Does scalp acne cause hair fall or does hair fall cause scalp acne


Everyone wants to feel satisfied with their hair. But how can we achieve it if there’s a lot of hair condition that can affect the strength of our hair?  

Having scalp acne is very irritating, however, unlike the facial and back acne; it is unnoticeable because it is covered by hair. Scalp Acne is connected with a different condition known as folliculitis. This folliculitis may influence the hair condition in the skin and which may result in irritation of the hair follicles. However, if the scalp acne turns into severe inflammation, this may result of hair loss and scarring in your skin. Once the scarring occurred, this may be difficult to get rid of to your skin.

We all know that Acne is a common skin problem. However, it doesn’t mean that this is also the cause of hair loss. Although it grows along the scalp, the injuries aren’t possible to harm enough the hair follicles which may end into baldness. However, if folliculitis appears, this may tend to destroy the hair follicles that may lead to constant hair loss in acute condition.


How does this folliculitis affect our scalp that may prompt to hair loss? Do we need to be alarmed at this type of skin condition?


Knowing what this folliculitis means is a great help to understand how these scary hair problems affect our lifestyle that may lead to lack of self-confidence.


What is Folliculitis?


Folliculitis is a common skin condition in which hair follicles become irritated because of the bacterial or fungal infection – which may result in hair loss.  This folliculitis can look like acne with small loops of inflammation which includes itching and soreness around the hair follicles.


This skin infection can spread and can be hard to treat easily, but, this condition isn’t risky, yet it can be irritated, painful and humiliating. However, if this skin problems turns into more serious scalp diseases, it can cause long-term baldness and scarring which needs proper medication!


Symptoms of Folliculitis


These are the following signs and symptoms of Folliculitis:


  • Bunches of small red bumps or white-headed pimples that buildup around the hair follicles
  • Blisters filled with pus
  • Irritating, inflamed skin
  • Excruciating, delicate skin
  • Huge or mass swollen bumps


Can Folliculitis can lead to Hair Loss?


While the hair follicles keep its hair fiber, the folliculitis starts to produce its effects. In this case, the hair follicles can’t able to work in helping a normal hair to develop.  However, this folliculitis can cause serious inflammation that may break the hair follicles. This will affect the production of hair in the scalp.


How to prevent Hair Folliculitis


For hair loss treatment in lesser scalp folliculitis: Use topical antibiotic ointment like the bacitracin and neomycin. If the bacterial infection is severe, it may require oral solution antibiotics for a fungal infection. Using anti-dandruff shampoos that have anti-fungal like ketoconazole can also help in treating folliculitis. It takes a few weeks to treat minor folliculitis. In some cases, folliculitis may get cured without treatment.


How to Avoid Hair Loss due to Hair Folliculitis


Each of us does not want to suffer from scalp folliculitis. However, these scalp problems can be inevitable. Practising skin hygiene is one of the ways to avoid this problems.


To relieve scalp folliculitis, try the following:


  • Stop using unclean hot tubs and even pools
  • For men, avoid sharing your razors
  • Avoid shaving too closely
  • Keep your skin hydrated


Since hair folliculitis is not totally infectious, this can be transmitted through skin to skin contact. Several people having the previous skin conditions like dermatitis or serious dry skin, or even the history of exposure can cause the higher risk of increasing folliculitis in the scalp. Some people can be more prone to folliculitis due to different factors: their immune system condition, general health condition, and previous skin conditions such as dry skin or eczema.


How to have Healthy Scalp Hair


If you want to have a healthy scalp hair, try using a topical hair serum. This does not only give your scalp a fresh and reviving feeling, but it also gives you a cooling and soothing effect.


A topical hair serum can promote healthy growth of your hair. It can also make your hair appear thicker.


Also, using a mild shampoo that scrubs the scalp with botanical extract is also important. This helps keep your scalp clean of any dirt, waste and sebum. However, if your scalp folliculitis hair loss becomes severe, seek a doctor’s advice.


Folliculitis Scalp Treatment


The skin plays a great role in our body. It protects us from the harmful effects due to sun exposure, and also, it can even help us to grow the hair naturally. However, this may also turns out into a terrible condition if we don’t treat it properly. Since there’s a better option to reduce this hair folliculitis, we should be focused on the treatment which is effective to our skin type. Below is the safe treatment for the hair folliculitis to free your skin from this skin issues!



  • Home Remedies



Use an antibacterial cleanser for hair folliculitis on the scalp, a warm bundle or washcloth over the affected area will help to lessen the pain and reduce the pimples. An over-the-counter antimicrobial ointment can be connected to infect the skin. To ease the irritated scalp, use hydrocortisone cream or an oats based moisturizer. However, a pack of white vinegar or some warm water and one tablespoon of white vinegar can also help to treat folliculitis.



  • Lifestyle Treatment



If you’re using hair brushes, towels and facecloths make sure you keep it clean and wash after each use. Keep in mind that this shouldn’t be shared to anyone. In case shaving is important for you, use electric shaver to cut off the scalp rather than to use a razor blade, and apply moisturizer to ease the dryness. Caps and dress ought to be hygienic after each wear.



  • Reducing the bubbles



If hair follicle turns out to be extremely tainted, bubbles or carbuncles may enclose. A bubble is an agonizing, swollen red bump, full of discharge. A group of bubbles is a carbuncle and causes deep infections. To reduce it, the doctor makes a small cut in the bubble or carbuncle and enables the discharge to drain. A sterile cloth cover allows leakage to go on.


Keep in mind that if you know how hair folliculitis starts from, this would be easier for you to treat it properly. In this way, you can identify which treatment you should use to remove this skin problems permanently so, you will be free from this awful skin condition!


How long does Folliculitis last?


Feeling irritated to folliculitis? This can’t be easily gone. However, this folliculitis can normally last just around 2 weeks if the case of folliculitis is minor.


If you have a more shocking case of this hair condition, it might take more time to clear up. But, the issue is that the side effects can turn out to be very difficult and frustrating.


Thus, some people would prefer not to clear it up by themselves. If you have folliculitis and it continues returning or causes a fever, you may need to call your specialist for an anti-infection.


The Folliculitis shouldn’t return oftentimes, particularly in case you’re treating it at home. Serious cases of infected hair follicles may require a prescription.


If the condition isn’t right to be treated, it can lead to long-term baldness and scarring on the scalp. It can also prompt bubbles under the skin or enduring skin damage. It’s uncommon for the issue to get this severe.


However, it does happen and shouldn’t be disregard. If your side effects feel sensitive or excruciating by any means, you may require a more serious treatment to get your scalp back to normal.


The Takeaway!


The most important thing to keep in mind is that the best way to identify a skin condition or other issue influencing the scalp or causing baldness is to have an appointment with a specialist.


While an essential care doctor will frequently have the capacity to make an analysis, it is perfect to visit a dermatologist who study most about the skin health.


If those side effects are serious or active, a medicated cleanser or topical solution might have the ability to give an improvement in the scalp.


Since, this folliculitis can stay with your scalp for a couple of days or weeks, varying on how long this problem to clears up, early diagnostic for baldness can lead to prevention of its development.


I hope this guide has helped you to see more about folliculitis. There are a lot of scalp conditions we can deal nowadays because of some factors that may affect our hair follicles.


But, having the ability to know the side effects and indications of infected hair follicles can make it less demanding to get the proper treatment and discovering its comforts.


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