Can Alcohol Cause Acne


Alcohol has been a part of adults’ life. It’s always present at dinners, get-togethers, parties and more. A gathering is not complete without it. This liquid is addictive. It usually has a taste of bitterness and sweetness but there is a lot of liquor that taste better.

Alcohol comes from mixed fruits, vegetables or grains placed in a sealed jar and will be left there for a couple of days or months. A survey shows that 8 out of 10 people drink alcohol. It just shows that people are getting dependent on this beverage. Despite the fact that this liquid is known for its bad reputation, people quite loves the feeling of being under its control.

Have you ever thought if this liquid has a connection with acne? Maybe not, even if alcohol has so many effects on our body.

People won’t consider this kind of thing. But who knows what this thing could do? Many say that a human’s body needed alcohol while others believe that it is not good for the health. What is right and what is wrong? Let us discuss what we can get with this liquid and how this thing is related to acne.


Benefits of Alcohol

Yes, it is true that this evil thing has a good side in it. Though many people got blinded by the negative effect of this beverage, we can’t deny that aside from having a delicious taste (for some people), it also contributes to our health. And believe it or not, what listed below is true according to some studies.

  • Burn fats – alcohol in the form of wine from grapes proved that it may help you lose weight. It has an element that makes the production of fat gets slow and stops it from reproducing.
  • Prevents cold – according to studies, moderate consumption of alcohol can give you a 60% chance of preventing colds from coming.
  • Good for the heart – as doctors did an experiment. They discovered that red wine has benefits in our cardiovascular system and has an anti-inflammation content.
  • Sexual effects – wines are said to help prevent sexual dysfunction in men and increase libido for women.
  • It gives vitamins – alcohol such as beer has a high content of magnesium, calcium and vitamin B that our body needs. But in a moderate consumption.
  • Soothes muscle – alcohol according to some experiments can help ease muscle soreness due to hard exercise or adventures.

Aside from what is listed above, alcohol is proven helpful in lowering the risk of some diseases, But in a moderate consumption also.


The Connection of Alcohol and Acne

Though people won’t think of it as a possibility, alcohol undoubtedly has an effect on acne. This substance can change a human’s hormonal stability and the level of testosterone. If the amount of both was shaken and heighten, acne breakout will happen.

Most people drink alcohol carrying a heavy feeling because of their struggles in life. In short, they often times drink it because they are stressed out. They thought alcohol may help them forget everything even in just one moment. Stress is also one of the culprits why the number of hormones elevated. If stress alone can cause and worsen acne, what more if you drink alcohol while being stress? The risk of getting and worsening acne is inevitable with these two.

Another study shows that alcohol can make our immune system weak. The importance of a strong immune system is simple; it can protect our skin from acne. If this barrier weakens, this will make easier for acne to occur in our skin. Same as stress, it may also help in weakening the immune system.

Here is the other element of alcohol that may contribute to having acne. Sugar, an excess of this element in our body can make inflammation happen. With that occurrence, it may result in irritation and pimples in our skin.

Too much consumption of alcohol can dry your skin. How? If you notice, when you drink alcohol, you tend to pee more often. That is because alcohol can cause water to go straight to your bladder instead of going to your organs.

It will soon lead to dehydration that will make your skin dry. And if your skin gets dry, you are on to have wrinkles that will make you look older than your present age.

Too much consumption of alcohol may lead to:


Liver problem                        Cancer

Pancreatitis                            Ulcer

Weak immune system             Unhealthy brain

Lack of nutrition                    Heart problem

Possible accidents when drunk


Instead of helping your body to function well, too much ingestion of alcohol may lead to a much worse outcome. Alcohol is good if you drink it with a limit. It may be fun drinking but if the result will be one of the listed above; you might want to find another way of having fun.


What You Can Do To Eliminate Acne

This skin condition comes in many different ways. Drinking alcohol is just one of those. If you want to avoid having one, drink a small amount of it. That way, you’ll lessen the possibility of having acne and at the same time prevent other health issues. But if you already have it, here are some things you can do to make it go away.

  • Proper hygiene – regularly washes your face to avoid spots from getting worse. But not just the face. Acne can be anywhere in your body. So always keep yourself clean.
  • Stress-free lifestyle – people who suffer from stress are usually the ones having acne breakouts. Avoiding it will make your face glow and free from acne.
  • Appropriate product – use products that are appropriate for your condition. There are products designed for different cases. Especially for those who have skin sensitivity.
  • Use tea tree oil – tea tree oil has a composition that will contribute to eliminating acne. it is quite popular with people having this kind of skin issues.
  • Apply apple cider vinegar – these days, apple cider vinegar is making its noise in the world of diet and exercise. It is usually used for salads, marinades and many more. It has proven effective in eliminating fats and has been supported by people who claim that they have been using it. As for acne, it acts as a killer of bacteria that’s one of the causes of it. Apple cider vinegar also lessens the inflammation.
  • Sunscreen protection – if you’re wondering of what it can do, it is the protection that it can offer. Not just for sunburns but also for preventing acne from getting worse.
  • Refrain from touching – this practice is a big help for eliminating acne. This way, acne will have a smooth journey of fading away. Without the risk of getting worse with the help of other bacteria that comes from our hands. As people touched different things from time to time, they unconsciously gather a lot of dirt and bacteria from it. So stop yourself from touching your face as much as you can.


Foods That Help and Cause Acne

Food can also be the cause of acne. Careful consideration of what is good for your health is needed. But even with the fact that there are acne causing food, there are also good food that will help prevent and eliminate acne. Here are some of the foods that will cause and eliminate acne.

  • Bad foods for acne:

Milk Chocolate              Potato Chip

Bread                          Bad Cookie

Dairy                            Soda

Ice cream                     Pizza

Burgers                       Fried foods


  • Good foods for acne:

Fatty Fish                      Broccoli

Brown rice                    Grapes

Carrots                         Tomatoes

Blueberry                     Beans

Nuts                             Leafy Vegetables


These bad foods usually contain fats that contribute in multiplying the number of hormones in our body. Hormones are the one responsible for too much oil that our gland produced. And these oils were the culprit of why pores clog that may result to acne. If you will notice, those foods are what most people crave for. Though they are undoubtedly delicious, you might want to avoid or at least lessen the consumption of it if you want to be free from acne.

Good foods that are listed above mostly hold mineral and vitamins like zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin E. Those are responsible for eliminating and refraining acne from coming. They act like antioxidants and anti-swelling for the acne. They help acne become thinner that will soon fade away.

Aside from it, those vitamins and mineral keep our skin moisturized to prevent it from drying and they give nutrients that our skin needed. Some of these foods have effects that can make our skin smooth and healthy.


Final Thought

People tend to use drinking as an answer to their every problem, but not. They think they can only found happiness through drinking, but not. They make a habit of drinking in every meal but what we need is water. Wanting to have a healthy body needs a healthy habit and a healthy lifestyle. Consuming high amount of this liquid will just give you headache and many more.

Aside from harm that you can get inside your body, you can also engage in different kinds of unfortunate events while being drunk. You can get involved in a fight, lose yourself somewhere or worst, gets involved in a car accident. Acne may be a simple problem for you but it can also get worse if not taken seriously. Always watch what you eat drink and even your gestures. Think first of the consequences of your action. The only one that will benefit from it is none other than you. So be safe and drink moderately.



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