How to clear up acne scar


After winning the difficult battle with acne, here comes the evidence of wars or also called acne scar.

Acne scar is the marking left after clearing your acne. The word scar is not used for temporary marks but it is a permanent textural change in the face or other parts of the bodies.

Scars are formed when acne breakout penetrates in the skin deeply and damage the facial tissues.


Causes of acne scar

Acne scar is the finished product of inflamed pimple-like papule, pustules, nodule or cyst. Inflammation happens when pores are clogged due to excessive production of sebum and dead skin cell trapped in the hair follicle or the canal that connects the pores to oil glands.

The bacteria started to grow inside it that causes swelling. If the inflamed lesion rupture near the skin surface the scar is minor and leave minimally marked that can heal in a short time. But ruptured pimples that deeper or beneath the skin becomes infected and destroy the healthy tissue and damage everything, will now become acne scar in the face.

Dark mark and acne scar are different let us know first the different before treating them.

Dark marks or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation – is commonly mistaken as acne scar but acne marks only leave a light or dark pigmented mark on the skin that can be gone in time. They have not inflamed after all and fade in a matter of days or weeks. Dark mark or also called dark spot is not a scar at all.

Acne scar – run beneath the layer of the skin and damage the healthy tissue that breaks down the structures of the skin left looking like holes in the face.

While dark spot can be healed by itself with the help of whitening skin product. Acne scar in the other part is permanent and it needs money, time, effort and patience to finally reduce the damage. Before we proceed on how to clear acne scar. Let’s know first the type of acne scar. Most of us thought that scar has no type and look all alike but we will now know the difference of their types. Acne scar is divided into class the Depress and Raised.


Depress scar or also called atrophic – are composed of scar that commonly seen the facial area. Depress scar can be shallow or deeper. They form when there is not enough collagen to support the damaged tissue caused by the rupture inflamed pimple. Here are its types:

  • Boxcar acne scars – are a type of depressed scar, common type, wide and U- shaped with sharp edges. They can be shallow or deep. Shallow can be treated since the damage is only almost on the surface of the skin, while the deep need for intensive treatment.
  • Rolling acne scar – are wide type of depressed scar that has round shape and edges sometimes irregular looking like rolling shape.

Ice pick acne scar – is a narrow type of scar that in V-shaped it can go deeper into the skin. They are in oval shape. These type of scar is the hardest to treat because of the damage it creates in the tissue that extends far more underneath.

Mixed acne scar – is the most common form of acne scarring. it is the combination of acne and scar together.

Red acne scar – is a type of depress scar that commonly seen on the cheeks and forehead areas with the presence of red color. They occur in the early stage of acne scarring.

Hypertrophic or raised scar – are common be seen in the chest or back part of the body. They are also called keloid scar. They appear to be raised and obvious.


Treatment for acne scar

These are divided into two methods the medical and natural ways. The medical way can cost money but proven to be effective depending on the procedure and the type of acne scar you have.

Here is a list of the option you can choose for:

Laser Treatment –  there are two types of laser treatment in the ablative and non-ablative.

The ablative procedure includes removal of a thin layer of skin wound surgery is involved.

Non-ablative procedure has laser stimulation involve it helps in collagen growth and tighten the underlying skin, it is less invasive but less effective than ablative procedure when it comes to deeper tissue.

Fillers – Hyaluronic filler injection is the best treatment for the atrophic scar. Treatment said to be effective with immediate result. The treatment is repeated after 6 months of interval and the frequency reduce are two years of procedure.

Intralesional corticosteroids – are injected into the scar, also best for the atrophic type of scar. Several injections required and sometimes combined with a vascular laser.

Radiofrequency – a noninvasive procedure of scar remodeling, this treatment is best in early acne scar, the procedure used skin needling that delivers higher energy underneath the skin.

Chemical Peeling or TCA – this method used a high percentage of TCA 50-100, this type of procedure is safe but painful, prevention in sun exposure is needed, it peels and exfoliates the dead skin cell.2 to 3 times of treatment is needed

Surgical Removal – is the performed by a dermatologist and the procedure that require steroid injection, silicone sheets to flatten the scar and anesthesia. Divided into three types

Skin needling – is effective in treating acne scar pen held device and deliver the needle underneath the skin into the dermal layer. It breakdowns scar tissue and stimulate the production of collagen.

The vascular laser is the treatment for eliminating spider vein, proven effective in treating early red scar as well. It reduces and stimulates the collagen production.

Dermabrasion – is a laser treatment, the invasive procedure for deeper acne scar. It exfoliates and removes the outer layer of the scar.


Not everyone can afford the medical procedure, and not everyone is a fan of laser and surgery. But if you are still looking for a way to remove or clear your acne scar safer and much affordable then a natural way is recommended for you. Here are the lists you can try

Turmeric powder – turmeric powder is known for antibacterial properties, it helps in reducing inflammation and rich in antioxidant that can help in the process of acne scar.

How to do: Mix turmeric powder with water until becoming paste; apply directly in the affected area of the face.

Raw Honey – helps in smoothing the texture of the face and reduces the acne scars and leave your face soft and moisturized.

How to do: Apply the raw honey directly in the face and gently massage then leave it for 10 minutes then wash with cold water.

Egg white – Eggs help tighten the pores and prevent breakouts it helps lighten the face and reduce acne scar

How to do: remove the white egg from the yolk, use cotton balls and apply it directly to the affected part leave for overnight.

Aloe vera – can heal the wound and burn it also helps in reducing the inflammation of acne and improved acne scar.

How to do it: Apply aloe vera gel directly in the affected areas, leave it for 30 minutes then rinse

Lemon – is an antibacterial agent that helps in fighting the bacteria and whiten skin, it can also be used for acne scar.

How to use: apply it directly all over the face leave for 20 minutes then wash it with water.

Tea tree oil – is one of the famous essential oil in fighting acne because of its antibacterial properties; it can also help in clearing acne scar

How to do it: mixed it with your facial wash and leave it for 10 to 15minutes then rinse do this every night

Baking soda – helps remove the dead skin cell and renew your skin

How to do it: a Mixed baking soda with water until becoming a paste, apply it directly in the affected part of your face for 10 minutes then rinse it, do this one a week for the best result.


Final thoughts

Acne scar is the result of a popped pimple that causes damage underneath the layer of our skin, it is a permanent damage and non-irreversible meaning once you have it, and it is hard to remove.  

Ways and methods may help but it will not be 100% the same from before. For the instant result, the surgical procedure has a higher chance of clearing your acne scar but it may cost you time and especially money for it is expensive.

While the natural method has a lower chance of reducing your acne scar instantly but it may also help but it may take a really long time. Exfoliation is one of the keys in clearing your acne scar, eating food that rich in collagen-like salmon, citrus fruit or vegetable can also help you in clearing acne scar.

Drink collagen vitamins twice a day can also help you in building the damaged structure in the tissue.

It will help in the elasticity of the tissue. Acne scar may last with us for a really long time but with the help of this method you can now try and see result whether in day, weeks, months or year.

Never stop trying, there’s no harm in it and maybe soon we can achieve the skin we always wanted.


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