that’s essentially the claim behind Keeva Organics, a new organic acne solution that’s so popular, people can barely get their hands on it (us included).

The All-in-One kit addresses multiple elements of acne — from pimples to cysts to scars — with the hope of paring down skin routines of women everywhere. One look at the customers on their addicting Instagram page makes it clear that Keeva is the real deal. Here’s everything you need to know about Keeva’s 3 in 1 Acne Kit.

What Is It?

To put it simply, the 3 in 1 Kit is the best tea tree oil product on the market. Inspired by the organic healing properties of tea tree oil, its founders set out to develop a product that had similar renewing and rejuvenating effects, that was also easy to apply.

Tea Tree Oil is usually difficult to use because it’s hard to get an even spread, and when using concentrated oil it can be too powerful. So, Keeva’s founders discovered the perfect dose of tea tree oil to include in their products, and merged them with powerful essential oils and other natural ingredients, making Keeva products the world’s best tea tree oil acne treatment. 

After developing it for three years, Keeva launched this past year, promising to be more effective and more efficient than other skincare systems. All you need to do is use it once in the morning, and once at night – many say that within as little as 48 hours they see their skin looking better!

I literally noticed my skin look brighter and healthier the moment I put it on.

How Does it Work?

So how can Keeva address multiple skin concerns at once with just a few minutes a day? It’s all thanks to natural ingredients and a genius formula.

Keeva’s 3 in 1 Acne Kit includes their Face Wash, Acne Cream, and Acne Serum. When used in combination, they form the perfect skincare routine.

The Keeva Face Wash clears the skin of dirt, oils and other contaminants – while delivering healthy essential oils you want on your face! Once your face is clean, Keeva Acne Cream attacks the sebaceous glands, fighting acne, while still moisturizing. Lastly, Keeva Acne Serum delivers vital nutrients that promote skin health and give your skin a healthy “glow”!

Is It Really Worth The Hype?

Well, the product has managed to sell out every month since its debut, and it’s also amassed tons of loyal followers—from celebrities to models to regular women.  A-listers can’t get enough of it:

Supermodel Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa

Businesswoman, Model, Actress, Claudia Alende

We Tried It…Here’s What Happened.

Between Jailyne Ojeda’s endorsement and scrolling through the before and afters (continuously wondering how it could really be the same person in the photos), I knew I had to try Keeva’s 3 in 1 Acne Kit out for myself. When it finally arrived in the mail, the package included a beautiful case, the face wash, acne cream, and acne serum.

Once I rinsed my face with warm water, I applied the Keeva Face Wash. I pumped two squirts of the face wash and rubbed it into my skin gently, then rinsed it off with cold water. Right away I felt the “cooling effect” I had heard about in the testimonials.

After, I applied the Keeva Acne Cream. This was what really shocked me – this part is the formula that fights acne, but it also IMMEDIATELY has an effect on my skin. I swear I could tell my skin looked brighter and better the moment I applied the cream.

Lastly, I applied the Keeva Acne Serum. It was a light, soothing consistency, and felt nice on my skin – my skin felt soft afterward.

My husband watched in awe as my skin transformed before his eyes, in a matter of days.

Sure enough, the routine started to kill my acne, all the while helping my skin to look brighter and healthier than ever before. While I knew it was a moisturizer, I hadn’t expected this much improvement from an at-home product! It completely improved my complexion, in all ways. 

My husband, typically unfazed by my skincare experiments, was thrilled to see the transformation my skin made. I went from having pimples here and there, and having acne scars for years, to having little to no acne at all, and my scars fading every day! Not to mention, I’ve felt so happy and confident with my newfound clear skin, I think he and everybody else can tell!

I can’t wait to see how amazing my skin looks after using Keeva for a few more months.

So is it worth taking a look? Absolutely. After using Keeva for just a few weeks, my skin has never looked better. My existing pimples have almost all faded, I’ve had less new breakouts, and my skin GLOWS! There’s no other way to put it. It’s safe to say I’ve joined the Keeva bandwagon for good—I just wish I had discovered it sooner.

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