Does Tea Tree Oil Help with Acne?


Many people that have trouble with acne use different kinds of products to treat it without even knowing what harm they can get. Over-the-counter products have higher contents of chemicals that may help or harm you. Knowing some information about this problem is a must or directly consulting your doctor is the best idea to cure it to avoid intensifying the sore spot.

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Have you ever undergone using a product for acne that turned out to be the worst nightmare of your life? Because instead of reducing the inflamed area, it irritates the sore spot and made it swell even more. That’s where product treatment can be harmful. Consuming them depends on one’s condition especially for those who already suffer from other skin diseases. That is why you need to be careful on choosing a product for your skin. Not all the chemical contents of those products are helpful. You have to consider other chances too. I’m not saying that those products are dangerous but it can really be one.

Acne may be in a form of pimple, whiteheads or blackheads etc. taking action to clear your skin is quite challenging but it is better to do something than leave it like that and just let it get worse. A lot of methodologies in curing acne have been told. Examples are by the use of cleansers, creams, lotions, and more. Those products contained anti-inflammation and antibacterial solutions but not safe enough to have no side effects. There are also recommended ways to treat acne scars such as injections, use of radiofrequency devices, peels and more. But among these popular methods of treating acne is a natural remedy and that is by using tea tree oil. Natural remedies are the best medical care you can get than the products over the counter. Because it does not have many chemical compounds in it. Let us know what this thing is and what it does.

Tea Tree Oil and Its Benefits

An in-demand product that has been the talk of many people in curing acne is by the usage of Tea tree oil. But what do we know about Tea tree oil? It is an important vaporous oil extracted from a plant from Australia called Melaleuca alternifolia. It is notorious for treating infections and has been a component of a lot of products today. It is light enough to instantly use to resolve skin indignation and infection. Tea tree oil has various kinds of chemical compositions that kill germ, ease skin problem and fights contamination. But it has so much to offer than you think. Experts have been studying this extract for a long time and they didn’t fail. They uncovered many usages of tea tree oil that might help us in our daily battle. Here are some benefits of tea tree oil that you might want to know.

Enhance dry scalp – researchers discovered that tea tree oil helps a common scalp problem like dandruff to recover. It is said to show 41% of betterment than the placebo group. Doctors also prove that this particular oil showed a great refinement in many patients’ exasperation and oiliness.

Fights different kinds of infections– various experiments have been made to prove that tea tree oil really manages to fight contamination. Luckily, those experiments have been paid off. The result is satisfying. Survey reveals that this oil can remove blemishes just by direct contact to the spot. The healing only took 12 days to completely disappear.

Helps get rid of lice– an experimental study confirmed that tea tree oil has an effect of killing some kind of insect-like lice. High amount of this substance mixed with other chemical called nerolidol kills a hundred percent of lice that has been left in your hair for about 30 minutes and eliminate eggs with constant medical care for at least 5 days.

Reduces bad breath– tea tree oil kills many kinds of germs and the microbe that develops from our mouth is not an exception. It eliminates the microbe situated at the behind our tongue, and throats. It can also ease a swelling gum or commonly heard as gingivitis with a tea tree oil gel.

Eradicate athlete’s foot– this carries antifungal belongings that help the odor of a smelly foot to disappear just by spreading an amount of tea tree oil cream to the infected region.

Household cleanser– a lot of moms recommend this as an ingredient for a home cleaner. It is proven potent to help remove dirt in every part of your house particularly your comfort room because of its antimicrobial properties.

Hand sanitizer– as we already know, tea tree oil has a number of antibacterial compounds, that’s why taking it as hand sanitizer is not that shocking. It increases the effectivity of other contents to kill viruses.

Psoriasis remover– many doctors believe that tea tree oil may help ease the indication of psoriasis such as burning, and exasperation because of its anti soreness element.

