How to get rid of acne scars on back


Usually, back acne happens when skin on the back breaks out with clogged pores and pimples which may result into deep and serious breakouts that lead to back acne scars.


The back acne scars are usually the “leftovers” of acute inflammatory and sore acne. When the pimples gets deep into the skin, they leave the skin tissue harmed.


The back area is more inclined to skin break out since it has a lot of sebaceous organs that create excessive sweat and oil, which blocks the pores and hair follicles, the result?  The development of microbes and increased the acne breakouts.

Having back acne scars is an issue that everyone doesn’t want to display with and typically, they didn’t want to pay attention to it.


Since acne is the most common skin problem for some men and women, especially in some adolescents that has sensitive skin, this is not usually appears in the facial area and yet the most painful place which acne develop is in the back zone.


When the acne turns into deep and severe, this may leave you a stubborn scar that you may even choose to avoid wearing any backless dresses for some women and avoiding activities that required to takes off their shirt for some men.


However, even the most deep and awful acne scars can also be healed and gone forever, like the trace of your scars left behind  on your knees, cuts, and scratches in your childhood days.


And yet there are a lot of people suffering from back acne scars; however, the medication does not need to be costly or painful. Making your own remedy in your home is the best option and yet it does not even going to break your budget!


Back Acne Scars


Back acne scar is not quite similar to the scars that fly up all over your body. Since breakouts on your back are caused by indistinguishable things like dirt and oil- that block your pores which may result in developing acne.


Actually, there are 60% of people suffer the ill effects of customary acne that also a sufferer of back, chest and shoulder acne.


However, avoiding back acne scars is not the same as avoiding acne scars on your face. Considering that it is less touchy than your facial skin, you can treat it somewhat more forcefully.


For instance, you can use strong exfoliators and tougher body washes to keep your pores clear. That way, your chances of creating back acne scars will go down a bit.


Indeed, back acne scars can be somewhat hard to treat than scars on the face. Since back acne has a tendency to be ended with bigger, cystic flaws – which are more excruciating and more prone to leave huge scars.


However, it can be lost completely, if you know how to treat them in the first place. There are things you can do that will make you feel sufficiently sure to go shirtless on the shoreline and wear a strapless dress to your next formal occasion.


Treating your Back Acne Scars!


The usual areas where acne can be found are on the facial and back area. Though, pimples and small lump of acne can even clears up, however, it will leave you scars in your affected area of your body which are normally a source of embarrassment and low-confidence for some people ,yet, we should be thankful because nowadays it can be a treatable to totally remove this on your back!  

Natural Remedies


Natural remedies is the most safest and yet economical treatment you can try at your home!


Aloe Vera


Including vitamins to your daily routine will help to blur acne scars on back, so, as opposed to taking vitamins supplement you can use Aloe Vera to dispose of back acne scars. Aloe Vera is an excellent provider of vitamin and also a natural moisturizing cream.


To dispose of acne scars on back use Aloe Vera, take a bit of one leaf, peel off the back to uncover the gel and tenderly back rub the gel into your skin. For the ideal result, leave the gel for around 30 minutes before you wash it off.


Coconut Oil


It is one of the natural remedies you can try at your home. It contains natural oil, and medicinal properties which can blur the acne scars on your back.


To use this, scoop a 4 teaspoon of coconut oil into your palms and back rub specifically onto your skin.


This will works best when it dissolves to body heat, once you done applying the coconut oil on the scars, don’t wash it off as this contains natural unsaturated fats and vitamins that keep on helping dispose of back acne scars!




Cucumber is great ingredients that can dispose of acne scars on the back; it has vitamins and magnesium which are incredible for restoration of the skin.


To shows a better effect, cut the natural cucumber into thin cuts and apply the cuts over the acne scars on the back. Leave it on the skin for around 30 minutes and after that wash off with cold water.




Lemon will not only help you to remove back acne scars yet it can also support and regenerate the skin.


Using lemon, squeeze the lemon sap to a bowl, apply the lemon in a particular area of your back that has acne scars. If you have delicate skin, reduce the amount of lemon juice with water then apply on your affected area. This strategy will dispose of back acne scars rapidly, then, wash off your back after the blend has totally dried. However, keep in mind that, while using the lemon mix, it is recommendable to avoid direct sunlight!


Tomato Pulp


This organic product is an acidic in nature and it fills in as a lightening agent. Tomato can enable to dispose of acne scars on the back effectively and normally without side effects.


To make a solution for back acne scars using tomato, slice a tomato and wipe 1/2 of the tomato to the skin where the scars are located.


Leave the tomato mash on for about 15 minutes; at that point wash it off. Tomato mash can be excessively acidic, making it impossible to put all over, however it can be useful in treating acne scars particularly if you experience the ill effects of slick skin.




Oatmeal is not also good for the body, it is also do the same in your skin. Oatmeal can expel those disgusting acne scars on your back.


The Oats has a characteristic ability to take up dirt and pollutions and also to scrub the skin softly. Peeling with oats doesn’t remove the moisture from your skin yet it revitalizes the normal moistures in there.


In this procedure, it gets rids of the dead skin cells that make your skin soft and fades away the acne scars on your back.


In using oatmeal as a treatment: 1 cup of plain oats, with no additional fixing

2 cups of hot water • Include oats to heated water and blend it well.


After a few minutes, the oats will get broke up in the water and you will get a texture like glue.  Mix it again and use the back of your spoon to get even better glue.


Apply this on your back acne.  Leave it for around 10-15 minutes. Then wash off with tepid water.

Therapeutic Solutions


A therapeutic solution is another technique which is a successful way to dispose of back acne scars.


Putting a retinol cream on acne scars will peels your skin and help stop breakouts on different parts of the body.


Using a collagen infusion. This which let the back acne scars to mix and shape an even look, another restorative deal that is also effective in removing acne scars on the back is dermabrasion – it is a surgical treatment that reduces the deceased skin cells and enable new skin cells to develop as the scars starts to blur.


Medicinal items like body wash or retinol cream can also be use to dispose of acne scars. However, in case these medical solutions didn’t work to remove the acne scars, try to visit for skin dermatologist who will prescribe the most ideal way to dispose back acne scars.


The Takeaway


Although back acne is a common skin problem, treating them is quite a bit difficult since you can’t apply some solutions on your own.


However, when your acne is deep and severe, this can leave you very disgusting acne scars. But don’t feel sorry for yourself! There are a lot of helpful home and medical solutions for you to try.


Since the above list of home remedies are effective to treat acne scars in the back, some people might this solution can work effectively, but others maybe not. Why? Since every one of our bodies is extraordinary and they acknowledge things in an unexpected way.


Some of the time it will be your premonition which will reveal to you what cures might good for you to treat back acne scars and some different circumstances you must need to explore about the different avenues regarding at least one of these home and medical solutions for back acne scars to locate the one that will get you free of those terrible scars to your back!


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