Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne

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Weed, grass, and pot… whatever you call it, but marijuana claims to have been around even before 1937. Nowadays it is very common, having medicinal uses as well. Nevertheless are there beauty impacts that come with smoking this? Research claims that smoking is not good for the skin. It has been claimed that one would need to smoke much to allow it to lead to a breakout.

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Nevertheless, this article is concerned whether smoking weed can cause acne. Continue reading on; it does not hurt knowing what marijuana may do to one’s skin as well as appearance.

A few theories claim to be present concerning how ingesting weed may aid in the formation of acne. Let us start by describing what acne is?


Acne, what exactly is this?

Acne claims to be a skin condition that is characterized by red pimples upon the skin, mainly on the face, because of inflamed or even infected sebaceous glands. Acne is mainly prevalent among adolescents, but adults also can get it.

It initiates when greasy secretions precisely from your skin’s sebaceous glands, i.e., oil glands plug those tiny openings precisely for hair follicles (i.e., plugged pores). When the openings are large, then the clogs will take the form of annoying blackheads, i.e., small, flat spots having dark centers.

When the openings are small, then the clogs will take, the form of precise whiteheads. These are small, flesh-colored type of bumps.

Both these kinds of plugged pores may have the ability to develop into swollen and tender inflammation or even pimples or also deeper lumps or nodules. Those nodules that are associated with severe acne tend to be firm swellings underneath the skin’s surface which become inflamed, tender, moreover sometimes infected.

Acne lesions tend to be most prevalent on the face; nevertheless, they can also happen upon one’s neck, chest, back, along with shoulders, plus upper arms. Acne does not only occur due to a bad diet, poor hygiene, or even an uncontrolled type of sex drive.

Hereditary factors, as well as hormones, also can cause acne.  The pimples along with bumps heal at a slow pace; moreover, when one starts to disappear, others may annoyingly appear.

Depending on acne’s severity, it may lead to emotional distress as well as scar the skin. Therefore it may be a better idea to visit the doctor or dermatologist to ask them to check your acne and treat this annoying acne.

Removal of Scars

Symptoms of acne

Acne signs, as well as symptoms, vary depending on the severity of one’s condition:

  • Whiteheads (these are closed plugged pores)
  • Blackheads (i.e., open plugged pores)
  • Small red, tender type of bumps (papules)
  • Pimples (pustules), these claim to be papules having pus present at their tips
  • Lumps that are large, solid and painful present underneath the surface of one’s skin (nodules)
  • Painful and pus-filled lumps underneath the skin’s surface (cystic lesions).

Let us now look at the connection between weed and acne.

THC within marijuana increases testosterone levels; this may lead to acne.

The most potent ingredient in cannabis, also called marijuana, claims to be tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). At the time that you smoke, vaporize or ingest it, an immediate increase in testosterone levels occurs.


As a result, the increased testosterone levels can lead to ones skins’ oil glands forming more sebum oil that can cause breakouts in individuals who are predisposed to acne.

Individuals who chronically employ marijuana can also have hair loss on the scalp or much hair growth occurring in other areas of their bodies because of this testosterone jump.

Nevertheless, some say that the testosterone increase that can be in the order of around 3 to 5 percent tends to be too marginal to lead to a flare-up of annoying acne or even unusual hair growth patterns.


These individuals claim that much weed would be needed to be consumed to lead to acne, something that is quite tough to pursue.

More stress

Does cannabis lead to you stressing out? For those who become stressed after ingesting THC, weed may be aiding in forming your acne. It has been claimed that cannabis can relive as well as cause anxiety or even stress. THC, when consumed in high doses, may be capable of causing anxiety along with stress for some people.

Researchers claim to have found a link between stress plus acne. Therefore, the weed that causes someone to become more stressed may also lead to the acne upon their skin.

What you eat

Packing within sugar-filled snacks when employing marijuana is something you need to be alert to. A link claims to be present among high-glycemic index foods plus acne. Individuals who get the munchies tend to be consuming more of those foods.

For those who forget how much and what they ate when high, weed may be indirectly contributing to their acne. Consuming sugar or some other food which quickly converts to sugar, increases insulin levels.

Healthy Diet

Are you eating pizza along with chips? Employing soda to cure your cotton mouth? One may be allowing their insulin levels to increase. A spike of insulin may result in inflammation occurring throughout the body.

Inflammation claims to send enzymes so as to break down of acne as well as elastin that hold the skin firm. It has been said that digested sugar can permanently attach to the collagen present in skin, leading one’s skin to go through glycation.

Glycation may cause existing acne to become worse.  Therefore can weed cause acne? This may not exactly be the case here. Nevertheless, it may influence one to do things which may lead to increased acne.

The smoke may let your skin age more quickly

Hydrocarbons can inhibit cells which are mainly accountable for making new collagen. Therefore allowing your skin to be exposed to marijuana smoke can let it age faster. The smoke coming from the pot can also make skin conditions worse like psoriasis as well as rosacea.

