How to Combat Forehead Acne and Fight Oily Skin?

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Forehead acne and oily skin are two common skin problems that affect everyone at some point in their lives. Oily skin and forehead acne have interrelated relationship.

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Acne breakout is a common skin problem everyone gets to experience all over the world. Both teens and adults experience the disgusting acne breakouts.

Acne, by definition are greasy properties from the sebaceous glands. They are mixed with bacteria, most commonly known as propionibacterium acnes in the tiny pores in our skin known as the clogged hair follicles which will either be a whitehead or a blackhead which would then develop to swollen inflammation called acne.


Oily Skin

Oily skin is technically known as Seborrhea is due to excess oil that the skin produces. One of the most common causes of oily skin is the hormone we call androgen. It indicates the maturation of the sebaceous gland in the skin that increases secretion of oily substances. This leads to the formation of Acne.


Also, oily skin and the growth of acne are supported by some other factors to wit:

  • Poor hygiene – As we are exposed to the sun, along with the pollution contaminating the air, we sometimes forget to wash and clean our faces upon reaching home. This is just one of the examples of having poor hygiene.


  • Food intake – Greasy and sweet foods can also increase oil production and worsen acne breakouts.


  • Stress – Stress doesn’t really cause acne but it could trigger a breakout as the body release cortisol and androgens, hormones that makes the skin secrete more oil than the usual which would generate acne.


But what originally cause them are these two reasons:

  • Hormonal changes – Acne generally develops during teenage years as puberty causes hormonal changes and create a rise in production of testosterone which yields a large amount of sebum that causes oily skin and thus a huge possibility of acne breakouts.


  • Hereditary dynamics – This does not mean that acne is a genetic disease, it simply implies that the child could inherit the type of skin his or her parents have. As we could already observe, there are people whose face and even shoulders are bombarded with acnes and there are some who live to never experience one. That didn’t really rely on what they apply, but on their skin types as some people have oily skin and some have dry ones.

As stated above, forehead acne and oily skin have a significant relationship with each other. The forehead is a part of our face’s T-zone where oil is mostly observed and thus it makes it more prone for acne breakout. Moreover, as stated above, oily skin increases the possibility of acne breakout, it would then simply mean that being able to prevent oily skin might as well prevent the production of acne.

The following are some of the things that we must observe to prevent oily skin and acne.


Change your Environment

The things around us, without us noticing, might be the ones that ignite the production of oil in the skin and the possibility of acne.


  • Change your pillowcase.

We might not notice it but, while sleeping, your pillow cases carry dirt and sweat that carry bacteria that could trigger oily skin as well as clogging the pores, developing acne. That’s why you should start considering to change your pillowcases once a week.


  • Clean your phone.

We all put our phones anywhere and that would then give the chance for bacteria to swarm around it. As us, not being able to see this as a possibility would then stick the phone screens on our faces for a long chattering conversation with our crushes for example. This event, like the pillow case issue above could then lead to oily skin and acne. To prevent this from happening, we should clean our phones with anti-bacterial wipes.


  • Moving your hands away.

Above all else, our hands are one of the dirtiest parts of our body as we use it to hold something out, clean the garden, kitchen and well, our comfort rooms. What these examples are pointing out is the fact that our hands are undeniably full of bacteria and we, unable to recognize its threat, mindlessly wipe it all over our face.


  • What bangs could possibly do.

Hairsprays for bangs could activate oil production and develop forehead acne and thus being aware of it and wiping the hair spray with a cleansing wipe would be the best action to do.


Becoming an informed Oil and Acne-free Citizen


  • Using less actually using more.

Using too many products may make your skin worse as it may irritate and may develop inflammation instead.


  • Don’t pop them.

Acnes are hard to resist, most of us would love to pop the oils out but that will never help. Instead, it will leave a free and open pore that would lead to creating worse acne problems.


  • Don’t over-wash your face.

Even if it feels oily after washing your face, put astringent instead.


  • Exfoliate.

Removing dead layers of skin cells that blocks pores will make the skin look healthy and glowing than oily, and doing this would also prevent acne.


  • Clean makeup off.

Makeups when not properly removed can cause oily skin and acne breakouts, so, be responsible to clean them all.


  • Know what to use.

There are many beauty products all around the world and it would be critical to know what are the essential ingredients or products that you must use to address your skin problem. An example would be Benzoyl peroxide which is the most common and one of the most used products for fighting oily skin and acne.


  • Go to sleep.

Staying awake every night is never good for the skin. Sleeping late causes the hormones and stress levels rise which produces oil and leads to acne breakouts.


  • Be gentle.

Scrubbing hard may remove your acne but it would, most of the time make your skin condition worse and even cause irritation and inflammation.


  • Be consistent.

It is everybody’s common problem. We are all good at the start. We clean carefully and maintain our skin in good condition but as time passes by, we sometimes lack the effort up until we’d really stop taking care of it unless acnes and oily skin show up again. That’s not a good practice. Learn to be consistent.


The list above are just simple tips that if not applied, may cause huge negative impacts and so may we be aware and responsible enough to take care of our skin.

Dealing with forehead acne and oily skin may take up more effort than what we may expect but it will later on, absolutely show your hard works’ results. To help you start, here are steps to do on an anti-oily and acne prone skin morning routine.


Step 1

Using Oil Based Cleanser: Although it’s oil based, it’s not an excuse not to clog our pores. We use the oil cleanser with our dry hands to our dry skin and rinse afterwards. Make sure to wash away all oil from your face then proceed to step 2.


Step 2

Using Foaming cleanser: These cleansers wash away all impurities gathered overnight. It is advised to use a clean canvas as it absorbs all products with less obstacles of entry. By using our hands, we spread the cleansing in our wet face into circular motion and rinse afterwards removing all residue of the cleanser.


Step 3

Using Exfoliator: This product removes dry and dead skin cells on the skin and encourages new cell production. To use it, with your hands, gently massage it all over your face and rinse it afterwards. It is suggested that we should use it in just 1-3 times a week.


Step 4

Using a Toner: Its primary use is to balance the skin’s PH level. We use it with a cotton swab and spread it to your face. Give it some time to absorb before moving on to the next step.


Step 5

Using moisturizers: Moisturizers don’t just hydrate the skin but they also seal the moisture in. Massage it into your face and let the skin absorb it and you can then apply sunscreen if you want to.

These steps may seem to be many and time consuming but these steps guarantee a good result. For those who prefer homemade ingredients, here’s a list for you:

  • The use of honey. Due to its antiseptic and antibacterial abilities, it is then perfect for oily and acne prone skins.
  • Acids in tomatoes are common homemade remedy as they contribute in absorbing excess oil and unclogged pores.
  • Oatmeal helps absorb excess oil, exfoliate and calm inflamed skin.
  • Grounding almonds and applying it to the skin takes up all excess oils and impurities.
  • Aloe Vera has good scientific evidence that treats oily skin and prevents acne breakouts.

Practicing normal skin care would greatly contribute to the combat of forehead acne and oily skin. Remember that there will never be an easy way for success and so does in clearing the face.


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