Chinese Acne Face Mapping: The Underlying Symptoms

Chinese Acne Face Mapping: The Underlying Symptoms
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We all know that eyes never lie. It acts as a reflection of our souls and our face tells it all. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the faces serve as a guide of its unspoken language that we might be experienced in some other way such as non-verbal interactions and non-verbal communication.

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The face, somehow, is the mirror of the outside world which features our inside domain. Despite the fact that this sounds all unclear and mysterious, the hidden truth is that our outside body is associated with our inner body.

Our bodies are connected with different varieties of pathways which help our bodies to work well and the skin is the largest organs of it. While our body organs working as one they ensure that we remain healthy and pleased.

Therefore, we can say that if our body feels hurt, this may show up somewhere else. This comes the presumption of the Chinese Face Mapping. It said that, when something influencing the skin, it means something’s going in the inner body.  The problems that might affect the skin are including pimples, rashes or changing the skin tone.

Any of this could bring an inside problem to the skin that needs to get rid off so that our body will get an ideal healthy lifestyle.


However, are you aware of what’s happening to your inner body? Or maybe do you have any idea what is the Chinese Face mapping? In this article you will learn how to figure out how you can use this ancient practice to reveal the hints about your skin and health problems.


The underlying causes of acne base in Chinese Acne Face Mapping


The Chinese Face Mapping is a popular research that locates the area of your skin issues such as skin acne and skin breakouts that found on various parts of your face which also tells different stories about your body and health. Both area of the skin issues and the varieties in size and shape can reveal the distinctive things about what might happen inside it.

Chinese Acne Face Mapping
Chinese Acne Face Mapping

This Chinese Face Mapping tells the following part of your face that may show the internal problems of your body. These Internal problems are based on the Skin rashes and acne. 


Acne in Forehead


People who have chosen the wrong foods, experiencing stress and drinking too much of alcohol may result of this skin breakouts in the forehead. If you want to reduce your chance to have this skin problems follow this simple tips to avoid having this.


  • Concentrate eating raw foods
  • Chewing foods thoroughly
  • Ingesting probiotics
  • Reduce the consuming of alcohol
  • Drinking a lot of water
  • Getting enough rest
  • Doing exercises such as Yoga may also help to reduce your stress level.


Those in the above may help you to reduce these types of skin inflammation.  However,  keep in mind that, the forehead also reveals the locations of your bladder and or small intestine, so it’s better to have proper choosing of right foods to avoid acnes and other internal problems.


Acnes among the eyebrows

If you have acnes between your eyebrows, then this may indicate that you have liver issues. The liver works well to expel all the poisons you ingesting to your body as well as removing the toxic waste from it. The possibility of eating too much of meat and dairy products might affect the functions of the liver, which may cause skin inflammations and other liver problems. However, including meditation exercises to your daily routine and reducing your meat intake, yet, increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, you will not only reduce your acnes or other skin issues but you will also get a healthy liver!


Acnes found in the nose


The blemishes found in the nose may indicate heart problems. This skin issue is the result of indoor and outdoor skin contamination. Doing a healthy habit of exercising and eating nutritional foods may help to remove the toxic to your body and keep your cholesterol level healthy!


Acnes in the cheeks


The blemishes appear on your cheeks may show of lung medical problems. Pollution, smoking and eating non-nutritional foods is the main reason why some people suffer from lung problems. Enhancing the health of your lung by doing a lot of exercises, quit smoking and eat bunches of verdant green vegetables, in this way, you can avoid lung health issues and prevent blemishes on your face!


Acnes found in your cheeks and mouth


The location of your stomach found in your mouth and chin, so, if you have acnes in this area of your face there’s something going in your stomach. Acnes in mouth and chin are the result of too much eating foods contain fats and sweets as well as caffeine and alcohol intake. However, if you want to avoid this skin issues, try to have a healthy food balance, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.  Doing this healthy habits can make your stomach healthier!


Acnes in your jaws and neck


If you spend too less in the sun but you spend too much under the fake light, it may cause severe skin breakouts in neck and jaws as well as eating wrong foods may also do the same. But if you’re aware of what might happen in your internal body, you will eat more nutritious foods like veggies and fruits, avoiding artificial light that results in skin breakouts and prevents hormone contaminated found in meat, chicken and some dairy products. In this way, you will not just also gain a healthy lifestyle, also, you will be safer to have some skin inflammation such as acne.


All skin issues found in your face indicates health problems in you internal body where more attention is needed, to prevent it worsening, so it’s better to be aware than not.


