Does green tea help acne?


We all know that green tea is a popular type of tea that contains a lot of health benefits. However, many of us didn’t know the hidden truth about green tea to fight acne.

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Basically, the green tea has low caffeine level but rich in antioxidants. Yet, how green tea can truly help with acne?


Indeed, if you are looking for an answer, then this is the right place for you to understand the benefits of green tea to avoid acne.


Many of us are at risk of acne no matter what our skin type, age or gender. Therefore, stress, hormonal changes and unhealthy diet are the common threat of acne. And if you have these factors – you have the greater chance of getting acne.

Since searching for the right solution to fight acne is not only in the over-the-counter or in some costly laser treatment, you can also find remedies at your own home.

We usually heard about green tea can also help with acne, how does it happen?  As indicated by some research, green tea is rich in antioxidants that help to support our healthy lifestyle. This implies that it also has the ability to fight acne breakouts.    

How Green Tea can Help with Acne?

Acne is the most common skin problems that some people encounter. These acne breakouts are usually discovered in any area of the body that may lead to scarring.  

But acne can sometimes be treated in over-the-counter ointments and prescribed treatment for severe acne.  However, there is some acne sufferers use green tea for their acne and while some drink this to enhance their skin.

And since Green tea contains numerous healing properties such as polyphenols and catechins, which said to be the most influential antioxidants than Vitamin C. It has the ability to fight acne.

Aside from its high level of antioxidants, green tea also contains a lot of tannic acids which help to lessen the irritation and swelling of the skin due to acne breakouts. Additionally, green tea may likewise control the production of the oil that adds to obstructed pores.

Regardless of this, the use of green tea to help with acne is still questionable. However, the consequences of clinical investigations have the potential result, but the logical research needs more confirmation to state that green tea can treat acne.

If you’re suffering from acne break out, you will realize that there is no instant treatment to cure acne quickly. And sometimes there is some medications are effective for some people and yet do nothing to the other.

On the other hand, some state that drinking green tea and applying this directly to the skin may help to enhance their acne, while some didn’t see any changes on their skin.

Does Green Tea can also Cause Acne?

While some people considered green tea as their healing product to their acne, however, few people believe that using green may cause acne.

Although, green tea is rich in helpful substances, yet it also contains a lot of fluorides. In this case, if a person is sensitive to fluoride, this may cause them acne. Hence, this issue in green tea that can cause acne is unclear and still remains a myth for acne.

How Green Tea Works to Fight Acne

Consuming green tea every day can make less oil sebum to your skin.  This implies that less sebum, less skin irritation. Acne is one of the main causes for those ugly scars, including acne scarring on your skin.  However, consistent using of green tea can battles every single reason for skin inflammation, including hormonal disproportion. Green Tea likewise cleanses the blood, as unpurified blood is the primary driver of different skin problems.  

How to get rid of acne by using Green Tea?

If you are Green tea lover, then you probably know how green tea becomes popular all over the world. Since Green tea helps us to boost our health, it also plays a role to remove skin impurities such as acne.

But how to use Green Tea to get rid of acne? With this, you will discover a few ways to get rid of acne using green tea, whether it’s drinking form or powder form, this truly gives you a satisfying result to your skin.   


  • Drinking Green Tea


Drinking one cup of green tea every day can give an incredible effect on your skin. According to some logical research, drinking green tea decreases the irritation of the skin. Since green tea is 100 times more powerful than Vitamin C, it is notable for treating acne.

Although green tea is extraordinary for lessening the glucose levels –this will help you to decrease the amount of sebum to the skin. Green tea can also fight acne that caused of hormonal disproportion.


  • Applying Green Tea for Acne


Applying green tea can be more compelling than drinking. Thus, if you just wrapped-up some tea, simply take the teabag and cut it open and afterwards release the substance into a cup.

Next, include a touch of honey and blend it until the consistency becomes sticky. Then apply it to the zones that have acne and leave it for about 20 minutes. The impacts of green tea will calm the skin and lessen the irritation that causes acne.  

Also, in drinking green tea this will help you to battle against the microbes that cause acne. As a result, this will lessen the acne breakouts and furthermore acne scarring.


  • Using skin toner made of Green Tea


If you always use a toner for your skin, why trying a natural toner that made of green tea? This following recipe will help you to make your own facial toner that help to reduce acne breakouts. These will going to help you to reduce the skin irritation and lessen the possibility of getting acne.

  • To make this, you’ll require some sterile water and a couple of fresh natural green tea leaves. Heat up the leaves in the filtered water and cover the pot after it starts steaming.  Give it 10 minutes so it soaks appropriately and afterwards apply it all over with a cotton ball every morning and evening. Also, if you leave it in the whole night, wash your face following ten minutes of applying the toner.



  • Use of homemade Green Tea Face Mask


Making your own green tea facial mask at the comfort of your home will give you soothing and gentling skin right after the treatment. But, have you know how to set up this facial mask? Learn how to make this green tea facial mask by following this simple procedure:

  • You’ll require only a single teaspoon of green tea powder and afterwards include water until the consistency of this blend is like a paste.  To apply this, simply use a paintbrush with supple bristle and brush it all over your face and neck. Then you may leave it for about 10 minutes and after that wash it off with tepid water.

Whether any of the above mentioned you want to try, this will surely help you to remove all your worries in acne breakouts.

Different type of teas that help with acne

Many of us know that green tea is considered as anti-acne green tea. They are typically the best options for some acne sufferer. And here are some lists of green tea that effectively fights acne.   

  • Longjing tea
  • Snowy Mountain Jian tea
  • Sencha tea
  • Gyokuro tea
  • Matcha tea
  • Shincha / Ichibancha tea
  • Zealong Organic Oolong tea
  • Alishan Oolong tea
  • Da Hong Pao tea
  • Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea

Green Tea Benefits for Treating Acne

  • Keeps Insulin-like development factor
  • Can decrease the Inflammatory Response
  • Keeps Blood sugar level
  • Can lessen the Candida Infections
  • Helps to decrease oil secretion on skin

Key for Successful Acne-Free Skin

Green tea is produced using the plant of Camellia sinensis which is the main source of these healthy substances that green tea have. Aside from its popularity of being the most beneficial drinks in the whole world, green tea can also treat acne. Green contains EGCG which is powerful antioxidants that lessens the acne.

While green tea is really helpful in many ways, however, before using this make sure to consult first with your doctor.  This is particularly if you are taking acne ointments or treatments. Since it contains a lot of health benefits, it also has caffeine content. This means you may also encounter side effects while using it. The common side effects of green tea that are typically linked to caffeine are unsteadiness, a sleeping disorder, a loss of craving and bad temper.

Final Thought

Many people consider using green tea is a successful acne treatment. It can reduce a pimple by half or increasingly – as good as to some top-notch acne medicines. It helps the destructive impact of hormones on acne-prone skin, for example, too much production of oil sebum and irritation.

Also in using this green tea for acne, you may encounter a few to none reactions to your skin.  While green tea alone may not be sufficient to clear your skin it’s an essential piece of an extensive acne treatment. However, don’t lean too much on green tea to fight all your acne, instead, make your own way to avoid acne such as a healthy eating routine that deals with acne.



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