Eliminate molds in fruits and vegetables– bacteria can also be found in warm and wet area such as shower rooms, pool tiles and other sources of foot odor. Its antifungal element is believed to help lessen the expansion of molds in fruits and veggies.

Helps relieve acne– just by a touch of tea tree oil together with water straight to the sore spot once a day; you can ease the swelling and decrease acne in a given period of time. This oil will make its way to the skin to loosen up, clean the pore and finally eliminate the unwanted whiteheads, blackheads, and pimple for a soft and smoother skin.

Other Oil for Acne Aside from Tea Tree Oil

You might be wondering why of all remedies, I’ll be listing down oils. Well, that is because oils are squeezed out straight from fruit, flowers, leaf or root from trees and plants. A small amount of this oil coming from them can be so beneficial for us. Let us enlighten ourselves for other possible remedies. So here are some oils to consider.

Clary sage– there’s a bad bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus that’s been expanding and has proven to be one of the leading bacteria responsible for acne. Clary sage has the power to struggle bacteria causing trouble in our skin.

Lavender– is popular oil that has been helping many problems in our body and one of them is acne. It has antiseptic content that soothes breakouts through lowering down tension eases stress.

Juniper berry– this oil shows great benefits for our body that makes it important. It is found that this oil also has an antiseptic part that heals different kinds of skin diseases.

Oregano oil– may be known for its kitchen-friendly ability but it can offer more. The oil extracted from it has a good disinfectant quality. It helps a pimple disappear and makes the skin fairer. But wrong use of this oil may lead to skin exasperation.

Rosemary oil– I’ve been hearing a lot about this oil but didn’t get a chance to know it more. This oil has been used for cooking for a long time but according to some studies, rosemary oil nurtures the skin and makes the residue of oil less. It has anti-swelling content that controls acne breakouts.

Chamomile oil– has its own mission to eliminate pimples with the help of its anti-inflammatory compound. It also acts as an effective ingredient to clear acne scars.

Lemongrass oil– contains vitamin A and E that fight acne through wiping off dead skin cells and avoid blocking of pores. It also helps in reducing the visibility of acne scars and completely eradicate it by continues use of it.

Does Tea Tree Oil have Negative effects?

People are quite reckless sometimes. They can easily give in with just an advertisement they saw on TV, internet, and magazines just to be in on what is popular. Even in treatment products, they tend to be careless and just follow what they heard on other people instead of consulting a doctor. Often times because they don’t want to spend a big amount just for small acne. But you have to think twice my friend.Wrong usage of any chemical product may result in a much bigger problem than you think.

Did you know that an accidental drinking of this oil entails some risks to be careful for? A small amount may cause rashes, sleepiness, queasiness and stomach pain while a big amount of it may lead to vomiting, hallucinations, and worse, it may end to coma. To make it simple, tea tree oil is harmful if not properly used. You just wanted to get rid of your acne but you get worse than a small pimple, or a blackhead and other kinds of acne. That is why asking a doctor first is a great choice to start a mission of having a healthy skin.

Final Thought

Just like any other methods of treatment, application of these oils needs a careful hand. Every compound conflicts when meets its reciprocated self. Proper use of these oils really helps when used gradually. Stop carelessly following what your TV says and ask your doctor for much accurate information. Also, don’t be desperate enough to apply too much. It can only give you a higher chance of skin irritation or worse.

Take good care of your skin to avoid unwanted spots. Prevention is a lot better than cure. Be wise and avoid harmful products. A healthy lifestyle is a big factor in achieving a soft and clearer skin. Avoid stress that is the leading cause of acne and eat healthy food.

Limit yourself from touching things. Bacteria can be found everywhere and their mission is to hold on to someone who touches them. Make a habit of frequently washing your hands to avoid any sickness. These simple rules may be hard but treating acne can be a lot harder. Though other kind of it is inevitable such as hormonal acne, taking action is still a solution in it. Stop using cosmetic or at least lessen it to avoid irritation. Be more disciplined to yourself and have a healthy skin.


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