How To Heal Acne Scabs?



After you’ve experienced the disgusting acne breakout, it is time to fix the after effect: namely acne scab. You’ve done the thing that you should never do which is popping of your pimple. As a result, it creates a huge damaged which can be noticed by anyone looking at you. Probably you have realized that you’ve made the biggest mistake on your face. Well, relax and don’t be panic. Nowadays, there are available natural ways on how you can heal your acne scabs as fast as you can. It is also noted that it can prevent scar formation.


What is Acne Scabs?


Acne scabbing is somehow a good thing on your face. It is the natural way of how your skin responds to stop loss of blood and quick healing of wounds. If a pimple burst as time goes by, minor bleeding occurs. It is also the way platelets in the blood work when there is air which helps the rapture wounds to stop bleeding.


Acne scabbing also happens when platelets break apart and when there is a mixture of protein, vitamin K, and calcium on the skin. It makes the surface hardens resulting to scabbing. On top of this, scabs help in stopping blood and protect the damaged skin surface from any bacterial infection that your body can acquire at any time.


A pimple scabbing may help, but it let people feel embarrassment and discomfort. Good to know that there are a lot of methods to make the healing process fast resulting in a smooth, healthy and young looking skin.


What Are Ways To Treat Acne Scabs?


When acne scabbing works correctly, it can protect and rebuild damaged skin cells. However, acne scabbing can be mistaken when there is bursting of a pimple. It can make things worst such as infection of the wounds, the effect of a long healing process and can cause severe scarring.


The body can heal acne scabbing effectively, and you may take the following steps to avoid the side effects of a burst pimple.




It is best to leave the pimple scab alone. You may feel discomfort and itchy with a pimple scab, but the risk of scratching it may reopen the wound. It a pimple scab is open, it can lead to inflammation, infection, and bleeding. The more you do something on your pimple scab, the more damaged may happen on your skin. Some may leave severe scarring on the skin surface. Make sure to keep away your hands out from the pimple scab.




It is essential to keep your face clean as well as the pimple scab. Always keep in mind to keep it away from dirt and other things that can worsen the skin problem. Acne scab becomes riskier when it is exposed to dust. It irritates and may lead to infection-causing bacteria. You may use other cleansing methods to make your face clean, especially the irritated area like mild soap and face wash, hypoallergenic wipes and applying a warm compress. Using a clean cotton cloth in drying your face may also help.




Moist can help in healing by improving the blood mainstream. You can apply a wet compress to five minutes at least twice daily. In warm water, dump the washcloth and slowly pat it on your face. Moist and heat of the cloth may help the scabs become smooth and loosen.




It is best to use an acne cream on the affected area twice a day after cleansing your face. Use products that have benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid content. Using these products may alleviate the condition and make the healing works fast. A topical acne cream can quickly dry out acne. Wash your hands properly before applying the cream to your face as bacteria can efficiently transmit.




Treatment of acne scabs will depend on how thick is the wound. You need to be careful in getting rid of acne scabs since it can trigger to reopen the wounds and may become worse if that happens. You should be patience in taking care of your skin and at the same time follow the regular treatments to make it healthy in just a short span of time.




The following are natural home remedies that may use in healing acne scabs. These treatments can use especially if the acne scabs have been prick, scratch and squeezed. These are possible methods that you can quickly grab without worrying any hard side effects. Most of are available in the kitchen and used as ingredients for the food menu.


  • TOMATOES. Rubbing of tomatoes on the affected area on your skin may reduce the appearance of acne scars or acne marks. Tomato is rich in vitamin A and carotene; these two nutrients are abundant in red colors which are also useful as an antioxidant. It can heal the damaged skin tissues and rebuilds the growth of new cells on your skin. It can make your skin glow and healthy in due time.


  • CUCUMBER. Cucumber is known to have a good effect on your skin. There are products out there that contain cucumber ingredients. Also, it is good to extract its juice. It allows the skin texture to improve and reduce inflammation. It also soothes the swelling and heals the scars quickly.


  • Sandalwood PASTE. Sandalwood comes from a tree which yielded oil and fragrance. Mix the sandalwood and rosewater at the same time and leave it on your face overnight, then wash the next morning thoroughly. You can do the process until you noticed differences. Sandalwood is an essential ingredient for make-up in India. And for the past years, sandalwood become primary content in making soaps from different brands.


  • EGG WHITES. Eggs are essential in baking cakes, bread and other reci8pe in the kitchen. The egg whites are an excellent source of treating and healing the acne scars. Apply egg whites using a cotton ball on your face and leave it overnight then wash the next morning. Eggs are rich in protein and applying on your face may speed up the healing process. Protein helps build up tissues and muscles and using it to your face may boost up the recovery process of your acne scar.


  • Herbs. Herbs are essentials in human life. It brings a lot to the health of many people. Aloe vera, turmeric, and sage are the best herbs you can use in treating acne scabs. Turmeric has been known to be effective in healing skin problem. Over the years, turmeric paste has been proven as good food for the skin. While aloe vera and sage are both brings relief in inflammation. To use sage as treatment soak, it is not water then let it cool and apply directly to the skin. Apply aloe vera gel on your skin by cutting the leaf and gently massage the gel.


  • APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. Apple Cider Vinegar can be a good source of toner on your skin. Vinegar by nature stimulates the flow of the blood and speed up the recovery and rebuild of new cells on your skin.
  • LEMON JUICE. Lemon is an essential food ingredient and enhancer. It gives spice to some menu. To help you treat acne scabs using lemon juice, squeezed it and leave on your skin for awhile then washed it off. Bleaching your skin using lime juice makes the mark less visible. Lemon juice can help regenerate new cells on your skin and improves the elasticity of the skin.


  • OLIVE OIL. It is one of the best natural ways of treating acne scar. Using olive oil is not only for food appetizing. It can also help to lighten the injuries caused by acne. Gently massage olive oil on your skin, then leave it for few minutes and wash thoroughly. Olive oil has antioxidant content which helps clear up the acne marks.


  • Honey. Honey has a natural content to moisturized skin. Eating and applying honey as a mask on your face are both excellent idea to reduce acne scar.


  • WATER. Water is also an important liquid that our body needs. It is also the most available ingredient in healing acne problem. Drinking eight glasses of water can help you cope up with acne problems. Water allows flushing all the toxins and unnecessary chemical inside your body that would cause skin problem. It also helps you in rejuvenating the dead skin cells and sheds formation of glowing healthy skin.




Aside from the mentioned lists above, there is still common treatment that can quickly grab at the comfort of your house.


  • FACE CREAMS. Avoid using makeups and creams which are substantial, greasy and oil since it can worsen your skin condition. Make sure to use makeups that has organic, light and oil free contents.


  • Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an essential nutrient which is good for the skin. It has antioxidants that can eliminate radicals on the skin. There are supplements rich in vitamin E that are available over the counter. It is also best to pair with water, soybean oil and glycerin to get better results.


In general, pimple scabs can be avoided if you opt not to squeezed, prick and scratch the affected area. Once you pop a pimple, it may lead to scab. If scabbing can’t be avoided, make sure the affected area is always clean and dry. Some treatments won’t work for anyone, but you are free to contact a dermatologist if worst cases occur during the healing process.


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