Can Caffeine Cause Acne?



Caffeine is one of the best-known ingredients of a coffee or drinks like soda or tea. It is a natural brain stimulator and a mood-enhancer that is incredibly good for the Central Nervous System. It can be an addictive substance since it is considered as a stimulant drug for psychoactive but is legal to use and considered to be safe to drink.

What is caffeine?

Caffeine is made from coffee beans that are super-rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. It can be seen in any tea or coffee content food or drinks. It is also found it over 60 different plants that are also rich in nutrients such as fatty acid, fiber, and omega.

What are the benefits of caffeine?  

Since it is made in a coffee bean or natural resources it is in rich in antioxidant that makes the skin super healthy and fights away skin aging. It acts as a booster that makes the skin glows and radiate, that can be seen in our physical appearance. Other than that it is also one of the disease-fighter agents that can help in reducing the body inflammation or the roots of the most diseases.

Research shows that proper caffeine intake can give the following benefits in the body

  1. It fights depression and anxiety – since it is good for our central nervous system, it can stimulate our brain that can enhance our happy mood that intends to fight all the depression or anxiety we feel.
  2. Boost energy – it helps stimulate our nervous system to release the adrenaline in the brain which helps in the blood flow to produce more than needed in the organs of the body. It also helps to supplies enough blood to the muscle that helps make us be more active and energize the body.
  3. Memory enhancer – caffeine is a natural brain stimulator that intends to help the brain to stimulate better and enhance our ability to think, memorize or concentrate.
  4. Improved physical performance – it helps to improve our physical performance due to the benefits of the caffeine that make our blood flows supply stronger in the muscle that helps in the movement of our body.
  5. Reduce inflammatory – one of the caffeine benefits is the rich of antioxidant properties that help in reducing all the inflammation or body swelling. It helps in maintenance and repairing the cells in the body.
  6. Fights and kills bacteria – caffeine is well known as an antibacterial agent that helps in killing and fighting the bacteria that can cause any disease.
  7. Protect us against neurodegenerative diseases – caffeine is a natural stimulator for the nervous system it intends to keep our brain healthy and help fight away disease that can cause neurodegenerative diseases.
  8. Preventing heart disease – caffeine is good for the heart, it has omega content that lower the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure as well
  9. Protection against cancer – since most disease starts from the inflammation, one of the most common disease it can lead is cancer it damages the cell that spread all over the body. But the caffeine contains a high volume of antioxidant that helps the tissue and cells to maintain healthily and kill the inflammation in the body that can lead to cancer.
  10. Help to balance sugar level – caffeine maintains the sugar level in the body that produces energy source in the body. It is composed of bitter like taste that only needs a little amount of sugar to balance the taste from any drink.


But the question is can caffeine cause acne?

Given all the benefits it can bring it the body; we can help but to think that frequent intake of caffeine can cause a side effect in the body. And one of its possible side effects that most of us are afraid of is, can it cause acne?

After knowing that caffeine contains and rich in antioxidant properties, we can be assured that it is really good for the skin and cause no harm to the body as well.

But not every drink that contains caffeine can be good for the skin even though it has an antioxidant benefit why?

  • Caffeine in Soda – also contains antioxidant properties but it is also consisting of a high amount of fructose which can subside the supposed to be benefits of the caffeine and replace it instead of sugar in the body. High level of glucose in the body can increase the insulin level that can cause inflammation. Once the body is inflamed it can lead to the breakdown of enzymes that can lower the collagen production and damage the elasticity of the skin. The skin will become saggy and dry that may end up as a clog in the pores that can cause acne in the face.
    • As we know soda is almost the no. 1 source of acne and it drinking it may lead to a higher chance of breakouts in the skin.


But other drinks with caffeine content have a different side effect in the body, like the following


  • Caffeine in Coffee – it is no surprise that the number 1 drink with the highest volume of caffeine as the main ingredients is coffee and it can give a different reaction in the skin. Drinking the coffee every day can give no bad side effect in the skin since it is more natural and does not have contained a high amount of sugar, it cannot cause acne or breakouts in the skin. But instead, it can make our skin healthy and glowing since the benefits of caffeine is the antioxidant it helps in boosting the skin collagen that can cause skin elasticity and make it even softer and smoother. Caffeine in the coffee can also make our skin youthful with the proper amount of intake every day.
    • Take note: If you happen to have a sensitive skin and acne prone, frequent coffee intake is not advisable because it can trigger or worsen your acne.


  • Caffeine in Tea – is good as the caffeine in the coffee; it cannot harm or cause acne in the skin. Instead, it can give a wonderful result in the skin that makes it healthier looking. It is also a natural antibacterial that can help to fight and to prevent the acne breakouts.  It is also rich in antioxidants that help fighting skin aging and reduce the wrinkles and fine lines in the face.
    • It is used a long time ago to prevent the skin from having acne; it is a natural acne fighter and acne solution that is really helpful and effective. The caffeine in the tea can be used as a drink or use as a facial mask as well. Placing the wet tea plant directly in the face and leave it for at least 10 to 15 minutes can help reduce the inflammation of acne and prevent one from coming.


But too much caffeine intake is also not good for the body and may cause the following side effects:

  • Digestive problem – too much caffeine intake can also cause a side effect in the body and one of it the problem it can affect is our digestive system. Caffeine can be turned into acid that can cause acidity in the abdomen, once the gastric acid continues to take place in the digestive system it can lead to a different disease like an ulcer.
  • Rapid heart rate – too much caffeine intake forces the heart to pump the blood much faster than usual that can lead to a rapid heart rate. Some of its associated effects are shortened of breath and rapid heart rate.
  • Heart Palpitation – too much intake of caffeine than the recommended number can cause a side effect in the body and one of its side effects is the palpitation. Palpitation is a feeling of your heart is racing and beating faster than usual. It is a sensation where you feel the heartbeat from your chest and makes you feel like your catching you breathe. Palpitation can also be associated with a digestive problem that is causing acid reflux the makes you palpitate.
  • Insomnia – one of the reasons why people love drinking coffee is because of its side effect that helps them to stay awake, but too much intake can lead to insomnia or the having a hard time to fall asleep at night. Once the body has not enough rest for every day it can weaken the immune system that can cause disease that can also affect the skin of the drinker.
  • Nervousness – is a state of feeling that makes you shiver, scared or frightened. You are overreacting to something and worried very much that you become restless and very nervous that something might happen. It is said to be associated with over thinking.



That is why drinking the recommended numbers of caffeine every day is advisable. In able to avoid any disease, the proper amount of coffee is at least 4 cups maximum, 10 cans in soda and 5 pot of tea.


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