Best Homemade Face Masks For Acne Scars


Acne is the most common type of skin disorders which affect people belonging to all age groups and genders. Most of the people suffer from acne problems during the teenage years due to hormonal changes in their bodies. Acne can also be caused due to several other reasons like environmental factors affecting your skin, your food options, genetics, certain medications or beauty products, etc.

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Acne can sometimes be of severe type and even after it is cured it leaves behind marks or scars on your skin which make your skin look rough and coarse. Acne scars which are cause due to severe acne types can go deep down the skin and it becomes difficult for remove these acne scars. There are a number of natural home remedies which are extremely helpful in fading as well as removing acne scars and make your skin flawless.

You need to apply these ingredients for a long time consistently in order to produce effective results. For deeper scars some medical treatment procedures are also available and you will need a complete examination from your dermatologist in order to determine which method is useful for your scars and marks. The most effective homemade anti-acne face masks which can help you get rid of your acne marks and improve your skin’s health are mentioned as following:

Aloe vera gel face mask for acne scar removal

Aloe vera is a wonder herb which has amazing health and skin benefits. The aloe vera gel is rich in vitamin E component which helps it to absorb deep down into the skin and also speed up the process of healing of your skin especially in case of pitted acne scars. When mixed up with lemon the advantages of aloe vera are enhanced and it also in removal of dead skin cells and helping your skin in regaining its tone.

Lemon contains vitamin C and citric acid which are very effective ingredients in fading hyperpigmentation and also helps in acne breakouts due to inflammation of skin cells. Both these ingredients which are lemon and aloe vera gel have amazing antibacterial properties which help in fighting harmful bacteria residing in your skin pores and the vitamins also help in keeping your skin hydrated and making it look flawless.

Ingredients needed

  • One tablespoon of aloe vera gel
  • Half tablespoon of lemon juice

Method of usage

Mix the above mentioned amounts of these two ingredients and then apply it all over your face in the form of a thick mask. Then leave it on your face for around 20-30 minutes until it dries out. Wash it off using warm water and then repeat this procedure 3 to 4 times every week in order to get rid of acne scars.

Anti-acne spots face mask containing sweet almond oil and frankincense essential oil

Frankincense essential oil is an effective ingredient for removal of acne scars and also helps in speeding up the regeneration process of our skin. Applying this oil makes your acne scars and dark spots appear less prominent and the powerful astringent properties help in skin regeneration and make you acne scars better. This oil is an amazing ingredient for skin which also helps in removing eye bags, slows signs of aging and keeps the skin hydrated for a considerable time.

Almond oil is an essential oil with proven benefits for your skin problems and the emollient properties of this amazing oil help in balancing the water content in your skin. Application of this oil can also prove to be very helpful in avoiding irritation and inflammation of your skin. This oil is a rich source of vitamin K and E which can help in reducing the scars and discolored skin areas. The retinol content in this oil help in keeping your skin moisturized and makes your skin smooth and soft.


  • Almond Oil
  • 5 drops of frankincense essential oil
  • 5 ml glass dropper bottle

Method of usage

Take a dark colored 5ml glass dropper bottle and fill the three fourth part of this bottle with almond oil. Then add five drops of frankincense essential oil into this bottle and shake the mixture well. Then use this mixture as a daily face serum and apply it on daily basis on a cleansed face so that your acne scars can be faded and your skin can get scar free.

Baking soda and coconut oil face scrub for acne scars

Baking has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which make it an amazing belching agent ad using this on your skin can help in removing microbes which cause acne problems. When applied on the acne affected skin this ingredient draws out all the excess sebum produced by your skin and also helps in opening up the clogged skin pores. Baking soda also helps in avoiding a sudden acne breakout and the deep pore cleaning properties of this amazing natural ingredient helps in regeneration of new skin cells and cleaning your skin. Baking soda is an ideal ingredient for removal of blackheads and dark spots.

Coconut Oil is an amazing ingredient for your skin as well as your body and it helps in exfoliating your skin and when mixed with baking soda its effectiveness is enhanced. Mixed together both these ingredients make an amazing face scrub. The razor bumps are generally caused due to the blocked skin pores of your skin and application of this mixture can help in calming and soothes the razor burns. The healthy saturated fats contained in this oil melt on room temperature and they are very helpful in moisturizing your skin deeply and also help in preserving the softness and smoothness of your skin hence keeping it wrinkle free.


  • One tablespoon of baking soda
  • One to two tablespoons of essential coconut oil

Method of usage

Take the specified amounts of both these ingredients into a small bowl and mix both of them well in order o form a fine face scrub. Then wash your face, pat it dry and apply this mixture all over your face. Then massage this mixture in the form of circular motions for at least 2-3 minutes and then leave it on for a few more minutes before washing it off using lukewarm water. Repeat this activity twice or thrice every week in order to get desired results.

