How To Avoid Scalp Acne: Causes and Treatments


Acne may certainly appear on your scalp and when it appears on the surface of your Beautiful face and other areas of your body. This frustrating situation can bother young and old.

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Just like other areas of our body, sebum “oil” is secreted  to the scalp surface as pores is present in the scalp. Whenever a bacteria exist on your scalp and associates with sebum and dead skin cells, your scalp skin pores will be blocked, which cause an occurrence of acne.


There are many reasons and involving factors that contribute to causing acne on our scalp which includes hormonal changes which occurs during adolescence and women during menstruation, allergic reaction, unhealthy diet, humidity conditions, poor hygiene, usage or exposure of certain oils and chemicals, mechanical proxies such as habitual scratching your scalp or wearing tight headgear, and unprecedented pollutions. Moreover, stress, depression, and certain fatigue may also lead to this problem.


Even though scalp acne cannot be perceptible or easily visible as your hair mostly covers the scalp, it can cause inconvenience and pain as well as is very difficult to care your hair. In fact, combing or brushing your hair may become a very painful thing do.

People from different walks of life may be suffering from acne other symptoms which concludes this skin disorder is itching and inflammation. Negligence and disregarding this problem can cause folliculitis which is a hair follicle infection due to bacteria which is known as staphylococcus bacteria.


Having scalp acne has tendency to be more tender and painful than acne on the other parts of your body which usually disappears itself within a week or more. Oftentimes it can be hard or difficult to treat this scalp acne as your hair is growing where acne bacteria resides in the scalp rather than acne elsewhere.


In order to eliminate this unpleasant and exasperating condition, you must take care of your hair the right way. You can follow some easy steps, remedies  and natural tips which can aid you in treating your scalp acne.


If your suffering with scalp acne pain or doesn’t show any sign of healing, you visit your nearest dermatologist to properly diagnose and treat this skin disorder.


Here are the top 10 effective scalp acne treatment guidelines and tips. Nevertheless, it is only for natural assistance and not aimed to give medical advice or therapeutic claim.




  1. The powerful Turmeric and Coconut Virgin Oil


-Turmeric is an exceptional and best natural component which is helpful in treating acne on your scalp. Turmeric contains a content called curcumin, having strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant elements. Moreover, it has the capacity to prevent the growth of acne bacteria as well as even diminishes scalp pain and stops acne scars. In doing the procedure, just mix half a teaspoon of turmeric powder with ½ teaspoon of coconut virgin oil to get a thick gluey paste.


Then apply it evenly this gluey paste on your affected scalp areas where acne appears. Wait for about one hour and wash your scalp off with the regular shampoo and rinse properly. Repeat this once per day to get speedy treatment. In addition, as an option you may also take some of 450-mg curcumin tablet for 2 times per day. Remember to consult your personal doctor for an advice before taking any supplement regimen.


  1. The powerful Aloe Vera and Lemon


-Using Aloe Vera is another common scalp acne treatment. In fact, it can eliminate bacteria that cause the acne problem. Aloe Vera reduces inflammation, stimulate the healing process, and present certain infections. It also benefits in maintaining the pH balance of your scalp. In applying the aloe vera, just thoroughly combine the aloe Vera gel a 1/2 teaspoon with a juice of half a lemon. Then you smear this mixture on your damp hair. Remember to focus or apply on your affected area where acne is present. Wait for about 30 minutes and rinse off with water. You’d better do this procedure once a day for a few days or you may basically slice an aloe Vera leaf and extract its gel. Then apply this pure gel directly on your affected scalp where acne is present do this twice per day during a week.


  1. The Powerful Tomato Juice


-The known delicious Tomato is rich in salicylic acid, which is very effective to treat and heal any kind of acne especially in the scalp. Besides, the salicylic acid content in tomato also helps in drying up the acne. Tomatoes also reduce the sebum production, one of the reasons for scalp acne and help to maintain a healthy pH level on your scalp. Apply fresh tomato juice on your scalp. After that, wait for about ten minutes and then rinse your scalp with tepid water. Do this scalp acne treatment for once daily for several days.


  1. The Powerful Garlic


-The most common kitchen or cooking ingredient that helps in treating scalp acne efficiently is garlic. A garlic contains high antioxidant and antibacterial contents that help in treating acne breakouts on your scalp caused by bacterial infections. Garlic may even pacify and soothe certain inflammation, it decreases the pain, and fasten up the healing process. To apply this home remedy, you need to boil four to six peeled cloves of garlic in three cups of clean water for five minutes. After doing so, cover and let it cool down for few minutes. Remove these garlic cloves and use the garlic water to wash your hair within the affected scalp area. Wait for about ten minutes and rinse it with clean water. You should repeat this routines for once daily.


  1. The Powerful Scalp Hygiene


-Nothing will ever compare the method of taking care of your hair & scalp properly. Primarily, wash your hair thoroughly to prevent the accumulation of oily deposit or residue on the scalp by using a medicated and light shampoo which having salicylic acid for fighting acne and preventing imminent acne. Remember to keep your brushes or combs, curlers and clips always clean by regularly rinsing or washing them with soapy and clean water. Making sure also that you wash your towels and headgear. If the type of a person that head sweats a lot, you should rinse your scalp and hair every night with plain water.


