How to Get Rid of Bacne


If your age is between that of 11 to 30 years old, there is a very high chance for you to be a victim of a skin disorder. Acne vulgaris, or more commonly known by most people as acne, is a long-term skin disease that results in the inflammation of your skin pores.


Skin pores produce an oily substance called sebum. Sebum, along with dead skin cells amalgamates that then causes a blockage in the skin pores and attracts bacteria, which leads to the formation of acne.


Being one of the most common types of skin diseases, anybody can get acne, regardless of age and race. However, some people are more likely to acquire the said skin disease than others, depending on their current situation.


Although acne is more frequently seen around a person’s facial area, acne may also develop across other parts and areas of the body. These areas might be less evident than that of facial acne because of most of these areas, like the chest and back, are covered most of the time.


Having acne around the back area or “bacne” is a clear indication that that kind of acne is already severe. To get rid of back acne is probably the most apparent move to make, but knowing its background should be done first to understand further what to do.


Different Types of Acne


Acne is a general term for the blemishes that is seen on the face. It is one form of skin disorder that has many types  Here is a quick look at the types of acne that could appear and form right at your back and other areas of the body:


  • Whiteheads -: The formation of whiteheads usually occurs around the facial area, specifically the nose. But unfortunately, whiteheads still have a possibility of appearing on your back. Whiteheads are usually formed because of dead skin cells and oil clogging up your skin pores. Also known as closed comedones, whiteheads typically appear as s white bump underneath your skin


  • Blackheads-: Similar to whiteheads, blackheads are also comedones. They are, however, called open comedones. Blackheads also form due to the clogging of skin pores with excess oils and dead skin cells. Blackheads also are more likely to appear at the facial area, but still, have a chance of forming on your back.


  • Papules: Papules all generally appear as small pink or red bumps on the skin. These are likely the ones that appear on your back. They are very sensitive to touch and are likely to cause pain if not handled carefully. Squeezing papules could worsen the affected pore’s condition by increasing the inflammation and possibly leaving scars. Clogged hair follicles also form papules.


  • Nodules: A nodule is considered as a worse version of a papule. Nodules usually form deep beneath the outer layer of skin, and typically feel hard when touched. Nodules appear as bumps that are inflated, and the pain it causes grows when they begin to swell in the surrounding areas.


  • Pustules: The appearance of a pustule is best described as a red or pink colored bump that is filled with pus that is usually yellow or white in appearance. This kind of acne is considered as the itchiest of the lot and is prone to leaving dark spots on your skin.


  • Cysts: Having a cyst on your back is probably one of the worst kinds of acne to acquire, given the fact that cysts are one of the most painful skin diseases to have. Cysts are filled with pus and have an appearance similar to that of a boil. Cystic back acne will more than likely result in scarring, so it is best advised to take dermatological assistance.


Main Causes of Back Acne


After knowing the different types of acne that could appear on your back, it is clear that the clogging of hair follicles often causes them. Some circumstances occur before the clogging of your skin pores, and here are few examples of these causes:



–         Dehydration is the state your body experiences when it has a very low amount of liquid intake. This condition causes your body to experience dizziness, weakened movements, and the thing that would most likely cause acne, dry skin.


The dryness of your skin will increase the number of dead skin cells that you have, and dead skin cells result in a higher chance of acne formation. These dead skin cells tend to mix with an oily substance called sebum.


Sebum is produced by your skin through secretion and rapidly increases when you are dehydrated for it to lubricate your skin. With the increase of dead skin cell count and excess sebum, the appearance of acne could be inevitable.



–          Sebum production is mainly caused by a hormone that starts producing during a person’s early teen years. This is the main reason why people in their adolescence are more likely to acquire acne.

The said hormone that causes sebum production is known as testosterone. For this reason, according to most studies, men are more prone to having acne than women because testosterone production is higher when you’re male.


However, women are still capable of producing testosterone. In fact, pregnant women also get acne because of the rapid hormonal activities that they experience during pregnancy.


Irritating Clothing

–          Your clothes are another possible reasons for the appearance of back acne. The material of your clothing could be irritating to your skin, causing it to react or inflame.


Uncomfortable clothing may lead to a person to scratch and damage the skin, hence causing damage to the skin. Sweat could also build up between your back and your clothing, which is another way for acne to form.


Air Pollution

–         The air present around you is full of various substances that could affect your skin. Especially air that contains chemicals, smog, and toxins. These harmful pollution substances also can clog your pores and cause acne flares.


How to Get Rid of Your Back Acne


Now that you have proper knowledge about everything that you need to know about acne, from its definition, variations, causes, and effects, it’s about time to discuss the ways to prevent and treat back acne.



  • Observe Proper Personal Hygiene


–         Having proper hygiene is a very obvious must. Since early childhood, personal hygiene and cleanliness are already taught. Still, people disregard their hygiene. Especially in the back area, where it is tough to clean.  Sure, acne is a common skin condition, and most people are likely to get it, but just a little consistency with your hygiene could significantly reduce your chances of obtaining back acne.


  • Remember to Hydrate


–         As mentioned earlier, dehydration causes acne in two ways, by increasing dead skin cells and sebum production. The solution to dehydration is self-evident and easy, rehydrate. Always make sure to keep your water or liquid intake in mind to avoid dehydration.


  • Use Clean and Breathable Clothes


–         Your clothes likely make the most contact with your skin, especially your back. Which means that is very necessary for you to keep your clothes clean and breathable. Some clothes use materials that are very skin-friendly and breathable, which lessens irritation and sweat to build up on your back.


  • Consult Your Dermatologist


–         Having acne on your back indicates that your acne could already be severe. The best way to a fast back acne treatment is through a consultation with your dermatologist for you to hear directly from a professional what you should and should not do.

There are other ways, however, to get rid of your bacne, if you want to be budget-friendly. There are home remedies that you could try, and these options include:


  •       Apple Cider Vinegar
  •       Tea Tree Oil
  •       Honey
  •       Turmeric
  •       Aloe Vera



The Effects of Having Back Acne


Acne has different kinds of effects, and it often varies depending on the kind of personality a person has. Lifestyle, social life, hobbies, and other aspects of life are all factors that could determine how having acne could affect a person


Acne May Cause Depression

Having acne may be overwhelming for someone, especially chest acne, which is a more serious and severe case. The negativity that this kind of acne could cause will likely be from a person’s dissatisfaction with his/her self-image.


Your Social Life Could Become Affected

Unfortunately, in today’s age, a lot of people put the great importance on someone’s appearance. People nowadays are quick to judge depending on a person’s appearance; in terms of beauty, fashion and social status. Although back acne is often hidden because of clothing, it could still have an impact or effect in a an individual’s social life and self-esteem.


The Physical Pain It May Cause

Having inflamed pores all over your back could be very harsh, irritating, and painful. Simple contact with the acne could easily cause pain, depending on the type of the acne that is present. Severe cases of acne also tend to form scars if not handled with proper care.


Acne, in general, is tough to live with. It is annoying and gets to the point that it is very tiring to treat. To put it into best terms, back acne is unpleasant. It not only impacts the way an individual looks, it also affects the perception of a person to one’s self.


To make matters worse, back acne forms on a spot which brings discomfort and that is difficult to treat. But with these simple solutions, back acne problems can surely be eliminated..



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