Can Chocolate Cause Acne


Many people of different ages have this kind of addiction towards sweet foods. Sweets such as gummy bears, doughnuts, ice cream, marshmallows, and so on are quite mouthwatering.

But above all is Chocolate. No one can refuse this addictively sweet food. It is what most people crave for. And don’t you dare ask why because I know everybody knows what it tastes like.

The sweetness of this food is heaven. And just like how it taste, chocolate is believed to be a gift from Gods in the ancient times. And after that, people made a habit of giving chocolates as a gift for any occasion.

But do you know what this chocolate can do to your body? Have you ever thought of it to be a possible cause of acne? Have you asked yourself if you’re getting any benefits from it or if it just gives you harm in your body? Let us know everything about chocolate and how it is related to acne.


Difference of White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate

We know chocolate has two distinct flavors, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate. People have their own taste to consider. Some of them wanted extremely sweet and some of them wanted not so sweet with bitterness in it.

And that is exactly how dark and milk chocolate differ. Dark chocolate is as we all know bitter and sweet but mostly bitter while milk chocolate tastes milky and sweet with the absence of bitterness in it. Aside from it, the other factor is in the number of cocoa bean that’s been used. Dark chocolate has more cocoa bean than milk chocolate.

Some people said that dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate. This is actually true. Dark chocolate has 70% of cocoa beans that is said to possess 300 elements that are helpful for our body involving vitamins and minerals.

Just by knowing how dissimilar the quantity used between the two, you can tell already which one is healthier. But let us grant milk chocolate a chance to prove itself. Just like dark chocolate, it is not complete with the absence of cocoa beans.

So in any sense, it still possesses the power that a dark chocolate has but at a lesser rate. But the thing is milk chocolate shows beyond doubt to have a bad impact on our health. Just like dark chocolate when taken too much, but milk chocolate is the much-pointed one.


The Connection Between Milk Chocolate and Acne

Milk is a dairy product that has negative effects on our body especially to acne. This thing carries hormones that multiply uncontrollably. If milk together with sugar that makes the stability of insulin and hormone be shaken, acne is more likely to appear or get worse (if already have). These two only does one thing in your skin, to bring acne and make your skin irritated and look bad.

And the fact that these two is in one product called milk chocolate, is really bad for our skin. If a person can avoid dairy products, he or she will undoubtedly have acne free skin. Dairy brings fats that are not good for the skin or even in your whole body. If you’re wondering as to how they work, here are some insights that may help you enlighten.

Dairy products such as milk, and anything that has milk, are carriers of growth hormone, and if it’s not balanced or when it increased, the productivity of oil in our body elevates also. Extra oils in our body together with dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells may result to clogging of pores. A clogged pore will soon form a red bump on our skin known as a pimple. It can also be in the form of whiteheads and blackheads.

If you think vegetable oil is healthy, think twice my friend. Vegetable oil is one of the famous sources of fatty acids that aggravate our skin. If you desire to have a clearer skin, you have to be ready to sacrifice your cravings. What cravings do you ask? Well sorry for being the bearer of but news but foods such as fries, burgers, pizza, bagels and many more are the great carriers of bad fats that we don’t need.


How to Achieve Acne-free Skin

Treating and avoiding acne to happen is quite challenging. It needs a lot of effort and discipline to your own actions. But if you look at it closely, the only thing you need is a healthy lifestyle. We sometimes forget even simple things for the sake of having fun and giving in for cravings. That’s the hardest part, sacrificing and changing your daily habits. But at least try; make a move for a better skin. Here are some things that you can do to achieve acne-free skin.

  • Regular washing of face – here is a simple thing to start with. This is not hard right? This is one the basics of proper hygiene so I assume that this won’t be hard for you. Make a habit of washing your face at least two times a day. That way, you’ll wash the dirt away early and stops them from causing trouble to your skin. I’ll include here the regular washing of hands also because it is one of the contributors of dirt and bacteria in our face. Since it’s hard for us to avoid touching anything, just make a habit of washing so you can be safe.
  • Use the right products – when using a commercial product, make sure that you don’t have sensitive skin nor has an existing skin disorder or allergies before thinking to use one. This is for those people with normal skin only. Find products with retinol, salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide. These three are proven effective but with a careful usage. Avoid salicylic acid if you are in the stage of pregnancy. So make sure to test yourself if you’re not sure that you are not pregnant because it may cause birth defect if not known early. For those with sensitive skin, the best advice that I can give you is to consult your doctor. We don’t want to take a risk just because you’re stubborn to consult a dermatologist. If you’re worried about the money thing, think of what will happen to you if you ignore this advice and tell me the cost of it.
  • Know a good diet – this is important folks. If your acne is caused by your wrong diet, just make it right my friend. If food was the cause, make the food your treatment also. Acne can be eliminated without using any product. Just eat the right food, be healthy and everything will go back to what it used to be. I’ll suggest you to eat leafy vegetables, grape, blueberries etc.
  • Know what to avoid – before we reach this, I believe that I already mentioned some foods that you have to stay away from. Those are just a couple of things that you have to consider. If you can’t utterly avoid it, at least make an effort of lowering your intake of that food. But always remember that there are many possible causes of acne. This includes your everyday habit. Avoid frequent touching of the face and make sure that every silk that surrounds you are clean; your pillow cover, bed sheets, towels, and shirts. Acne can appear anywhere in your body so you are required to clean your surroundings aside from yourself.
  • Get enough sleep – sleep also plays a big role in this topic. You must get enough of it to avoid irritation and stress. Sleep can also weaken your immune system and makes it easy for the bacteria to invade your body.
  • Don’t attempt to sunbathe – yes, we need vitamins from the sun. But we don’t need to get burn to absorb it. Always remember that too much of everything will not do you good. Just like this one. Don’t easily believe everything that you hear from other people. If you expose yourself under the sun, you might only get dry and irritated skin instead of soft and smooth. If you have acne already, exposure from sunlight is not advisable for it can aggravate the infected spot and make it worst. So refrain yourself from sunbathing if you are planning to go for a swim.
  • Relax – this one is easy, right? Make time for relaxation. Washing away the bacteria through water is good but washing away your worries and stress is even better. Stress is one of the culprits of acne because it has the ability to cooperate in increasing of the amount of hormone in the body. And you already know what hormones can do, and that is to make extra oil that is not needed in our body that can be trapped in your pores. So better practice relaxation, do yoga and other relaxing activities. You won’t just prevent acne but also other possible illnesses.


Final Thought

It’s okay to indulge yourself some other times with the things that satisfy and enjoys you but with carefulness. To be able to experience continuous fun and satisfaction, limit yourself, so that the fun won’t end of you curing yourself. The real key to having a healthy skin and body is discipline. Give yourself a limitation for everything.

If you have a case where everything you do can’t treat your acne, don’t hesitate to seek for help. Going to your doctor is the most effective start in attending your skin problems. So always remember that you can eat fries, pizza, burgers, and chocolates but not too much. You can sometimes ignore small things but not always. Practice it and you will have a healthy and happy life without worries about your body. So be safe and acne-free.


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