The underlying symptoms of Chinese Acne Face Mapping


Is acne can be the indications of internal health problems to your body? Or it is only a cause of hormonal change that is nothing to worry about? However, you might be wrong. Our skin is the largest organs in our body, so, if we have acnes or pimples to our face, it means there’s an internal problem happening in it. Since we are focusing on the acne problems, why we would not know the possible causes or symptoms of this, so that we can treat them as soon as before it gets worse!

  • Swollen skin with breakouts: This symptom is usually due to poor detoxification which results in an increasing waste material in the body, however, the red skin is a sign of detoxification and concentration is needed in this skin problems.


  • Red cystic acne: it is a cause of poor liver detoxification and unwanted lymphatic system


  • Dry, blemished or irregular red skin: it is due to limited skin hypersensitivities


  • Blotchy around the mouth and nose: this demonstrates the irritation to your stomach, food intolerance, hyperactivity in the stomach and poor liver functions.


  • Awful red breakouts with or without greasy skin: Cystic skin is a type of acne problems. This skin inflammation may reveal liver blockages. The skin may or not be oily depends on the capacity of the liver to breakdown the dietary fats. However, the oily skin also shows the imbalanced allocation of good fats.


  • Rashes like pimples: For some, pimples are cause of stress and lack of sleep, however, it was more than that. Pimples are don’t hurt (not unless you pop it) and tend to break the skin.


  • Clogged-up skin, whiteheads or pimples: If you use more often makeups then you will possibly get one of this skin issues. However, the breakouts are gentle that is usually happening in patches in the nose, jawline and mostly in the forehead.


  • Skin breakouts for some adolescence: These skin problems commonly happen in teenage boys and girls. It is usually oily with direct to serious pustule breakouts. This may also cause of hormonal changes and low zinc levels which is connected to slow skin recovering


  • Rashes like knobs which are located on the brow: The main cause of this skin issue is stress. The breakouts in this area may indicate of drying out. Stresses can similarly get more hormonal breakouts that make it more serious.


The above symptoms are just only a guide for you to easily treat your skin problems so it does not lead to fatal skin problems and to severe internal health issues!


Chinese Acne face mapping: Proven ways to fight acne


Searching for the inner aspect is the most important thing to battle skin inflammation. Our body clutches the poisons since we’re insufficient against them. Because of our self-negligence, we forgot to take note of the simple things that may possibly happen in our body as our own wrong choice that may cause not only in our external body yet also in our inner as well.

However, if you are tired looking and searching for the best treatment for your acne, why would you try to search for home remedies that are proven-effective to fight against acnes? Here are some most important ways to fight acnes you can try at home without breaking too many banks!


Choose organic natural remedy


Honey has antifungal and antibacterial properties which are a great weapon to fight against acnes. Blending it with some coconut oil for a skin-boosting mix. Oatmeal is another option to fight acnes; it is an excellent treatment for dry and cystic acnes! Also, putting honeysuckle blossom powder, drinking fresh cucumber juice and turmeric, is the best way to turns warmth in the body that causes acnes. This is the best and yet non-chemical treatment for skin acnes that you can find only in your kitchen!


Water is the powerful treat!


Water is the most powerful treatment in some health problems. Drinking 8 glasses of water can give us a healthy and glowing skin which also proves helps to fight acnes. Water can flush all the toxic and bodily waste that is stuck in your skin which can enhance your possibility to have acnes.


Doing exercises


Doing exercise enables to fight stress, which may also cause acne breakouts. Physical movement additionally helps your skin by expanding your blood flow, which sends more oxygen to your skin cells and prevents cell waste. Remember that exercises also prompt to skin breakouts, so it is advisable to take a shower after doing exercises. Additionally, doing Yoga and Pilates workouts is the best exercises – this two meditation exercises can calm you mind and body which also helps you to fight stress!


The Do’s and Don’ts for Acnes!


If your face is inclined to acnes you should know some foods that may develop acnes to your face. There are great and awful foods for skin inflammation, let’s find which foods are helpful for clearer skin and which may cause a breakout – with these skin breakout eating diet rules!


The Do’s


  • Eating fish and healthy fats
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants
  • Eat Nuts
  • Yogurt can also helps to avoid acnes


The Don’ts



Keep in mind that, the best way to avoid acne is to have a well-balanced diet. If you follow the do’s to avoid acnes, you will get a clearer and healthier skin. Limiting yourself to dont’s will give you a healthy lifestyle as well!




The above information about acnes won’t seem to be valid for some skin breakout sufferer; however, they can start considering what your skin breakout says about to your body. There are numerous unmanageable factors that cause skin breakout. However, we don’t have perfect solutions in it, but taking care of our body and driving a healthy, dynamic way of life, we can start to make changes to enhance our skin’s condition so that we can have a healthy skin and body!



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