How To Get Rid of Acne On Arms?


Do you have those red bumps located in your arms and that won’t go away no matter how you treat it with moisturizers? It can occur any time of the year, especially when weather transition happens like winter to spring.


Switching your thick jackets to light sweaters or tops that are skin baring. But according to many experts not all tiny red bumps are caused by those kind of clothes.


It is said that body acne can usually appears on the arms on the upper part of it. And most often this condition is triggered by keratosis pilaris, that characterized as tiny and rough red bumps.


Although, these tiny red bumps that occurs in your arms are not risky in your health but it can be disgusting to someone especially to women who always want to wear sleeveless tops and dresses during summertime when the weather’s too hot.




According Ariel Naggler who is a dermatologist from New York City, keratosis pilaris is caused by the clogged dead skin in the follicles. This is very common and usually found out on the upper arms and legs in the body.


Another, study from American Academy of Dermatologist that keratosis pilaris occurs during the age of two and mostly in teenage years. Though Keratosis pilaris is not harmful to the health but this appears that this condition run in the blood. Those people who have eczema or atopic dermatitis are most likely to develop this kind of red bumps. This is known as lifetime skin condition.


Another reason that need to consider is because of the kind of food you eat. It has great influence though there’s no scientific proof about this theory but still you need to be watchful enough to any food you take in your body. Some ingredients and nutrients may affect to your body causing some hormonal changes resulting to this kind of skin problem.


Other things that may cause  acne on arms:


    • You have a dry skin. Pimples on arm are known to be the cause of having a dry skin. This is because when we wash our body, we sometimes forget or neglect the upper part and even the lower part of the arms. We don’t mind applying cleanser and moisturizer on those parts of the arm. So those dead skin may collect and block the hair follicles and that results tiny bumps or pimples.
    • Due to sweating. Whether due to the hot weather or because of the exercise, sweating is the normal way to make yourself cool down. The moment a person will sweat, the pores present on the skin will open and prone to debris, dirt and bacteria will surely invade. These factors can mainly be the reason for pimples and can irritate any existing red bumps on the arms.


  • Due to sebaceous glands. It is said that the level of sebaceous glands found in the rams and neck are higher compare to those any part of the body.These gland will produce an oily matter that greases skin and follicles. Those excess oils may block the pores and the formation of pimple start.


    • Due to skin friction. When the skin is rubbed by clothes or fabrics and the scratches of tight clothing on your skin may result to the formation of pimples.
    • Due to androgen and estrogen.The increase of level of androgen for males may result to the formation of pimples. And on the other hand, for females the hormone fluctuations during the menstrual period may also result to pimples. Another study said that those women who are using birth control may also affect the outbreaks of acne.


  • Due to allergens. Our body is very sensitive and that there are times that it will react to soaps or body wash and even to the kind of laundry soaps you used. These will surely trigger acne outbreaks.





Nowadays, there are commercial treatments available to many stores around the world to help treat acne on arms. These commercial treatments may help you remove your skin problem. But because of the toxic chemicals present on the products, this may help or worsen the case. It may interest you to get rid your pimples naturally, I have listed some of the natural remedies that you can try at the comfort of your home to help you treat properly the acne on your arms.



  • EXFOLIATION. It is known that skin exfoliation will help you obtain a healthy glowing skin. You can create your own solution for skin exfoliation. You may try mixing at least 1 tablespoon each of the following then try adding 2 tablespoon of yogurt.


      • Honey
      • Sugar
      • Cornstarch

You just need to massage it on your arms and even on your face then leave for ten minutes.Then you can rinse it with cold water properly.It may help your pores to close and for better result you can add moisturizer to have an oil-free face.

    • APPLY SEA SALT. Applying a half cup of sea salt with hot water on your arms will eventually eliminate the formation of pimples.You may leave it for ten minutes then you’re good to go.


  • APPLY HONEY, SALT AND OAT. These are the common natural moisturizers available that can surely moisturize and soften your skin. Prepare 3 tbsp of oats, 2 tbsp. of honey and salt. Then add water into it to make a paste. Through this mixtures, properly scrub and massage it on your arms . Then rinse it properly with water for 15 minutes. For best results you may do this application at least 3 times a week.


    • APPLY GREEN OR PINK CLAY. Gooey clay which is very popular to the children can be so helpful in treating acne on your arms. Just add water to at least 3 tbsp or any pink or green clay to make a paste. Apply the clay for few minutes then remove. You may do this application for twice a week. This can surely remove oiliness and dryness if you do it often.


  • APPLY COMFREY. Comfrey is a kind of plant that can help treat acne on arms. It has an effective ingredients like allantoin and rosmarinic acid that may treat the tissue in the skin and fight inflammation. It is best to simmer fresh comfrey leaves for at least 2 minutes. Apply the leaves on the affected arms for twice daily.
  • APPLY CALENDULA.Calendula is a plant like marigold. It is good for fighting inflammation because of its petals. In order for you to prepare this application, just melt an emulsifying wax for at least 150 grams. Then add glycerin for 70 grams,water for 80 ml. And a calendula petals for 30 grams, it best to use dried ones. Simmer for 10 minutes then stir until it it becomes sticky. You may apply the mixture on the affected areas for twice daily.
  • APPLY TOOTHPASTE. One of the easiest remedy in treating acne on arms and is known to be available at any times in your house is using the toothpaste. You may leave it for 10 minutes and rinse it with warm water. Always, remember to only use toothpaste that has only low fluoride to avoid drying of the skin.



Acne on arms can bring discomfort to anyone. Upper arms usually forgotten until hot weather comes along and we tend to sue short sleeve tops and dresses. Acne is very rampant and can be a lifetime problem to anyone that you don’t want to ignore as just simple wound.


Though we can’t control the internal cause of these acne on arms because it is about hormonal changes. But at least there are natural home remedies present out there that can be used to at least help you ease the affected areas.




If there’s no improvement of tiny red bumps for 3 weeks, then it is best to visit your dermatologist that can give you proper advice  on how to treat those bumps. You may also make exfoliating creams and use it as moisturizing cream for the moment. You may use a creative sponge and use it to gently massage on your skin.It is best advice to apply it in circular motions to remove those dead skin.It is good to maintain the application process for you to achieve the desired result.




Acne is said to be an inflammatory skin problem in any parts of the body. This is always associated with psychological morbidity. This case can really affect young adult in their physical and mental aspects. There are also acne occurs during late adulthood and that this case is very common nowadays. It is advisable to undergo such person to any therapy treatment to lessen the problem.


Lastly, acne scars can be present in face and even on arms. The treatment for acne on arms is just the same with the face. In this purpose, there are list mentioned above for you to follow such remedy to lessen  the problem and to help you cope up with the situation.


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