How To Cure Acne Using Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple Cider Vinegar is known to be a cure for most skin problems. Let’s see how effective ACV can be.

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What does ACV exactly do?

First of all, ACV contains Malic and Lactic Acids that stimulate exfoliation or the removal of dead skin cells to replace it with newer and better skin.This is why ACV has been known to be a very effective cure of acne, age spots, pimples, warts, and even sunburn. It can also balance your skin tone by restoring the protective acid mantle of your skin.

Yes, our skin is naturally acidic and it has a very thin layer of oil that protects it from unwanted bacteria and other substances. The problem is that this acid mantle washes off when we wash our face with different kinds of products. ACV is a very helpful ingredient that restores this acid mantle and removes the dirt, oil and bacteria build up on our skin.


How do you apply it?


It is very easy to apply but you actually need to dilute or add the water to the ACV so that it doesn’t burn your skin. Just mix 1 part of ACV with 3 parts of water then use cotton or a clean cloth to apply it on affected skin. Leave it on for 5 to 20 seconds then rinse it off. You can also use your finger in applying it but make sure your hands are sanitized. People who often use ACV do this twice a day but for starters, I suggest that you only do this once.


If your skin can tolerate it, you can definitely leave it overnight. It’s important to see first if your skin can adjust to it. Please do remember that you cannot apply the SACV on your skin but diluted ACV or the one mixed with water. If however, you have sensitive skin, you can only use ACV every night. Remember how ACV exfoliates the skin? Well, exfoliation makes the skin more sensitive to UV rays. So if you want, only if you want to use ACV but have sensitive skin, might as well just apply it during the night.

How long will it take to show off it effectivity?


Upon comparing different researches. I have found out that the result of using ACV may show off depending on the amount that you have applied. For example, if you apply diluted ACV for 10 minutes, thrice a day, then the results will show off in less than 3 months. It doesn’t mean that the acnes will still be there within the three months but that it will be completely gone in three months. So the bottom line is that ACV will take time to exfoliate that unwanted substance on your skin but the results will become very satisfying.

Where could you usually buy ACV?


It is very reassuring that ACV is very affordable. It’s very common home remedy so it’s not so hard to find. Of course, ACV can be bought in a mall or a local grocery store. It may already ven be in your kitchen by now. So you might as well give this a try before you go and spend on a very expensive treatment.


Could there be any disadvantages of using ACV?


There could be few disadvantages of using though. One is its smell. Most people call its smell stinky feet or stinky socks. Well, naturally because it’s vinegar, right? Even the cotton balls you threw in the trashcan may cause a really bad smell encircling your bathroom. As you are going to apply this daily, you will eventually get used to it. But if you really can’t tolerate the smell, then there is still a solution. You can apply some tea to get rid of the funky smell or you could use your finger to apply it. This way, it can reduce the cotton balls in the trash. The smell also reduce when it dries so don’t you worry.


ACV can also burn if applied to skin in high concentrations. That is why it is important to remember that you need to dilute ACV or add water to it. You can dilute ACV depending on how much you can tolerate it. So if you have sensitive skin you must really dilute it enough so that it won’t cause pain and irritation on your skin. People with sensitive skin usually mix 1 part of ACV with 10 parts of water. But if you start feeling irritation, then add more water.


You must also remember to not apply ACV on open wounds or it will be extremely and agonizingly painful. If this happens, immediately rinse it with water. If you also feel the burning sensation, pain or irritation, then dilute the ACV more. There might also be concerning symptoms of an allergic reaction like a fast heartbeat, difficulty in breathing or dizziness. If you start experiencing these symptoms then stop using the ACV for your own good.


There may also only be a few researches on ACV’S effect on skin. Yet, the results and effects have shown good promise. A lot of people have also been using ACV for a long time and most of them come with 100% good results. So there hasn’t been much human study for SAVC but people already have proven its good results.


How does it cure the skin problems?


Well, it is understandable that most skin problems are caused by dirt. The dirt in your skin/face will eventually build up since we don’t think it’s dirty because we don’t see it. The dirt build up will lead to acne, pimples, warts and different kinds of skin irritation. Then it will also invite different kinds of bacteria that will start munching on the nutrients of your skin thus preventing you from keeping it beautiful and healthy.


So here are the usual skin problems that ACV can cure:

  • Acne – this is the skin problem of most teenegares nowadays cause by diffrent kinds of cosmetics which is likely the cause of dirt build up on their faces. ASCV can help by removing excess makeup that hasn’t been removed by simple wash on the face. Use the regular mixture 1 part ACV and 3 part water on acnes. This can also prevent further damage and dirt buildup on skin by restoring the acid mantle.
  • Age/dark spots – exposure to the sun increases the melanin in our skin thus making it darker. Aside from this, other factors like ageing, stress, pregnancy and vitamin deficiencies can also contribute to these. tHe dark patches are usually called age/dark spots that are mainly seen in exposed skin areas like face neck, back, shoulder, hands and legs. This is not health issue, yes, but it is a concern in the aspect of beauty. Well of course ACV can help with evening your skin tone restoring the skin’s natural color to fade those dark spots away. Again, dilute the ACV then apply it on the spots. Massage it gently for a few minutes then rinse it off with water. Also do this once every day until spots are no more.
  • Warts – since this is a really serious skin problem the it needs to come up with an even bigger solution,. In this case, it meant increasing the concentration of ACV. Usually it’s 2 parts of apple cider and 1 part of water. Then soak the cotton ball in the mixture and apply it directly on top of the wart. Cover it then with duct tape or bandage and leave it overnight. Do this until the wart falls off. There is also another method. It is to submerge the affected area on a bucket filled with diluted ACV 15 minutes a day then rinse it off with water. You may also need to try more methods before finding the right one.
  • Sunburn – here’s a catch! Remember when I said that ACV can help your skin heal? Well, there’s no wonder why it helps on sunburns too. Talk about good timing. It’s summer and most of us need help with our sunburns. You just need to make the same mixture of ACV with water then apply or spray it on the burns and leave it overnight. ACV mixed with lavender oil and aloe vera can also help. Another method is to mix a teaspoon of baking soda and water with ACV then add a few drops of peppermint oil. This will give you a cool and relaxing effect that will ease the pain from sunburns. Apply the mixture on the sunburns and risen it off with water after 5-10 minutes.




So you see? ACV can work wonders on your skin. It’s affordable, easy to apply and very effective. This is a known folk remedy that has contributed a lot to society by helping people with different kinds of skin problems. I just hope that more scientist will expand their research on ACV. Let’s also hope that more people will be aware of the relief that SCV can give them of their skin problems.


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