Every time you wash your hair, remember to massage gently and evenly your scalp for a few minutes. Through this it will loosen up the sweat debris and dirt as well as encouraging circulation. In treating scalp acne, refrain using greasy hair fashioning and styling products such as wax, hair gel and spray. These products may cause or blocked pores. Person having oily hair had better limit in using conditioner because conditioner will only aggravate this problem. Remember to avoid using conditioner for a few weeks to help in clearing up and preventing acne occurrences. If you use a conditioner, use it on the end of your hair only and avoid applying it on the roots or scalp itself.


  1. The Powerful Betel Leaves and Castor Oil


-the leaves of betel is known as a scalp acne treatment. The Betel leaves possessed antiseptic and antimicrobial components, which aids in treating, healing and preventing scalp acne. There are various remedies in applying this natural remedy:


  1.   Grind fresh betel leaves until they form a fine paste. Then you apply this gluey paste directly to the affected area where the scalp acne resides. Wait for about thirty minutes and use calm or cool water to rinse it off properly. Keep repeating method this for two or three times each day.
  2.    Take a warm betel leaf and a tiny or little castor oil. Then spread the castor oil to the betel leaf and place it directly on the affected area before resting or going to bed. By the next day, rinse and wash your hair and be reminded to do this once daily.
  3. The Powerful Honey and Cinnamon


-Pure and authentic honey contains antibacterial and antioxidant substances which collectively benefit you prevent the growth of bacteria causing scalp acne. Additionally, it is also beneficial in minimizing the pain and redness. There are several ways using one of these natural remedy as a scalp acne treatment.


  1.  First option, try to dab a little honey on your affected scalp area where the acne resides. Wait for ten minutes and use warm water to rinse off.

Do this process twice every day for a few days to get the best results.

  1.    Second option, try to combine one teaspoon of cinnamon well with two tablespoons of honey. Then you use your fingers to rub evenly it on your scalp. Wait for about 20 minutes and use tepid water to wash it off. Try this remedy once every day.
  2. The Powerful Neem Leaves and Coconut Oil

-Have you heard about Neem? It is usually known as Indian lilac, this is highly beneficial in healing different kinds of acne. It has a content of antibiotic and antiseptic components, which benefits you in drying out acne fast. Further, it is also beneficial for easing extreme pain, inflammation, and skin itching. Various remedies in applying this natural remedy are;

  1.   To do so, try to boil one handful of these leaves mix with two cups of water and wait for about ten minutes. Afterwards, remove the leaves and mince and crush them into a fine gluey paste. Then, apply this scalp acne treatment gluey paste directly on your scalp and prioritize more on the affected scalp area where the acne took place. Try to wait for about 30 minutes and use the boiled neem water to wash it off.
  2.    Prepare neem oil with at least 5 drops and with one teaspoon extra-virgin coconut oil. Afterwards, try to mix them well and use this mixture to gently and evenly massage your scalp and leave that for an overnight. In the next morning, you rinse your scalp and hair with a gentle and medicated shampoo.
  3. The Powerful Apple Cider Vinegar

This is one of the powerful scalp acne treatment you should try is the Apple cider vinegar which helps in fighting scalp acne. The found antiseptic and antibacterial properties content in this vinegar will help to remove the oil and hair follicles of bacteria causing scalp acne. Moreover, it also benefits in restoring the pH balance of your scalp to keep further breakouts. In applying this, try to mix the apple cider vinegar and tepid water at an equal scale and ratio. Then try to use this solution to rinse your washed hair. Wait for five to seven minutes and rinse the hair again now with plain water. Repeat the process whenever you shampoo your hair or you may add one teaspoon of unfiltered and raw apple cider vinegar to a one glass of tepid water and drink it twice daily. Be reminded not to apply the undiluted apple cider vinegar on your hair because it may be too strong for the scalp to bear.

  1. The Powerful Tea Tree Oil


– This tea tree oil is a powerful tool for treating scalp acne as well as other related scalp issues. In fact, it is an antiseptic, which sterilizes and disinfects the pores and speedily dry out the acne. Moreover, it can eliminate the bacteria that cause the acne as well as decrease and diminish the itchiness and redness. Applying Tea Tree Oil can be done through this processes;

  1.   Try to mix five drops of this tea tree oil well with two or three tablespoons of coconut oil or olive oil. Then you massage evenly this oil combinations on your scalp and use water to rinse after waiting for one to two hours. Remember to repeat this scalp acne treatment routine once daily.
  2.    Second remedy is to simply add two or three drops of tea tree oil to the regular shampoo. Then, you use it to shampoo your hair daily. When doing this remedy, you have to make sure that you let the shampoo stay on your hair for a few minutes before rinsing it off or you simply put one to two drops of this tea tree oil to a wet cotton gauze or pad. Then you dab this swab softly on your affected scalp area. You allow it to stay aside for some couple of hours and use calm water to wash it off. Keep this and repeat it two time daily. Remember that some people can be allergic to tea tree oil, you’d better do a spot test for the first time whenever you use it.

There are other additional tips in treating acne. Try to apply a warm and humid compress or washcloth to the affected scalp area for several times in a day to discharge discomfort as well as help the acne drain. When you suffer from scalp acne avoid shaving your head because it will kindle the possibility of infection.

Try to avoid scratching or pressing the acne because it can decrease the healing process and may cause infection. Moreover, drinking detox beverages will help in cleansing your  toxins and body wastes which cause skin problems. Try to avoid eating oily, spicy, and deep-fried foods. Keep controlling and avoiding stress, because excessive stress may worsen your condition of scalp acne. Lastly, try to protect the head from directly exposing to the sunlight when you go out.

        Proper lifestyle and hygiene is the best way to avoid skin illnesses and disorders. Let’s keep our skin healthy!


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