Apple cider vinegar and honey face mask for acne spots

Apple cider vinegar is an amazing natural astringent and it helps in tightening your skin naturally and also helps in shrinking the large open pores of your skin so that they do not attract dirt and other harmful particles from the environment in addition to reducing inflammation of skin. Applying this apple cider vinegar can also help in unclogging the blocked skin pores and also helps in removing dark acne spots and scars and also helps in controlling the overproduction of sebum.

Honey is also a wonder food and the enzymes present inside it can help in clarifying, nourishing and hydrating your skin and keeping the skin pores clear. Applying honey on your skin will help in lightening of your skin and making it look smoother and younger. It can also help in speeding up the healing process of your skin and helps in tissue regeneration. The amazing hydrating properties of this amazing natural ingredient can also prove to be extremely helpful in reviving your skin if it is regularly massaged in small and gentle circular motions. This massage will also aid in the cell turnover of your skin and also help you’re your skin to recover faster from acne and acne scars.


  • One tablespoon of honey
  • Half tablespoon of pure apple cider vinegar

Method of usage

Take a small bowl and add honey and apple cider vinegar to it. Mix these two ingredients properly and then apply this mixture evenly using your fingertips on clean skin. Leave it on for around 20 o 30 minutes and then wash it off thoroughly using warm water. Apply it on daily basis for successful removal of acne scars and spots. For sensitive skin types apple cider vinegar can cause irritation to your skin so you can also use it in dilute form.

Egg white and lemon for acne scar removal

Egg white is an amazing natural ingredient for fighting oily skin as applying this on your skin makes the skin pores to shrink and also helps in tightening of your skin. It is a rich source of protein and albumen which has amazing skin regenerative properties allowing the skin to lighten acne scars and renew affected skin cells. Applying it also helps in controlling the production of sebum and avoids acne problems. The protein component in the egg white is very helpful in tissue repair and cell growth in your skin. Lemon as mentioned earlier is rich in vitamin C which is extremely helpful in fading acne scars and spots and exfoliating your skin as well.


  • One tablespoon of egg white
  • Half tablespoon of fresh lemon juice

Method of usage

Mix both the above mentioned ingredients and apply it on clean face. Leave it on your face for around 20-30 minutes until it gets dry and then wash it off .Then apply it on daily basis for removal of acne scars and marks. If you have sensitive type skin then you must apply it three to four types a week.

Witch hazel and lavender essential oil for acne scars

Witch hazel is an amazing ingredient for controlling acne by reduction of inflammation and redness and controlling the production of sebum oil. It is also a natural astringent and speeds up the healing process of scars, scabs and infection affecting your skin. Application of witch hazel oil can also help in balancing the pH levels of your skin and also moisturizes your face. This ingredient is also very effective in preventing the development of black heads, white heads and avoiding acne breakouts.

Lavender oil is a remarkable natural remedy for acne scars as it is rich in antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also contributes towards fighting the harmful acne causing bacteria and promotes the healing process of skin. Application of this essential oil on acne can also help in prevention of acne scars and marks and it also helps in regeneration of healthy skin cells and lightening the acne marks and dark spots. It also exfoliate your skin by removing the dead skin cells.


  • Four tablespoons of witch hazel
  • Five drops of lavender essential oil

Method of usage

Take a small sized spray bottle and then add 4 tablespoons of witch hazel oil to it. Then add lavender oil into this bottle and shake the bottle well so that these two ingredients are fully mixed together. Then use this as a face toner twice everyday on clean face with the help of a cotton swab. Keep it applied on your face overnight so that the oils completely absorb leaving your skin smooth and flawless. Repeat on regular basis for desired results.

Cucumber and yogurt facemask for curing acne scars

Cucumber is an amazing vegetable which helps in curing acne and acne scars and reduce the redness and pain caused to skin problems as well. Applying it also helps in removal of dirt and dead skin cells and it also has a cooling effect on your skin. Yogurt contains zinc which helps in slowing down the aging process and also helps in healing the acne affected skin and brightens the dull skin as well. Yogurt also contains vitamin B2 due to which the healthy growth of skin cells is encouraged and your skin‘s health is improved.


  • Cucumber
  • Two tablespoons of yogurt

Method of usage

Cut a cucumber into small pieces and then blend these pieces into a blender to form a paste. Then add yogurt to this paste and mix well. Apply on clean face in the form of a mask. Allow it to dry for at least 30-45 minutes and then rinse it off thoroughly using normal temperature water. Pat the skin dry using a soft towel.


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