How To Stop Back Acne


Nothing is more irritating than having acne in your face. However, what more if your acne develop right behind of your back? Well, I guess you will be ashamed of baring your back at the beach or somewhat, avoiding to wear backless dresses as well.  


According to some medical expert, acne is a deep-rooted inflammatory skin disease that causes pimples and scars on the skin. This acne usually occurs in some areas of your body, especially on the face, chest, neck, shoulder, and back.


However, unlike to those visible areas of your skin, the back acne is quite tricky to treat, because it is not readily apparent and hard to reach. That is the reason why specific treatment for back acne requires a different approach and process to alleviate it. Why?


Back acne has deep inflammation and, sometimes it leads to severe swelling due to the pressure that you put on your back while sleeping, or rather due to extreme sweating while you exercise. With that case, the back acne will tend to be copious and thick that result in deep acne beneath your skin surface.


What Causes of Back Acne?

Pimples, Blackheads, Pustules, and Cyst – these are a form of back acne that develops deeply under your skin’s surface. Back acne, on the other hand,  happens when the oil sebaceous glands and dead skin cells are blocked in the pores that result to blockage in the vessel and combine it with bacteria.


Furthermore, when the hormone level arises in the blood, it produced too many oils on the skin. Along these lines, when the dead skin cells are not properly eliminated, it can block the follicles that lead to back acne.


However, there are certain factors that can also trigger back acne such as:



  • Your bedsheet: Your bed sheets can contribute to your back acne since these materials are always in touch to your skin that can attract the dirt and oils to your skin. Additionally, the bed sheet can also be the place for the bacteria to build up. So, it is not unusual that acne can also develop at your back.




  • Sweating: Too much sweating can also trigger acne on the back. We all know that back is another area of the body that can quickly produce sweat. Likewise, when these sweat beads combined with oil and toxin on the skin, and the pores become irritated, it can result to back acne. Thus, it is recommended to take a shower instantly after exercise, so, all the dirt and oils in your sweat will flush away.




  • Clothing: Wearing tight fitting clothes can irritate your skin that can lead to back acne.




  • Acne Mechanica: This is a type of acne the result of irritation found at the back. The acne mechanical happens when the something will rub your skin frequently loke wearing backpacks, and other weightlifting machines. Wearing tight fitting clothes can irritate your skin that can lead to back acne.



Thus, back areas can produce per square inch of oil sebaceous glands than to face zone. So, in this case, the follicles are more probable to become blocked with too much oil produced as well as dead skin cells.

How can you stop back acne?

If you think that your skin is probable to acne, it is quite difficult for you to find the right solution; since it can reoccur again once you treat it. However, there is always another way to stop acne from coming back like:

Eating Healthy Foods


  • Healthy skin is the reflection of the food you eat. So, certain foods can trigger acne, while others can heal acne at the same time. Foods that high on glycemic can increase blood pressure which can lead to your acne worse.


Here are some tips of which foods you need to avoid, and foods that you need to keep in your healthy diet.


Foods you need to avoid


  • Sugars
  • Junk Foods
  • Greasy Foods
  • Foods high in Glycemic like bread, processed breakfast cereals, potato chips, white rice, cakes, cookies.
  • Cow’s Milk
  • Dairies


And here are some foods that you need to include in your diet to prevent back acne!


  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Lean proteins

Exfoliating your skin regularly


  • Exfoliating is one of the best ways to stop your issue from acne. The acne-prone skin needs the proper skin care regimen including exfoliating regularly. Exfoliating play a significant role to reduce all your skin blemishes. According to the statement of Doris Day, a New York City Dermatologist, “”Like the face, one’s upper torso and back have more sebaceous (oil-producing) glands than any other area of the body, which means it produces more of the skin’s natural oil, increasing the likelihood of developing body acne in these areas. Exfoliating on a regular basis is also important since the skin cells on the back may not slough off as efficiently as needed and that pile-up can aggravate acne,”


However, on the other hand, without this skin exfoliation, back acne or any other forms of acne may occur. Therefore, if you want a healthy and acne-prone skin all over, exfoliation is one of the best choices that you can count on.

Avoid using oil-based skin care products


  • There are specific skin care products that can contribute to back acne to appear. With this case, if you are acne-prone skin, you should avoid using moisturizers, sunscreens, cosmetics, or any other oily-skin care products on your back. Why? The ingredients contained in skin care products can trigger to back acne outbreak. However, if you can’t help yourself to use those products, you can try to use a non-comedogenic skin care product that can’t prevent acne to develop. Otherwise, limit yourself to using those oily products to avoid back acne breakouts.


Take a shower right after exercising


  • As mentioned in the above, sweating is another cause of acne to appear due to our extreme exercises. It can happen when the sweat and oil sebaceous mix, which can lead to dead skin cells and bacteria clogged to your pores. So, if you want to avoid sudden back acne, you should take a shower right after you exercise so it will eliminate all the sweat that can trigger back acne.

Wash your sheet cover regularly


  • If you have acne-prone skin, you should wash your sheets as often as possible, since the sheet cover constantly has contact to our skin over the night, it is not possible that it can trigger back acne. However, if you are already suffering from back acne, you should need to change or wash the sheet cover a minimum of two times a week, or somewhat weekly to avoid its sudden breakouts.

Avoid wearing tight clothes


  • They say, wearing tight clothes can promote acne on the back. Yes, it’s true!  “Any skin irritation (like sweat) can exacerbate outbreaks. It’s important to stay away from tight clothing to minimize friction, especially when sweating. Certain materials, like those that absorb sweat from the skin, will also reduce irritation. Lighter colors and cotton are ideal, especially during workouts,” says Doris Day of New York City Dermatologist. Tight clothes can rub your skin’s surface which can irritate and cause swelling on the skin that leads to acne. To avoid back acne, make sure that you wear absorbent cotton and a loose shirt to absorb sweat and reduce the skin’s friction.


So, if you want to avoid acne from reoccurring, you should keep the above list in your daily routine. Therefore, you would not only be able to stop acne to develop but instead, you will have a higher chance to have an acne-free skin!


How to treat back acne?


Likely similar to treating acne on your face, back acne can also be addressed in several ways like using some of your kitchen stuff that can contribute to treating your back acne.


    • Tea Tree Oil: Put 1-2 drops of this onto the cotton ball and apply to the affected area of acne on your back. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes before rinse.


  • Honey: Apply a little of this honey on your back acne, wait for at least 10-15 mins before washing it off with warm water. Repeat 2 or 3 days a day.
  • Aloe Vera: Apply the aloe vera gel into the affected area of acne twice a day.
  • Turmeric: Make a paste by using 1-2 teaspoon of turmeric powder and sesame oils. Apply on your back acne, and leave it for at least one hour before rinse.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Liquefy of 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of water. Mix well, then apply to the affected area of back acne. Leave it for 10 mins and rinse with warm water.



However, on the other hand, there is another way to treat back acne such as using the Keeva Organic Product. This product is suitable for all skin types which cannot dry your skin while using.


Final Words


Overall, most of us are suffering from the undying issue of acne no matter what our age is. Thus, in that case, we should need to be aware of what is the primary cause of acne, so, we can quickly treat it according to its stages. But, nowadays, there are a lot of treatments are accessible in the market. However, the fact is some of them may not cure the acne at all, but some may reduce its outbreak, but, if this left untreated, it can lead to severe acne or can cause long-lasting scars, anxiety, and depression.



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