How to Get Rid of Back and Chest Acne?


If you think that acne can only be found in the face then you are wrong, acne can be seen anywhere even in the body. Other than face there are also two parts of the body that acne is also commonly formed and it’s in the back part which is also known as bacne and the chest area. Just like in the face, body acne has no exemption no matter what age or gender you have. But the question you may ask is facial acne and body acne is the same?

The answer is yes, the types of acne that can be found in the face are also the same acne that forms in your body and here are the types of acne that you might see in your body.


Types of acne in the body

  1. Papules – are a type of acne that is usually pink in color; they are tiny bumps that somehow swell. It is the earliest type of acne.
  2. Pustules – is somehow larger the papules and appears to be red in color. It has the presence of pus that causes by the bacteria.
  3. Nodule – is a much larger in size than pustules and its really bright red in color. The inflammation is much worst and the cause is beyond the surface of the skin.
  4. Cyst – is a type of acne that has a large size among all types and usually associated with pain. Its color is hot red and very painful to touch. These types of acne damage the skin deeper than nodule and require the help of a dermatologist to treat.

Just like facial acne, back or chest acne can be caused and triggered by some factors.


Factors that cause back and chest acne are the following:

  • Genetic – is always a factor when it comes to different disease just like having a acne it can also cause of your blood DNA that runs through the blood that you inherit to other members of your family.
  • Hygiene – is also a big factor when it comes to body acne; especially if you are using a product that is non-comedogenic it will affect your body that may cause acne. Other than that other hair product that we use can also cause irritation in the skin that can cause acne after.
  • Unhealthy diet – can also cause acne even in the chest or back. Too many calories or dairy intake can cause acne since this type of food can aggravate the skin condition within.
  • Hormones – hormonal imbalance is a common cause of acne in the face or body. Unbalance numbers of hormone or changes in it can cause acne.
  • Medication intake – is also a factor that can cause acne in the body. Medication for an antidepressant is the most known medication that can cause acne.
  • Body sweat – is also a big factor when it comes to back or chest acne. Since sweat can cause friction in the body, it can heat up the skin because of the sweating clothes plus it can also trap the bacteria inside the body that can go inside the pores and result to acne.
  • Dirty Clothes, bag, pillow or bed sheets – are also a factor that can cause body acne especially if the dirty things you used to have a bacteria on it, it can transfer to your body that may result to acne.


After knowing the factors that can cause acne in the body, you may want to know how to get rid of the unwanted body acne. Just like treating your acne in the face it may also require patient, money, and motivation to treat one. But did you know that they are much easier to treat than facial acne? How do to it?


Treatment for back and chest acne


  • Acne fighting soap – uses a product that has an ingredient of benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or retinoid with it. It helps kill the acne in your body and wash away the bacteria while taking a bath.
  • Use an oil-free lotion and non-greasy product for the body – use a product that has is non-comedogenic. It will help in fighting your acne and prevent one. It also helps in hydrating your skin to prevent dryness that may cause body back or chest acne.
  • Oral antibiotic – is also required and needed if the type of your acne is cystic and simple acne soap can treat it. Consult your dermatologist for the antibiotic prescription. Never take an antibiotic without your doctor advice.
  • Topical creams or gel – can also use as a treatment for your body acne. Apply it directly to the affected area of the chest or back to help to dry the acne and reduce its inflammation. Ask for a topical cream in the pharmacy store near you.
  • Use a tretinoin cream – besides tropical gel or cream. Ask your doctor for a tretinoin cream prescription to help you treat your chest or back acne. It helps in treating the severe type of acne in your body by placing it directly in the affected area.
  • Change your lifestyle – sometimes no matter how hard we try to cure the acne in our body it does not work at all. Then maybe you are living your life wrong and abusing your body. In able to treat acne you also need to set some goals partner with your medication, through that you will see that the body acne the make you feel embarrassed will fade away in no time. Make sure to eat healthy food like vegetables and fruits and drink plenty of water to flush away the toxin in the body. Also, make sure to have at least 8 hours of sleep daily to restore your body health.
  • Use apple cider vinegar – some of the natural product can be used as an anti-acne solution just like apple cider as a toner and applied directly in the skin to dry out the acne in the body. Mix the apple cider vinegar with water. It helps in reducing the swelling and act as acne bacteria in the body.
  • Epsom salt – can be also used as a treatment to get rid your body acne. Place it in the water that you will use before taking a bath for about 15 minutes. It can help kill the bacteria and reduce the inflammation in your body.
  • Apply tea tree oil in the chest or back acne – since tea tree oils have a natural antibacterial property, applying it directly to the skin can cure or treat your chest or back acne. It dries up faster the infected acne in your body and gets rid of it in no time.
  • Prevent sun exposure – back acne is very common during summertime, because of the heat that can cause sweating in the body that can block the pore and may result in acne. Preventing yourself under the sun can help you prevent the body acne from coming. Also, try using a body sunscreen protection that says oil-free to prevent aging because of the sun that can also cause body acne.
  • Take a bath after exercise – once you hit the gym or workout make sure to take a bath after 30 minutes to wash away the bacteria and avoid the blockage of sweat in the pores of your body.
  • Avoid tight clothes – wear something comfortable and loose clothes to avoid the friction of the sweat to the skin. It can prevent the body acne to form your shirt is loose since the air can go through it and the bacteria can be a trap inside.
  • Skin Exfoliating – is required once or twice a week to remove all the dead skin cell that can block the pores in the body.
  • Keep your hair up – having a long hair is also prone in having back acne, during hot weather make sure to tighten your hair up, or during the time you’re working out make sure to use ponytails to prevent the bacteria from your hair to transfer and spread at your back.
  • Wash off your hair conditioner properly – some hair product has a high scented chemical that is bad for the skin in the chest or back. It can cause body acne especially if you do not wash it properly. Since hair conditioner is much thicker in texture it can go through our chest or back skin and block the pores in it that can cause acne.
  • Changing your bed sheet once a week – is a must remember that dirty bed sheet can cause acne because of the presence of the bacteria in the lives on it. It can irritate and aggravate the skin that can cause chest and back acne. Make it a habit to change it as frequently as possible to avoid transfer of bacteria to your skin that can go into your pores.
  • Use hypoallergenic laundry detergent – use a detergent powder that is hypoallergenic and safe for the skin. Look for a product that is unscented to prevent high chemicals that can irritate the skin that can cause acne.


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