How To Get Rid Of Acne Cyst?


Acne is a skin condition which cause trouble and that it usually affects commonly to teenagers and even adults. There are different kinds of acne which occurs in a different part of the human body. However, if acne appears on your face, it can be frustrating and irritating because it affects one’s self-confidence.


Cystic acne is hard to manage since it appears as large and painful on your skin. This article will talk about some of the home remedies that are helpful in quickly getting rid of acne cyst.


What is Acne Cyst?


What one of the reason acne develops on your skin is when some dead skin clogs on your pores. Another reason is that bacteria are accumulated on the pores, making the affected area gets red and painful.


Acne cyst develops for those reasons, is just that it becomes infected making it big red bumps on your skin plus the itchy and painful you may feel. If the acne cyst burst then the infection may spread causing breakouts on your face.


Acne cyst occurs at any age of your life. There were instances when a ten-year-old boy experienced the same skin condition as that of a forty-year-old woman. However, it mostly occurs during the 20’s of your life. Acne cyst develops on your face, neck, chest, shoulders and even back or upper arms. Most men acquire acne cyst compared to women.


Cause of Acne Cyst


For many years, it is not identified as to what is the cause of recurring acne cyst. But it has been proven that hormones such as androgen can be responsible for this problem. It is where the hormonal increases during teenage years and that lead to changes in your skin.


Women may experience hormonal changes during their menstrual period, pregnancy, and menopausal. Another condition is known as polycystic ovary which can also cause hormonal issues.


An acne cyst comes from genetics. Parents who have a problem with acne cyst can also develop the skin condition. Unhealthy lifestyle is also considered as one of the reasons why acne cyst develops on your skin. The lack of sleep and lack of any physical, activities may trigger the condition. It is also the same with stress where your body releases such toxic making the skin condition worst.


Natural Remedies That Will Help You In Treating Acne Cyst


As mentioned, an acne cyst is challenging to treat, and most of the severe cases need to be consulted with a medical expert. However, there are natural and simple home remedy that can heal the acne cyst properly if followed regularly. These are practical ways which have no side effects.




White from the eggs is a powerful remedy in treating acne cyst. It contains a beneficial effect on the skin because of the riboflavin content. Riboflavin is a kind of compound that is rich in protein which your skin needed.


Make sure to use only fre3sh eggs. Separate the yolk and white carefully then place the egg white in a bowl. Apply the egg white on the face by forming a thick layer then leave it for ten minutes.


Clean your face with lukewarm water and apply your usual facial cream daily. It is best to follow this method during the evening before going to bed.




Aloe vera gel is one of the well known natural treatment for your acne cyst. Aloe vera has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial content which can quickly heal swelling and reduce redness on your skin. It is also an organic moisturizer that can make your skin smooth and soft.


Use fresh aloe vera leaves. Cut the leaves and take out the gel from the blade. Slowly scrub on the most affected area. Leave the application for how many minutes then rinse your face correctly.


You can also drink an aloe vera juice to get better results. Our body needs a healthy diet to avoid such skin condition.


HONEY. Honey is used in flu and cold. It is a healthier sugar source to sweeten tea. Aside from this reason, honey is also right is treating acne cyst because of its natural content.


It has antiviral and antiseptic properties, which can eliminate bacteria that can cause acne. It can be a moisturizer to make your skin look young and healthy. Make sure that you only used pure natural honey. It is recommended buying from the local farmers in your area. Just apply the honey on the affected area and leave for at least fifteen minutes. Wash your face with lukewarm water then make the application twice a day.




One of the popular home remedies for treating acne cyst is baking soda. It is an essential ingredient in the kitchen; it does a lot to your skin. It can kill bacteria present on your skin that can cause acne cyst. Just prepare at least one tbsp of baking soda and then add a little amount of water into it.


Mix it correctly to achieve a thick paste then put some amount or pinch of salt. Slowly apply on the affected area and then leave at least half an hour on the face. Wash it properly with lukewarm water then pat it dry with a towel. You can also apply a facial cream to see best results.



A typical potato is as powerful as treating your acne cyst. Naturally, it is capable of absorbing impurities on your skin. It has an anti-inflammatory quality that can quickly reduce the redness and pain caused by the acne cyst.


Just peel a potato then blend properly to get the desired paste texture. Apply on your face and let it stay for ten minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water then follow this method at least twice daily. Potatoes can dry up your skin quickly so make sure to apply a moisturizer on your skin after the process.




Tea tree oil is best to treat acne cyst. It is a good idea to use this kind of natural lubricant for your skin. It is useful to disinfect your skin without making it dry. It can moisturize and make your skin smooth and reduce redness and pain.


Make sure to mix the tea tree oil on the water. Use one tbsp of tea tree oil can be enough for your application process. Slowly massage the mixture on your skin most affected area. Leave it for ten minutes then rinse properly with lukewarm water.




Toothpaste is one of the most important in your dental hygiene. And yet this product can help in treating your acne cyst. It can be surprising, but this product is considered the most potent tool to fight back an acne cyst.


The main ingredient of toothpaste is fluoride. Fluoride can help eliminate bacteria that can cause acne on your skin. To apply using this product, you need a small amount of toothpaste then do the spot treatment on the affected area. Leave the application for twenty minutes and let it dry.


Rinse it with cold water, then repeat the process twice. Make sure only to use toothpaste with white color to avoid irritation. Do this method not more than four times a week.




One of the cheapest methods in treating acne cyst is steaming. However, it is not just affordable but also useful in helping you manage acne cysts. Steam allows you to open your pores on your skin so that dirt will come out. This method is not just healing your acne but can make your skin clean and healthy. Put the hot water in a bowl. Cover your face or head using any cloth then lean on the bowl for you to absorb the stem from the hot water. Stay for at least ten minutes then slowly keep your skin dry with a clean towel. You can do this application at least three times a week, and you should see improvements in your skin.




Coconut oil is an excellent home remedy in your skin condition.It has a beautiful moisturizing ability that allows your skin to keep away from dryness. It has an antibacterial quality that can fight bacteria that can cause the problem.


You need to apply the oil on your skin especially on the affected areas. Slowly rub the oil on your skin. Massage carefully for few minutes then let it dry using a towel. You don’t need to worry about using coconut oil since it has no side effects on the skin. You can use this method any time of the week since coconut oil is very safe to use.




Simple routine mentioned above should be followed regularly and be patient. Never experiment nay medication or remedy on your skin condition. An acne cyst is challenging to treat, but if you follow advice and recommendations from your doctor plus you have your consistent methods to track, then you will be amazed at the result.


You can check your lifestyle when it comes to food. Acne can be acquired through the food you eat and vices like smoking and too much drinking of alcohol. Make sure only to eat food with low glycemic content. Cut down too much dairy products intake. However, you can consume them with a reasonable amount.


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