Does jacking off cause acne


The “myth” that masturbation can cause acne may still linger causing some fears among teenagers who are afraid of acne. This story has been used to discourage the young people from indulging in premarital sex.


Were you told about this before or did you just ignore your grandparents’ warning? Somehow you’ve been curious about it so you ask Google for help. Now, you’re on this page to figure out whether this stuff is true or not.


Is this really a myth that everyone should disregard? Is this connected to the rise of testosterone hormones common during the puberty stage?


This article unravels the puzzle or myth that may or may not link masturbation to acne. Read on as it’s time to deal with this acne-and-masturbation-link once and for all.


What is acne?


Acne is a common chronic inflammatory skin disease that occurs due to the overproduction of oil-inducing glands in our skin.


Acne commonly appears on our face, back, chest, arms, or shoulders. This skin condition affects almost everyone in their 20s, 30s, and even 40s.


How does acne develop?


Before we explore either the possibility or impossibility of whether jacking off causes acne or not, let’s discuss how acne develops.


Our skin’s top layer is naturally moisturized by an oil sebum, which is being discharged by our skin’s sebaceous glands. Just imagine this normal cycle that happens in our skin until a significant phase in our life starts to disrupt it.


Acne usually occurs at the start of our puberty. The testosterone hormones present in both males and females begin to arise. This disruption causes your dead skin cells to pile up on the surface.


Our dead skin cell is the way our skin breathe and rejuvenates itself. What do you usually do with something that’s already dead? So, just imagine how those dead cells affect your skin when they get stuck on the surface.


Hormones trigger our skin’s oil glands to magnify and become uncontrollable. As a result, the excess oil that is being pumped out join forces with our dead skin cells that clog our skin pores.


Are you familiar with whiteheads and blackheads? These are the non-inflamed type of acne that indicates the earliest phase of acne occurrence.


As the inflammatory stage starts to develop, the P.acnes bacteria, which grows in your clogged, oily skin pores, enter into the scene. This situation in your skin provokes swelling and redness. This is how papules (small red bumps), pustules (pimples) originate.


Different Types of Acne


Acne consists of two basic categories: non-inflamed acne and inflamed acne.


Non-inflamed acne breakouts are those that you can hardly see with your naked eyes due to their small size. These are whiteheads, blackheads,  and milia or little white bumps that are usually not painful or red.


Inflamed acne consists of those acne breakouts that are typically red and inflamed. These are visibly noticeable in the forms of  pustules, papules, nodules, and cysts.


Does jacking off cause acne?


It’s time to figure out if jacking off can cause acne. Is this a myth that started to be used to warn teenagers once upon a time?


During your adolescence or puberty stage, testosterones and androgens are produced by our body. It is during this stage that these hormones are developed in large quantity.


When your hormones in your body surge up, the production of sebum also increases. Now, what is this sebum which is often linked to acne?


Our sebaceous glands secrete this oily substance, sebum, which is responsible for protecting and lubricating your skin. So, this means that sebum is not the culprit, is it?


When your sebum undergoes overproduction, it can cause clogged pores which give rise to the formation of acne. So, does jacking off cause acne? The answer is no. But here’s the question that you may ask…


Why do people link jacking off with acne?


Once upon a time and thousands of years ago, the elders would warn the younger ones to avoid masturbating or having premarital sex if they want to avoid getting plagued by pimples or acne breakouts.


Has this resulted in a premonition that still affects men when it comes to masturbation-equals-acne circumstance?


Masturbation has something to do with the increase of your testosterone levels…For a short time. Acne starts to form when the level of your testosterone surges up.


But wait, linking masturbation to acne this way is not enough to affect your skin. It just takes minutes to reach the “masturbation climax” which affect your testosterone level, again, for short period.


Both men and women have a high level of testosterone at the puberty stage. Although testosterone hormones are highly present in male bodies, women can produce them in small amounts.


Jacking off does not cause acne. It’s high time to debunk this “ancient” skin myth once and for all.


If jacking off does not cause acne, what can cause it?


Your Unhealthy Diet.


Certain foods such as pizza, chocolate, caffeine, nuts, dairy products, and fried foods are commonly associated with acne. Most skin experts believe that a more in-depth research is needed to finally conclude that diet and acne have a strong connection.


Generally, unhealthy diets consisting of foods that are high in sugar, refined grains, and unhealthy fats may cause acne breakouts.


These foods escalate the level of insulin in your body. This causes the hormones that trigger overproduction of oil to become active.




Some medications can cause acne. This occurs when you stop or start certain medications that include contraception or birth control pills, lithium, and anabolic steroids.




Dust, pollution, heat, humidity, and cold weather have an impact on your skin that can potentially lead to acne formation. These environmental factors can clog your pores especially when you’re heavily exposed to oil and grease.


Genetic Factor


Don’t blame your parents if you’ve just learned that genetics play an important role when it comes to acne development. A study reveals that teenage acne sufferers had 78% of their family relatives affected by acne.




Who doesn’t get stressed with life? Hectic lifestyle, personal financial difficulties, relationship problems are some of the things that cause stress.


Have you noticed that whenever stress takes control of you, those small pimples appear the next morning?


Our stress hormones boost the production of oil that provokes acne formation.


How do you get rid of acne?


Now that you know that jacking off does not cause acne, the next obvious thing you want to know is how to get rid of acne.


Don’t worry, one of the tips won’t tell you to avoid jacking off. Read on to figure out the various ways to treat acne.


Wash your face every day.


This makes a lot of sense because you need to get rid of different kinds of dirt and oils that may harm your face. Wash your face twice daily and do not over-wash.


Working out in the gym or indulging in physical activities can help you manage stress and relieve acne. But don’t forget to wash your face after your sweaty physical routine.


Don’t ever forget to moisturize


Acne sufferers should not forget to include moisturizing as part of skin regimen to treat acne. Moisturizing helps decrease the overproduction of oil that causes acne.


When you cleanse and moisturize, you’re helping your skin control acne breakouts.


Exfoliate regularly


Dead skin cells that tend to build up resulting in clogged pores should be prevented. Exfoliating at least twice a week can help your skin lessen breakouts.


Use a mild scrub and do not over-exfoliate. Look for a gentle scrub that contains glycolic acid. This type of scrub has two effects: to get rid of dead skin cells and to provide a soothing effect.


Check your diet


It’s time to throw away those junk foods that make your eating habits unhealthy. Eating at fast foods does not promote good health and good skin.


When your diet consists of starchy carbs, grains, dairy, and sugar, your insulin level surges up which affects the production of oil within your skin.


Incorporate whole foods and healthy fats into your daily diet. Your body can heal itself if you feed it with good and healthy foods.


Your daily skin routine should include face toner


Always include a toner that helps moisturize your skin. This is an essential way to take good care of your skin and to restore its pH levels. Toning can also remove residue which can contribute to clogging of your skin pores.


Vitamin D


When it comes to cultivating a healthy immune system and preventing any infection, Vitamin D plays a vital role.  You can take Vitamin D supplements or get yourself exposed to the sun around midday.




You may now heave a sigh of relief. Jacking off does not cause acne. You won’t find any published studies that may confirm how masturbation may cause acne.


It’s crystal clear! The testosterone hormones surge that happened during masturbation for a short period of time does not support a strong connection between jacking off and acne.


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