Nevertheless THC also claims to be anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant. Moreover, it possesses potential anti-aging properties. Despite the claim that THC may lead to an increase in testosterone levels, it claims to be also having a reputation precisely as an anti-inflammatory type of agent plus an antioxidant within the medical world.

Therefore while the actual smoke coming from marijuana can subdue collagen formation, some studies state that the THC possesses anti-aging properties (due to that antioxidant that neutralize the damaging impacts of precise free radical oxygen particles).

Despite this, it should be known that the delivery system tends to be critical. For those who are annoyingly set on employing marijuana may try employing a vaporizer. Some claim that marijuana smoke, as well as cigarette smoke, do not lead to the same exact type of carcinogenic effect.

It has also been claimed that we naturally possess THC receptors within the brain, this means that cannabinoids, i.e., the compounds in cannabis, are not new to our systems. These THC receptors may result in increased formation of neurotransmitters which let us feel better, for instance, serotonin.

Neuroscientists that have analyzed the connection among cannabis, as well as depressions, claims to have discovered that low doses specifically of THC are linked with a drop within depressive symptoms, too much can lead to the opposite effect.

Studies claim to have shown that cannabinoids may be employed topically to treat inflammatory skin diseases (nevertheless these studies claim to have been carried out in mice and not people).

Therefore if you have to smoke…

After weighing the pros as well as cons, and whether advised by your doctor, if you have to smoke marijuana, pick your method wisely.

Vaporizer claim to aid in avoiding the carcinogenic smoke arising from a marijuana cigarette. If you have to smoke it, make your skin as well protected as you can with employing a thick moisturizer.

Other things that may be causing your acne

Different things may impact our skin. There may be other causes of your acne. As stated above hereditary factors along with hormones also can cause acne. Four main factors claim to cause acne:

  • Oil production characterized as being excess
  • Hair follicles that are clogged with oil as well as dead skin cells
  • Bacteria
  • Much, i.e., excess activity of a kind of hormone (androgens).

Factors which may worsen acne

The below factors may trigger or even aggravate acne:

  • Hormones- Androgens claim to be hormones which increase in boys as well as girls during puberty moreover cause one’s sebaceous glands to enlarge as well as the form more sebum. Hormonal alterations connected with pregnancy along with the employment of oral contraceptives also may impact sebum formation. Moreover low levels of androgens circulate within the blood of women moreover can make acne worse.
  • Some medications- Examples encompass drugs having corticosteroids, testosterone or even lithium.
  • Your diet- Studies claim that some dietary factors, encompassing skim milk as well as carbohydrate-rich foods like bread, bagels plus chips, may worsen one’s acne. If you love chocolate, you may have been told by some people that it has been suspected of allowing acne to become worse.
  • Stress- This has also been stated above, i.e., stress may allow acne to become worse.Acne Treatments

Help with acne

If you have acne that keeps on appearing you may be wanting to find ways to reduce this. If you smoke weed reading from above this may or may not be what is causing your acne; some other factors may be causing it.

You can start by visiting the doctor or dermatologist to ask them to have a look at your acne and tell you possible treatments for this. There are others things you can do that may help with limiting acne.

  • Your face should be kept clean- Even if you do not have acne, you still should keep your face clean. Try and wash your face two times a day to get rid of impurities, dead skin cells, along with extra oil present upon your skin’s surface. It may not be a good idea to wash your face a lot even, washing one’s face more than two times a day may do more harm.

Employ water that is warm, not hot along with a mild type of facial cleanser. If you use soap that is harsh, this may hurt already inflamed skin leading to more irritation. Try not to scrub the skin harshly employing a washcloth, or even exfoliating glove, or a loofah, i.e., a coarse-textured sponge.


It is important to gently wash the face with a cloth that is very soft or with your hands. Rinse well and dry the face using a clean towel. Employ the washcloth only one time.

  • Moisturize- Most acne products claim to have ingredients which dry the skin, therefore always employ a moisturizer which limits dryness as well as skin peeling. Try and find “noncomedogenic” on the label. This means that it should not lead to acne. You can find moisturizers that are for oily, dry, or even combination type of skin.
  • Over-the-counter acne products- You can try one of these. These acne products do not have to have a prescription. Many of these claim to possess ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or even glycol acid and lactic acid that may curb bacteria moreover dry the skin.

These may lead to drying or even peeling, therefore, initiate with a little amount at the beginning. You can slowly adjust how much you employ as well as how often. For those who have skin characterized as being sensitive should employ these products with much caution.

  • Employ makeup sparingly- When you have a breakout, stay away from wearing foundation, powder, or even blush. For those who do wear makeup, they should wash this off before sleeping. Try and use oil-free cosmetics that do not have added dyes plus chemicals. Makeup labeled as “noncomedogenic” should be chosen.

Mixed philosophies are present when it comes to the positive as well as negative effects of marijuana upon the skin, therefore choose wisely. You also need to be concerned about your local laws when smoking weed.


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