How To Get Rid of Stress Acne?


Are you suffering from stress acne? If yes, then you are not alone. Many people have been struggling with the embarrassing and unpleasant appearance of acne. And have noticed that zits suddenly show up at any time? It is so disgusting, especially if you’re planning to attend an event like a date to someone special. Acne did not appear on your face by accident; there are reasons why it’s in there.


For a long time, researchers have been searching for possible reasons between pimples and stress. A lot of people has thought that to relieve stress acne is just DISTRESS! However, what they believe to be not as natural as the blinking of an eye.


There are many kinds of stress that we feel. Others undergo muscle pain, sore shoulder and neck, the problem with bowel movement and some may be visible in the face especially with men. A study shows that when the body reacts to stress, the blood and oxygen will directly flow to the essential parts of the body and fight stress. However, the skin can’t contain stress resulting in dehydration, lifeless, dull and skin pores will be clogged.


For this post, you will know how you will going to cope up stress acne. It will give you ideas and strategies on how to combat the skin problem. Check it below.


  • TREAT IT IMMEDIATELY. Once you noticed a pimple on your face, it is better to take action on how to remove the skin problem. There is available spot treatment to help you ease the pain and swelling. You may check products that have salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide contents. Or you can also buy those products with probiotics which will help the inflammation, redness and kills bacteria.
  • EXFOLIATE YOUR SKIN. As time goes by, our skin pores maybe shed with dead skin cells. Dead skin cells may stick to the skin and clog the skin pores causing acne. Another reason is that the dead skin cell debris and the stress hormone released by the body will produce such oil that can lead to blemishes, whitehead, and blackheads. Washing your face may help, but it will not entirely clean the face. Exfoliation is the best way to treat your face away from acne formation. It can minimize breakouts and will aid your pores from dirt decongestion. Exfoliation will let your skin renew and making it more beautiful and vibrant.
  • STAY AWAY FROM SKIN DIET. Using moisturizer and other oil-free products has been mistakenly addressed as a contributor to breakouts and oily skin. Thus, making your skin dry will fuel up the oil glands to manufacture extra oil to replace the loss oil on your skin. Whereas, maintaining your skin with moisturizer will let it keep glow and healthy. You can use a serum which is rich in omega -3, 6 and nine before applying moisturizer. The omega fatty nutrients will protect and provide hydration in each layer of the skin resulting in radiant and fair looking skin. For best results, you may also try this anti-blemish product KEEVA TEA TREE OIL ACNE TREATMENT CREAM. It can moisturize your skin naturally.
  • ALLOW GOOD BACTERIA ON YOUR SKIN. According to a study from American Academy of Dermatology, it stated that using probiotics product on your skin will improve and could supplement skin texture. When stress hormone releases in different parts of the body then inflammation may occur. According to research, the skin should be exposed to good bacteria by using probiotics. Probiotics will line the gut, preventing inflammation that may trigger stress acne.
  • NOURISHED YOUR SKIN. A proper diet is vital to everyone. And only some of us knows how it affects our skin complexion. It is best to eat those green leafy vegetables, fruits, and food rich in Vitamins A, E, C and fiber which are all essential in the skin. It is also advisable to avoid food which is processed because it can trigger inflammation and swell on your skin. If you want to eat your snacks, it is reasonable to munch which is rich in protein, vitamins B6 and B12, zinc and biotin that reduces the oil production.
  • SLEEP PROPERLY. Another reason why you are experiencing stress acne is that you are not sleeping enough time. A person should sleep at least seven to eight hours every night. But if you’re studying, you may need more hours of sleep.
  • AVOID ALCOHOL, CAFFEINE, AND SUGAR. We usually drink a cup of coffee if we lack energy. Or if you want to relax for a while, you want to grab a bottle of beer. However, consuming such as alcohol,caffeine, and sugar will automatically make your stress level goes up leaving your face such sickening pimples. It does not mean you need to stop drinking coffee or alcohol. It’s just a matter of reducing the amount of it. Instead of drinking two cups of coffee every day, do it as once a day. Or if you’re drinking alcohol every night then make it once every weekend.
  • START A TREATMENT. Treating your acne does not mean you need to spend that much. By just merely visiting your doctor and asking for advice and recommendation from them will help the problem. There are cases in stress acne that you need right prescriptions from licensed practitioners. In addition to your physician’s advice, a lot of users have been using an excellent product such as KEEVA CLARIFYING ACNE FACE WASH, which prevents and treat breakouts as soon as possible.
  • DAILY EXERCISE AND WORKOUTS. Another critical thing in coping up stress is to engage yourself in regular workouts. It was demonstrated and proven that exercise is one of the dominant ways to combat stress, depression, and anxiety. Visiting the gym is not necessarily perform this but at least five times a week for thirty to one hour may give you a vast improvement not just to your health but also to your mental problem.
  • NEVER TOUCH YOUR FACE. Acne is due to bacterial infection. It is a bad idea to touch your face and feels the pimples and bumpy zits on your face. The more you touch the affected area, the more you increase bacterial infection. It is an easy solution, but it is ignored. Make sure you wash your hands properly. And when applying face cream make sure that your hands are clean and dry.




As we know acne is very common to mostly about 85% of people experience the skin problem. Acne breakouts are challenging to treat and sometimes become so frustrating as time goes by. Conventional treatment is known to be fast and effective in treating acne; however it is always associated with side effects such as dryness and skin irritation.


Some people prefer to used natural ways of treating acne. And some of those natural remedies are proven with the help of science. I have listed two of the best natural ingredient in addressing your skin problem.


  • GREEN TEA. Green tea is not just right for your health, but as well it works well on your skin if it’s applied directly. It contains tannins and flavonoids which fight inflammation and bacteria that can cause acne breakouts. It has antioxidant which reduces oil production that can cause P.acnes bacteria to live. It shows in the study that most of the people using green tea directly to their skin have a lesser output of oil in the skin. Here are the ways to use green tea on your face:
    • Step the green tea for 4 minutes in a boiling water
    • Let the green tea cool down
    • Apply the green tea using a cotton ball directly to your face
    • Leave the application for ten minutes
    • Rinse your face with water.
    • Do the application process twice every day to get a better result.


  • ALOE VERA. Aloe vera is a typical plant that produces gel on the leaf stalk. It is popular to kill bacteria on your skin when applied directly. It also reduces inflammation and let wounds heal faster. Aloe vera plant can treat a variety of skin problems such as burns, irritation, cuts, and psoriasis. A study has shown that aloe vera contains salicylic acid which is a primary medicine for acne. It can also help clear acne because of the tretinoin content which is known to have vitamin A that is good for the skin. Here are the ways to follow in using aloe vera:
    • Remove the gel inside its leaves using a spoon
    • Massage the aloe vera gel on your face. You can also mix it with other facial creams to see best results.
    • Repeat the process twice daily or as you desired.


Let’s face the reality that stress in life is always there. Evidence tells that stress, and other difficulties in life can help us grow and become a better person. While stress is always there, make sure to follow the above tips to avoid acne breakouts.



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